Are These Upgrades Worth It?

Are These Upgrades Worth It?

1. All glass roof - I'm bald and currently use the sunshade in my car , does the all glass ever annoy you ? here in san diego it's generally hot all the time . Without this upgrade will you feel like your in prison?

2. Twin Chargers - Still not sure what this does, is this ONLY for the High Powered Wall Charger, cause i don't plan on buying this setup.

3. Rear Seats - This seems neat, but also scary, do you guys feel safe with your kids sitting in the rear? since a rear end collision might me more frequent due to ice riders staring at your tesla..

4. air suspension - Seems cool, but do you guys actually use this ? maybe i can see lowering it once a month to show off .

thanks again for your continued input

negarholger | July 10, 2013

1. no for me - personal choice
2. for the road only for me and future proof. One of my escape points is TM headquarters and they have HPWC
3. not for me
4. didn't want to wait for the standard suspension

AmpedRealtor | July 10, 2013

Don't buy the rear jump seats. TMC forums are full of complaints about the fact that there is no proper air circulation in the rear trunk area and someone's kids ended up with red faces and dripping with sweat just 30 minutes into a trip. This is a real safety issue for those in hot climates. Tesla is supposedly looking into the situation, but so far even Tesla's own instructions on how to cool the trunk area are not working among those who have tried. Skip this option until Tesla gets it figured out. You will not be able to add the jump seats after the car is manufactured, however, so they must be ordered at reservation time due to additional structural reinforcement to better protect rear passengers from a rear impact.

mcptwo | July 10, 2013

1. The Sun roof adds about 2 inches of internal headroom, very important in back seats. It is also a beautiful design feature. I have driven out into the California desert several times and very little light comes thru the roof glass. Only real downside of the sunroof is that it does not perform well at speeds over 40 mph, too much noise.
2. Twin Chargers are almost completely useless, unless you are driving in Canada where public chargers deliver 90 amps.
3. I do not have Rear Seats. no opinion.
4. Air Suspension lowers your car at highway speeds to about 5 inches, from 6, improves range by lowering cf. Also essential for us because car would bottom out at my parents driveway.

kawaiia | July 10, 2013

We didn't add any of these options.

Pano - We always had sunroof in our previous ICE and never use them. If you decided to get the sunroof, you may need to add dark tint to reduce the amount of sun and heat coming into the cabin. Also, I read there is a fair amount of noise when the sunroof is open and driving above 60 mph. If you're tall and seating in the back, the sunroof will provide an extra 1 - 2" of headroom.

Twin Charger - Get the twin charger only if you really need to charge your car at home twice as fast. There aren't that many public charging station that output 80 amps. There is also the extra cost of making sure your home electrical panel can handle a 100 amp breaker.

Rear seats - if you have small kids, maybe, also read that it get's pretty hot since there is no air vents in the truck area.

Air - When we test drove one with air and other without I couldn't really tell that much of a difference. Only get if you need to clear deep driveways.

elguapo | July 10, 2013

1 - Totally worth it, even if you don't open it. It is heavily tinted glass that blocks most of the heat/light, but really opens up the car and does give you headroom. People in AZ and other hot climates say heat isn't an issue with it.

2 - I got them solely for future-proofing. No good everyday use for me. You can always pay more and get it later as an add on if you want. But if you're financing, it may make sense to get it now and have the bank pay for part of it.

3 - No. I have two little ones, but the lck of ventialtion was a deal killer for me.

4 - It's probably saved over $1,000 in two months as I use it to raise the car whenever I pull into parking spots with those annoying concrete slabs. My old BMW had tons of scrapes that cost me a lot of money over 10 years. I got it back when it meant you would get your car sooner (versus standard) and I wanted me MS ASAP. That said, I do think it is helpful for parking.

Mathew98 | July 10, 2013

1) Nice to have and give you a more open air feel. The glass is heavily tinted already so it resists about 90%+ of sunlight. Even if you never open the pano roof it will give you the illusion of more space.

