Anyone measure 0-60 on P85+ yet?

Anyone measure 0-60 on P85+ yet?

Just wondering whether this has been published anywhere.

actualsize | June 24, 2013

Yes, we have. Twice. The first car was Elon's car and at the time it had some experimental tires and suspension on it. The second was a car we randomly purchased, with the usual 21-inch tires and air suspension.

4.4 seconds with traction control off, 5.2 seconds with it on.
Deduct 0.3 seconds from either of those for a 0-60 with "rollout" an NHRA drag-strip convention that has nothing to do with a zero-mph launch (the first foot is ignored, which amount to 0.3 seconds and a 4- or 5-mph rolling start.) Rollout is nevertheless used by competing magazines and some carmakers (without disclosure) to make their numbers look more heroic than they really are. For us, zero means zero.


THEKING | June 24, 2013

P85+ on a track
4.25 pretty quick but got slower with each run 0-60 after the first two.

mlnewman1 | June 24, 2013

Ate there any major-magazine or forum reviews of the 60kwh model?

DouglasR | June 24, 2013

Dan, was it the Plus model you were testing? The article is dated April 24 and the Plus was not announced until May. I know Elon's personal car was supposed to be a prototype for the Plus, but I don't know what changes were made for the production model.

In any event, the numbers shown in the Edmonds piece are pretty consistent with what I've seen for the P85. I'm trying to find out whether the P85+ improves on the acceleration of the regular Performance model, perhaps because of the tires.


Captain_Zap | June 24, 2013

The spec in the article makes it look like it is the P85, not the P85+.

I read somewhere that they got 3.9 out of Elon's mod. I don't recall the source.

JZ13 | June 24, 2013

5.2????? I think you meant 4.2

EVTripPlanner | June 24, 2013

I measured my P85 at 4.0 (1-61) using the Tracker App we created. It uses the streaming data provided by the car and logs it while driving, then it can go back through the data and get your times between any 2 speeds.

See my car's times:

Get the Tracker App:

carlk | June 25, 2013

@actualsize Car and Driver stated they initiated the 5 mph roll out because one needs to dump clutch real hard at high rpm to get the best qouted 0-60. Not many ICE car owners would want to have their cars subjected to such abuse in the real world. No such issue for MS.

actualsize | June 25, 2013

You're right.

Elton's car was a prototype for the 85+, no a production version. I have data for that, too. I don't remember it being faster because of tires. It did corner better, though. I'll search out the link.

actualsize | June 25, 2013

I found it. Interesting. Very interesting. Elon's presumed 85+ prototype on the left.

Traction control off: 4.3 vs 4.4 (without rollout, subtract 0.3 to include it)
Traction control on: 4.3 vs 5.2 ( ditto)

So the stickier tires bite well enough when you whack the throttle to avoid triggering traction control. Or maybe the T/C calibration was different. Elon's car was tested several months ago.

Braking distance from 60 was better on Elon's car: 108 vs 113
So was slalom speed: 66.8 vs 63.6
The former points to better tires, the latter comes from better tires and an in-development sport suspension on his car.

Skid pad was slightly worse, but closevenoughnto call it equal: 0.86 vs 0.87. That test is more affected by tiny amounts of dust than any other.

I'm hesitant to post links because te last one was reported as spam and now I can't join the Tesla owners club forum.


Brian H | June 25, 2013

Not nice. Check with to get that cleared.

GeekEV | June 25, 2013

> I'm hesitant to post links because te last one was reported as spam and now I can't join the Tesla owners club forum.

@actualsize - Wow, that sucks. I certainly wouldn't have any issue with it so long as it's relevant and not just pimping some site...

lph | June 25, 2013

Motortrends first test using Elon's car did 60 in 3.9. Later test (a few weeks later) using a standard P85 is 4.0. Although 1/4 mile times and terminal velocity were reversed with the standard winning.
It seems that Elons car was quite different from a P85 + because in the first test they described the ride as very firm and handling as difficult in corners because of trottle calibration. I dont believe that these charateristics are applicable to the production P85+.