Anyone seen the software update download progress bar?

Anyone seen the software update download progress bar?

In 2019.12 or 12.1, Tesla added a new Controls > Software UI, with the following release note:

"You can now view details about your vehicle software by tapping Controls > Software. In addition to your current software version, you can see when there is a new software update package available to be downloaded. A download progress bar is displayed once your car is connected to WiFi. After the download is complete you will continue to be able to schedule when to install the software update or install it immediately."

Since the car and app don't notify you until the update is finished downloading, I'm wondering if anyone has actually seen the download progress bar. Unless you just happen to check Controls > Software when there's an update waiting to download, it's not something you would know to look for. Also, the wording of the release note implies that the update won't be downloaded unless you're connected to WiFi, which isn't supposed to be a requirement for people with premium connectivity (except for map updates). At this point, everyone has premium connectivity except Model 3 owners with the partial premium interior.

Dramsey | May 18, 2019

I have 2019.12.1.1, and my (iPhone) app doesn’t have a “Software” section under “Controls”.

And yes, the app is up to date...

EVRider | May 18, 2019

Controls > Software is on the car’s touchscreen, not the mobile app.

SCCRENDO | May 18, 2019

@Dramsey. There is software section in the car. When you get a software update you can allow notifications on the phone. A new section will then pop up on the app to allow you to stop or start the update on the phone. Once complete you can allow a notification and the software update section disappears. Your version that you updated to will update on the phone

Voltaire | June 18, 2019

I saw it on 2019.12 upon returning home and connecting to Wifi. I just happened to be on that screen while finishing up a speakerphone call and noticed the download bar. I finished my call while it completed it’s download and within seconds of it completing, I got the notification on my phone that a software update was available. Since that update (to 2019.16.2) I haven’t received another update. I’m wondering if that functionality is still there as the software update screen changed with the addition of the Standard/Advanced tab.