Are the aero wheels' range improvements in writing?

Are the aero wheels' range improvements in writing?

AFAIK, the only mention that's ever been made of specific additional range from the aero wheel option came from Elon during a live presentation.

Is there *anything* anywhere in writing about this, on the Tesla website? I haven't seen it in any of the specs, but maybe I'm missing it.

And if it's not in writing, does that mean that it's vaporware / snake-oil? It worries me that it's not in writing anywhere. Like many others here, I'm debating between my options. So I wanna make sure that I'm evaluating the options accurately.

jerry3 | April 27, 2012

Because there have been no aero wheels made yet, there are no measurements either. Elon's statement was based on, presumably, engineering simulations. It's way too early to start saying that they won't perform as expected.

BYT | April 27, 2012

I have heard others at Tesla Motors say this as well, an extra 5% range or 21 miles extra on the 300 Mile Pack, ect. I have also seen the Aero Wheels on display and then taken down so it's not official yet. I guess, stay tuned??

stevenmaifert | April 27, 2012 says "Aerodynamic 19” wheels are designed to reduce wind resistance. Disc-like in shape, they channel air along the sides of the vehicle and can add up to 5% range during highway driving." What we don't know is if that is based on computer modeling or real world test track data.

stephen.kamichik | April 27, 2012

5% of 300 is 15.

jerry3 | April 27, 2012

The 320 was to match the topic in the Teslamotorsclub forum :-)

Schlermie | April 27, 2012

"Up to 5%" is somewhere between 0 and 15 miles.

stevenmaifert | April 28, 2012

So is it really worth $1500 to ugly up your Model S with those things so you can either:
1) Get up to 15 more miles per charge @ 55 MPH
2) Get to 300 miles on a charge a little faster @ 65-70 MPH

stephen.kamichik | April 28, 2012

Probably not.

brianman | April 29, 2012

Even if you flip the match (divide by 0.95) that gives you 315.789 miles.

Going the other route, 321/300 is exactly 7%.

Perhaps one test showed 7% ("321") but they confident in 5%.

brianman | April 29, 2012


dborn | April 30, 2012

5% PLUS 19 inch wheels. This means cheaper maintenance in the long run due to both cheaper tires and also low rolling resistance tyres are an option further increasing range and tyre longevity. I quite like the look of the aero's. The price difference for tyres in Australia is very high - about $150 more per tyre for 21 inch rims.

DallasTxModelS | June 16, 2012

no not in writing, and according to new post due to lack of response by reservation holders, less than expected improved range and problems with the supplier there not even offered as a choice anymore.

nakano_r | August 9, 2013

19" Aerodynamic wheels are now a $2500 option under the Model S "Buy" tab. The car configuration site says, "Improves range by 3 percent and comes standard Goodyear Eagle RS-A2 high performance all-season tires."

Even if you assume that the range improvement only applies when you drive at highway speeds, that still means about 8 miles extra when on range mode, which is meaningful on long trips

I have the standard 19" wheels. Does anyone know whether the aero wheels will become available to current owners? The Tesla accessories site already offers the 21" turbine wheel, and it would be cool if the 19" aero wheels were to become available for those of us interested in maximizing driving range.