Approximate Date When We Can Choose Options

Approximate Date When We Can Choose Options

I am sure many of us are looking to do All-Wheel Drive as well as a larger battery in our Model 3's. When do we think we will be able to start configuring this? I reserved my Model 3 on 3/31, day one, but outside of a confirmation email nothing really else has been sent to me.


amanwithplan | April 27, 2017

I am more concerned about pricing than anything else, need to understand what upgrades will cost me so I can plan out appropriately.

dsvick | April 27, 2017

Right now it is all speculation. No one knows for sure if AWD will be available when the first people configure or if it won't appear until it is available to be produced some time later this year. As for when you'll be able to access the configurator it will depend on when you reserved on the 31st (line waiter, pre-reveal, during the reveal...), where you're located (all else being equal West coast will be before the East), and if you're a prior owner.

akgolf | April 27, 2017

No one knows.

According to Musk's last tweet, all will be revealed sometime in July. If anyone on this forum gives you numbers they're just guessing and possibly trying to steer you towards a certain GM product.

amanwithplan | April 27, 2017

It is laughable for me to switch from Tesla to GM for almost any conceivable reason. Thanks for the info.

SamO | April 27, 2017

July after the reveal. That is the lower limit.

Haggy | April 27, 2017

The approximate date is July 17th, give or take a few months.

dsvick | April 27, 2017

@Haggy - LOL

lomunchi | April 27, 2017

Surprisingly, when I test drove an S the sales rep told me that "it could be years before all the 3 reservations are met" in an attempt to get me to pull the trigger on an S now vs. waiting! I'm not making any guesses till the July event.

Itrnhds | April 27, 2017

I feel as though, once the July event ends, they will allow configuring in batches. depending on your position as early as July?