Anyone heard these Rumors?

Anyone heard these Rumors?

1. That with the ongoing debt crisis and Government failure, the Federal Tax Credit for low emission cars has been reduced from the $7500 to $3500.
The CA state one is supposedly going or has already gone away.

I've been hearing this around the web and from people at work.

2. That Tesla is raising their prices on the Model S.

Just curious if anyone else has been hearing this.


Mycroft | August 2, 2011

1. The federal credit is still in place. The California one has been cut in half.

2. Two years after announcing pricing, I wouldn't be surprised if they had to raise them.

Scwins | August 2, 2011

Do you know what the California credit currently is then?

jomo25 | August 2, 2011

On 2, anything's possible. But they only recently (around March) reaffirmed pricing on all 3 range models. So it would be odd if they changed that already. But by them time they actually roll off the line, it's certainly possible.

Brian H | August 3, 2011

In an interview, Elon was very firm about the profitability of the Mod-S and Roadster at stated prices. Maybe the next model year (2013?) there might be a bump, but I'd be a bit surprised. In a recession, costs tend to be constrained.

Of course, when a new R POTUS takes office, the boom times will return!