Are Tesla seats designed with whiplash protection?

Are Tesla seats designed with whiplash protection?

I'm just curious about the Tesla seats. Are they designed with whiplash protection? Our Volvo has a very effective whiplash protection system with a breakaway pin that actually absorbs the rear impact energy and then snaps while also protecting your neck. Our Mercedes' seats are also designed with whiplash protection.

The Tesla seats I have tried are not as comfortable as the seats in our E550 or S80 and I remember Elon mentioning at the Norway townhall meeting that he agreed that the seats are lacking and will be redesigned. Just curious to see what whiplash protection capabilities the seats offer now. If the seats are going to be redesigned I hope they beef up the whiplash and neck protection capabilities. I love the "neck pillow" of the new generation W222 S550 :)

negarholger | April 30, 2014

Get the the car you are most comfortable with... it doesn't have to be the Model S.

Seat don't look very comfortable, but the are much better then our Mercedes seat in particular on long trips.

NO2PTRL | April 30, 2014

I got the upgraded seats and love them! | April 30, 2014

My Infiniti has passive protection which forces the headrest forward in case of a rear impact. I don't recall ever seeing any mention of anything similar in the Model S front seats.

Gadfly | April 30, 2014

Agree with Kleist on both points.

The whiplash question has crossed my mind. I'm tall, and the head rest seems a bit low. But I don't think it would have gotten the safety rating it did or the one it got from Consumer Reports if that was an issue. CR is really fussy.

LEvans | May 1, 2014

I was just curious about the whiplash protection aspect of the seats as I don't reading anything about it. Some Mercedes models also have an active neck protection mechanism.

I thought the performance seats have contrast piping added to them but the seats themselves are the same. Am I missing something? Are the performance seats structurally different?

Some may feel the current seats are adequate but Elon himself agreed at a recent Q&A session in Norway that the seats are not very comfortable and that they will redesign them. I agree with Elon on this.

@Kleist: I will obviously get the car I'm comfortable with and I didn't particularly need your advice to figure that out. Why would you even suggest something so asinine? It's not like I was going to buy a car I was not comfortable with until I read your comment... :) I just head a question about the seats.

AndyO | May 1, 2014

I noticed something today that might relate to the whiplash question. While enjoying a refresher to the "smile" with 0-60, I realized that my torso pressed back into the seat back but my head did not depress the headrest. It resulted in a slight head-down position. I suspect the headrest framing is very strong, knowing Tesla's tendency to over-engineer, which is a trait I appreciate.

mathiasc | May 2, 2014

nope... probably why no crashtest in europe yet...

Gadfly | May 2, 2014


I believe you are correct. Before I ordered, Tesla told me there is no difference whatsoever except the piping. At $1000, that's damn fine piping.

NB: those who disagree: repeat: that's what the folks at Tesla told me. | May 2, 2014


It's contrasting piping and the Alcantra inserts.s