2) Not needed unless you're using your MS as a limo and need fast changing at home. It'll charge at 50-60 mi/hr instead of 25 mi/hr for the 14-50 plug that most users install at home. If you regularly charge at home overnight, then this is an overkill 99.95% of the time.

3) Rear crumble zone is re-enforced for this option from the factory. Just need to blast the AC to high and use fresh air. I tinted mine rear window and my kids are fine in 90+ temp. I also bought a mobile 7" fan for them just in case.

This will only fit kids between 30 and 80 pounds. It's not meant for those growing teenagers...

4) The car naturally run low to the ground at high speed. You will only need this feature to raise the suspension to avoid any deep incline to garages. Works wonder for my location.

TMS P85 | July 10, 2013

Hi Chooch,

I'm also from San Diego and getting ready to order a Model S. I had the same concerns about the all glass roof. I have sun roofs in my two cars now and while I do use them during the cooler months, they both have a shade I can slide across.

I know the Model S doesn't have any shade. I read that it has a special glass but I read people that said there is a lot of glare and it's bright.

I definitely want the glass sunroof but have any of you gotten additional/special tint on the sunroof?

I have 2 young kids and I do plan to order the back seats. We will probably only use them when we need the space and have in-laws in town. But I probably wouldn't if I lived in Chicago or somewhere else where i'm more likely to get rear ended with snow/ice conditions. | July 10, 2013

So, I did get the dual chargers, but I also need to do back-to-back 200 mile trips, so that option plus the HPWC make sense for me, as well as letting my do my charging when I have the lowest ToU rates.

My only other thought with this is that, down the road, as more high amp charging stations come on line, it will be useful to have faster charging capability. I tend to hold on to my cars for a while so that figures into my equation. If you are planning to trade in a couple of years, it might not make sense for you.


hfcolvin | July 10, 2013

Regarding twin chargers - I wouldn't say completely useless without HPWC. Research high capacity chargers in your area. I have single charger on mine but in Richmond VA for instance (2 hour drive away from me), Omni Hotel has a 70 A charger which would be ideal for a twin charger. This becomes less important as Superchargers expand.

Air suspension theoretically IMO would maintain a quieter ride as the car ages. Just my opinion though without any particular expertise.

dirkhh | July 10, 2013

I looked at all these and decided on NO for all of them.
I had a sunroof in my previous car (a BMW) and never used it. It looks cool, but for the amount of money I clearly thought it wasn't worth it.
Even the sales rep at the store said the twin chargers aren't worth it.
I have no need to ever transport 6 passengers in my car.
The air suspension I might have been tempted by - but I decided to forgo the wait and picked a floor model that had everything else exactly as I wanted it - and didn't have the air suspension.

But realistically, these are all fairly personal decisions. Even the twin chargers might make sense if you get the HPWC and think you need to be able to recharge more quickly at home.

The sunroof gives you more space - so if you are 6'8" you might need it; I'm 6'4" and was perfectly fine in a TMS with no sun roof - not in the back, though... but I have no intention of ever being in the back :-)

jai9001 | July 10, 2013

I live in very hot and humid Memphis, TN and I love the pano roof. It is very well tinted and does give you more head room.

Bperry01 | July 10, 2013

1 - Pano roof is TOTALLY worth it. The ability to open/close and control the temperature of the car that way alone. Let alone the additional height in the back. Let alone the ability to see out of the car for passengers in the front *or the back*. YES.

2 - Not worth it. Charging at 30MPH/C (30 miles per hour of charge) in my garage gets me to full every morning. Superchargers for road trips. Neither use Twin chargers. Get this if you plan on doing road trips to locations that are not served by superchargers.

3 - Rear seats, i've no experience with these, trust the judgement of others.

4 - Air shocks - I really like it. The ability to change ride height when going over bumps or down steep hills is very nice. I see lots of scratches on the asphalt and i take a minute, adjust my ride height and drive without worrying.

carlk | July 10, 2013

About heat in the back seat you can put high IR rejection tint film at back and hatch windows and problem solved. The best ones can shield up to 98.5% of heat. You can do that for the pano roof too but a lot of people say it's not necessary. The OEM glass is already doing a very good job.

