Are there panoroof owners that would NOT order it again?

Are there panoroof owners that would NOT order it again?

I have an older thread on roof choice already, but I want to focus more on those that have the pano-roof and really regret buying it. My order is finalized on May 6h.... My reasons for ordering it were mainly for the increased head room (tall family), and the more open feeling. I don't plan to ever open it. So the question is, who bought it but would buy a solid roof if they could do it all over again?

bsimoes | April 29, 2013

Love, love, love it. On nice days, I'll take my grading out to the car. I open the roof, put the seat all of the way back, put on soft music and go to it! If anything, I wish the glass let in more light. I would like to experience more of the outside when it's closed in cooler weather. It kind of feels like a solid roof in that you really don't notice light coming through at all, unless, of course, it's open.

CarlE_P439 | April 29, 2013

Would buy again and you will probably find yourself opening it!!! At least at this point (spring in Connecticut) opening it quickly cools the car (without using A/C).

Chunky Jr. | April 29, 2013

couldn't imagine my tesla w/o the pano roof. it is awesome. I wasn't planning on getting one at first, but once I saw one up close I was sold. I love the look of the car from the inside, and the pano roof is a big part of that.

I don't use the sunroof or vent very often, though. But I still don't regret the pano roof. Would do it a million times.

TylerDurdenLives | April 30, 2013

I would buy it again.

beskolnick | April 30, 2013

Love it, Use it and would buy it again. Only item i would love to see integrated is a sunscreen (like i had on my moonroof for the Audi Q5


holstein13 | April 30, 2013

My last five cars had sun roofs and my E350 has a glass pano roof. I've never used any sun roof and the E350 is miserably hot with the glass pano roof so I didn't order it on the Tesla.

Now, I'm reading this thread and folks mentioned extra head room with the Pano roof. I'm thinking, what does a glass roof have to do with more headroom? So I went to the garage and sat in the back seat and sure enough, my hair is touching the ceiling. Uh, oh. Had I known the pano roof gave extra head room in the back, I would have ordered it.

Exactly how much extra head room do you get with the pano roof? (closed, of course)

ddruz | April 30, 2013

@paul, I measured 1.5 to 1.75 inches extra headroom with the pano roof with a tape measure at the Get Amped events last summer. The extra headroom with the pano roof is the main reason I ordered it.

wthieldelgado | April 30, 2013

I love how the pano roof makes the interior of the car look. That is why I got it. Not so keen on opening it up. I've never liked convertibles or sunroofs. If I could get a Model S with a non-opening glass roof I would. I think there would be less chance for rattles without the moving parts. Mine started rattling and it drove me nuts. Service fixed it, but I sure hope the creak doesn't come back.

Steinwand | April 30, 2013

Got it and love it. I have the creak that is mentioned in other posts. My service guy says he is aware of the problem and will have the part in shortly to repair it.

generubin | April 30, 2013

I didn't want the Pano roof. My son talked me into it. I've had my S a month now and I LOVE the Pano roof. Get it.

8508BlueS | April 30, 2013

We have had our MS (with pano) for a week and were worried about the sound noise issues I have read about. Had it out on the highway at well over 70 and heard nothing! Yeah! My wife and kids love it, saying it is the next best thing to having a convertible. Would do it again. One other great thing is that you can vent it and turn on the air before you get to the car on a hot day using the remote Tesla app. Today it was 132 degrees in my parked car and 10 minutes before I got in my car I used this feature from my iPhone and by the time I got in my car it was a comfortable 76 degrees! Love my model S!

Pungoteague_Dave | May 1, 2013

Tsesla ranger was here today and took the entire pano roof apart and installed shims in several places. Viola, no more creaks. I would not order the car without - transforms its look inside and out. The repair took about four hours, plus an hour to repair the nonfunctioning front passenger door handle. All is well now.

arieljoshua | May 1, 2013

I am not sure I would order it again. Very noisy when open and creaks some when closed. Would contemplate not getting it next time.

vgrinshpun | May 1, 2013

I've test drove MS with and without pano roof back-to back on past Sunday. I am 5'-11" and had some issues with the head room in the back seat. The head room in the front with and without pano is identical, as there is a recess in the front portion of the roof of the non-pano MS - no issues here.

I am not a sunroof fan, and the only concern I had is head room. Since there was no headroom problem in the front I was inclined not to order the pano roof due to potential problems with noise/creaks.

However, after discussing this with my wife, we concluded that will order pano because it makes interior of the car look and feel so much better.

jjaeger | May 1, 2013

Bought it for the headroom (never had a car w/ one before) but have already gotten used to the drives home with it open now that the weather has turned. Would definitely get it again.

Brian H | May 1, 2013

Spring and summer will increase its popularity immensely.

rdalcanto | May 2, 2013

My order has been finalized with the pano. Lets hope that after driving it for 6 months, I answer the same was most of the people here did!

EclecticCitizen | May 2, 2013

Huh, I guess I'm the outlier here, but I'm not in love with it like others. I want to be in love with it, but I can't. This is due to the fact that I really can't keep it open above 25 mph, so it has to remain closed most of the time. There is way too much wind noise and pressure buffeting. I've already had service look at it to try to make adjustments, but no improvement at all. They were stumped and finally just said it was a design flaw.

I'm really curious about the people who have commented that there is no wind noise for them. Really? No matter what % open I have it, from vent to 100% I get really loud wind noise and/or buffeting at any speed over 25, but especially starting at 45mph. I don't have that problem with my 1999 Honda, so I am pretty disappointed I don't get to fully enjoy my MS sunroof. The look is awesome, but the function is not.

As for sun and heat, I've been out in 100+ degrees on sunny days at noon in Arizona and got minimal warmth from the sunroof. The huge windshield allows in a lot of solar heat, but not the sunroof. They did a good job with that.

In summary, I'm on the fence about whether I'd get it again. It's mostly for looks, and $1500 is steep for that. If they improve the design to improve aerodynamics when it is open, it would be an automatic yes.

Solution | May 2, 2013

Got it and love it. Have it open a lot lately as spring has finally sprung. Driven on the highway with it open and each day commuting. It's no louder than our caddy srx pano roof. Love the fresh air and sunshine on my face! Definitely would get it again.

8508BlueS | May 2, 2013

We would buy it again!

kback | May 2, 2013


I've seen posts discussing buffeting and changes you can make to the hatch door supports.

Here's one of the threads:

By the way, I didn't order the pano roof because of all the complaints I had read about creaking, squeaking, leaking, etc. Plus, I have a sunroof now and never open it. However, from all the positive responses on this thread, I'm kinda wishing maybe I had.

gagliardilou | May 2, 2013

Would buy again! Love it!