App says my M3 is in my garage, but it's at the Service Center - ??

App says my M3 is in my garage, but it's at the Service Center - ??

My M3 has been in my local service center in San Diego for a week, awaiting delivery of a new drive unit from Fremont (another story...). Not surprisingly, for the past week, my phone app has been unable to connect to the car, showing it as "offline".

SC told me this morning that the part came in - car should be ready tomorrow. Sure enough, tonight the car reappeared in my phone app with a "software update available" notice. I can see all the details in the app as usual, and it shows "updated just now" - except for the very strange fact that the "location" is showing my home address! I went out and looked! - definitely not here. On the location map (phone app) I can refresh car location and it shows my house and says "just now".

I can imagine that the car may be inside a building with poor GPS access, but it is interesting that the app thinks the location is now.

Just thought I'd share - unusual events give insight into the hidden working of Tesla's tech...

Can't wait to return my Model S loaner at get my M3 back!

lilbean | June 10, 2019

If it's was towed from your house, then that is normal.

jwitkin | June 11, 2019

Ah! - so why is that? GPS doesn’t register when the wheels aren’t turning? Why would that be? Interesting.

gmr6415 | June 11, 2019

@jwitkin, from what others have posted here when towed the car will show up at the last place driven to. It's assumed that the car doesn't report GPS location unless it was moved to a location under its own power.

lbowroom | June 11, 2019

That's the way its implemented. Seems like it would be better to get a GPS location whenever the location is checked on the app .

My imagination runs wild with visions of mobsters in small Eastern European towns driving around Tesla's that were towed to a shipping container, shipped overseas, and hacked afterward to be drivable.

Joshan | June 11, 2019

or they could just disable mobile access.... lol...

rxlawdude | June 11, 2019

@Joshan, only if they have the owner's userID and password.

Joshan | June 11, 2019

far easier than that, give me a pair of wire cutters!

jwitkin | June 11, 2019

Service Center told me GPS wasn't updating because the car was put into Service Mode. Obviously doesn't explain many other incidents. I know - maybe there's actually no GPS in the M3, and its actually calculating vectors :(