Brian H | July 10, 2013

1. The pano roof is heavily filtered; no complaints from hot states etc. so far, tho' some have added limo tint (marginal overkill?)

2. Permits 20kW charging (2 x 10) at stations rated above 40A continuous. There are some, and more are likely in future.

3. Strongly reinforced, "Safest seats in the car" according to Elon.

4. Raising and lowering are not the only issues. Somewhat smoother over bumps.
Some driveways and parking lots etc. have sharp angles/rises which may bottom out the car without raising. Also slight lowering at highway speed to reduce air resistance.

mjs | July 10, 2013

As another owner of a follicly challenged head, and one who does not like sun on said head, I am very happy with the tinting on the sunroof. I was initially concerned, since it is so large (the roof, not my head). But, it lets in enough light to make it feel more open, yet so little heat that you won't notice it if you don't look at it, that it's a perfect solution.

michael1800 | July 10, 2013

Pano roof: Heat/UV are not issues with the pano. Yes, it's worth it.

Dual Chargers: I have them and it's not really worth it. *Primarily* of good use if 1)High amperage public chargers are along the route of long trips you take (70A+) 2)There aren't Tesla Super Chargers on that route as the SCs don't need dual chargers 3)You drive 200 miles a day and need fast home charges. You can check if to see if there are any high-amp charging stations using or another similar site. There are plenty of exceptions, but I assume you don't want to read pages and pages.

Extra Rear Seats: Not really. They have the issues noted in above posts and have additional age/height/weight requirements. Not worth it for average family situations.

Air Suspension: Yes. Adds additional flexibility for road/weather conditions for areas you cannot always anticipate going and supposedly makes for a softer ride (unable to verify). I've never driven an MS without active air susp.

PatT | July 10, 2013

I use the air suspension a lot. Number 1 use is pulling up to a concrete parking stop. Without lifting the car it is easy to scrape the bottom of the front bumper.

Speed bumps are definitely safer to transverse in VERY HIGH mode.

Another use is for older passengers who find it hard to get in and out of a vehicle that sets low. In fact I continually find myself wishing that there was a setting that would always raise the car to VERY HIGH when it is put into park.

Regarding twin chargers -- IMO the fact that there are not currently many opportunities to use them is short sighted reasoning. As more EV's with more robust charging systems become available you are running the risk of regretting the limitation that you accepted when you ordered your car and may end up spending double to upgrade.

TMS P85 | July 10, 2013

Thanks so much guys about the posts about the sunroof and being happy with the existing tinting/heat issues. That was a big concern of mine. These forums are great.

I do plan on tinting the rest of the car with the special tint that shields the light/heat.

michael1800 | July 10, 2013

PatT has a good point, but it's also short-sighted to not take into account the SC rollout. If we're looking forward, having the Tesla SCs along your route is just short of being guaranteed whereas high-amp EVSE are unpredictable. There will be situations where there is no SC and there *could* be a high-amp EVSE, but there will always, always be exceptions. IMO it seems like you're paying $1.5k for a slim chance at a time savings for some long trips.

TomasT | July 10, 2013

1. PanoRoom: I wasn't sure if I should get it because I never used the sunroof on my other cars. However, I got it and I love it. The car feels much bigger and also, I end up opening it a lot, it kinda feels like a convertible. My baby daughter loves looking up to the sky from her car seat in the back. I live in Miami and don't feel that the car is hotter than my other cars, the glass does a very good job of rejecting heat.

2. Twin Chargers: only use is for the HPWC right? Not sure, I don't have it.

3. Rear Seats: I don't have a big family. I'm glad I didn't get them from all the heat complaints I keep reading about.

4. Air Suspension: I have it but I'm still not sure if it was worth it. I'm sure the aerodynamics must be a little better when it lowers at highways speeds, at least that's what Tesla says. I raise it only when it's time to get my baby in her car seat. Those couple of inches feel much easier on my back, since the back doors have such low headroom. (Maybe its more psychological than real but I do feel the car is much higher and I have to hunch less.). I still think the air suspension will pay for itself when I have to go through a partially flooded street (very common in Miami). With my former low suspension sports cars I would never dare cross a street with a couple of inches of water. In its very high suspension setting the Model S kinda looks like a crossover vehicle!

Brian H | July 10, 2013

The jumpseat heat complaints are apparently easily enough handled with IR-block tint (coming standard soon, or can be added), and a $20 battery fan in the sidewell/rear to circulate air.

ChasF | July 10, 2013

1. I think this is worth it for the xtra headroom and openness mentioned above. Florida sun in 90 deg heat is no problem for my bald head with the factory tinting.

2. Twin chargers not worth it with my setup. Working well so far.

3. Rear seats not worth it for me. I would use the extra cargo space much more than finding a couple of small children to transport (in addition to 2-3 adults).

4. On the fence about the utility of this one (air). Not having any prior experience with air suspension, I purchased under the assumption that it would greatly enhance the ride but so far all anyone talks about is scrape avoidance. Not that this not important, but I don't know if that alone is worth $1500. At least the reduced cr at speed is a plus. So I'm not sure if it is really worth it or not.

ChasF | July 10, 2013

Correction: 'cr' should have been 'cd'

Rgv | July 10, 2013

I got my car 3 weeks ago and I live in Phoenix, AZ. Temps have been 110's since I got my car.

1. No issues with Pano roof even when I drive at noon when the sun is right above the roof.

2. do not have twin chargers and don't regret. whether to get it or not depends of your personal situation.

3. have rear seats and my son loves to sit in them. only used for trip < 20 mins so far and he does not complain. I always precool the car with the app and I also got 3M crystalline tint for windows and back. I would recommend getting it if you think you may need use the rear seats.

4. I have air suspension but don't use it and wouldn't get it if I have do it again. (I bought a loaner which already had air suspension and I didn't want to wait).

bp | July 10, 2013

1. Was concerned about the pano roof here in Houston - and it hasn't been a problem. In the evenings, I usually drive with the windows down and the roof open, except when I'm on the freeways. The roof is heavily tinted - and doesn't seem to be a problem. Others have suggested tinting the side and rear windows - and I haven't found a need for that - especially when you can pre-cool the car from your smartphone.

2. While I don't usually need the twin chargers with my HPWC, there have been a few cases where I needed to do a quick charge before taking a longer drive in the evening. Due to the increased cost of purchasing it later - I'm satisfied with purchasing the 2nd charger with the car.

4. Air suspension was a good investment - because I do use it every time I pull into a parking space to avoid scraping the front nose. Also use it if I see a large speed bump in parking lots.

KendallPB | July 10, 2013

I got the pano roof (like it), twin chargers (very helpful when I charged in Richmond--70 amp J1772 charger, saved time! also, future-proofing--higher amp chargers will become less rare over time), and air suspension (it lowers automagically at highway speeds and is supposed to make the car a bit more efficient--less drag; I've never manually raised/lowered it, but am curious how useful it would be in unplowed snow). No idea, so no rear seats; love the extra space in that cubby where the seats go!

Captain_Zap | July 10, 2013

1- I don't have the pano roof and I don't miss it. I live where rain is the norm. The solid roof is good for noise insulation and accousics.

2- Twin chargers- Glad I have them. Higher powered chargers are showing up and I'll go out of my way to get a much faster charge.

3- Rear seats- I don't know any kids that size. Can't comment.

4- Air Suspension- I use it every day to get in my driveway and I use it routinely when I get on ferries or if I see a high curb when parking nose in. I needed it a few times when I pulled out of a parking lot. It depends on where you go.

201w77 | July 23, 2013

A lot of my options decisions are made around resale considerations. Now that I've given this disclosure...I agree with comments re: the pano roof and twin chargers. I ordered both. A sun roof is the most common driver paid option among all employees in my company when ordering their company cars. (Consider this from a resale perspective.)

Thoughts on Active Air Suspension:

1. Per the store mgr in San Diego, the clearance on the non P is nearly identical to the clearance on traditional cars. If you haven't needed this feature before, then you won't likely need it now.

2. Really makes sense if you have issues with your driveway slope.

3. More Aerodynamic?? There is no increased range btwn active air and no active air on the hwy!!

4. It takes about 30 sec to raise/lower the car and it must be in park. Per the store manager..."These 30 sec feels more like 3 mins. It can make one very impatient when waiting."

5. This car has very few maintenance worries since there is no motor. (Very few 'moving parts''). This is great news... since the base rate for the service ctr. is $150/hr. On auto blogs, air suspension is often the most common feature to break and one of the most costly to repair on combustion cars.. I have no idea whether this can be extrapolated to the Tesla or not but since I won't be purchasing the extended 4 yr warranty, I felt compelled to play it safe and forgo this option.

Just some thoughts on the jump seats... I ordered them for the following reasons:

1. I have two kids who are excited to use these on short trips to/from school. We have 6mo before my 10 yr old won't fit and about 1.5 yrs before my 8 yr old won't fit.

2. By opting out of getting these, I don't get that much more additional (useable) storage space. I can use the Frunk while these seats are in use.

3. I confirmed from the store mgr. that these seats can be removed in about an hour. (Per is "simple" to pop these out.). This was KEY for me! When the kids are out of these seats (in 1.5 yrs), the seats are out of my car!

4. I believe these definitely contribute to resale value. If you are one of the few resellers who can offer seating for seven, you have a competitive advantage. (If somebody wants this feature, they will only buy yours. If somebody doesn't want them, they could still buy yours -- since they are removable!! An entirely new customer segment opens up with these seats when reselling.)

5. I observed that these seats were one of the biggest "wow factors" of browsers as they walked around the Tesla showroom. They help to show the cars versatility. People were taking pictures of my kids as they sat in them within the showroom.

6. I think $1500 is a bargain when it comes to being able to use your car or not use your car if you happen to have a sixth/seventh person (child).

7. I think this option will go up in price soon much like Active Air and the 21 in. wheels. This means fewer seats will be sold which then means that cars equipped with these are even more unique.

Of course I could be dead wrong on all this stuff! :). Just wanted to share my perspective. Enjoy your car whatever configuration you decide!

J.T. | July 24, 2013

4. It takes about 30 sec to raise/lower the car and it must be in park. Per the store manager..."These 30 sec feels more like 3 mins. It can make one very impatient when waiting."

This isn't so. I have never had to put the car in park to adjust the height. If you're going slower than 4 miles an hour you can switch it to Very High. Takes about 10 seconds. Less than 19 miles an hour you can put it in high.

olanmills | July 25, 2013

1. Yes, it's worth it. The tinting on the Mode S roof is much stronger than the sunroofs of other cars I've been in.

2. I'm not sure. I have it on my car, but I have never made use of it. It's not just for the HPWC. You could potentially benifit from its use with other public chargers besides the Tesla Superchargers. I got this option mainly to avoid that potential time when I regret not having it, but to be honest, I don't anticipate that ever happening. So who knows.

3. They seem fun, but as others have mentioned, the lack of air circulation seems like a major bummer and so it's probably not good for sunny weather. I wouldn't be worried from a safety perspective as I trust that it's quite safe, but I'm not expert. I'm just going off of what Tesla and Elon Musk have said.

4. I use the air suspension all the time. Originally, I waffled on whether or not to get it, and the thing that really pushed me to get it, as stupid as it may be, was because it was later revealed that this would help you get the car delivered sooner. However, I am now really glad I have it as the bottom of my car scrapes when entering my garage unless I set the suspension to very high. And while I expect it's not totally necessary, I have used it on a few occassions when I had to drive on some off-road paths through grass fields (event at a ranch), etc, where the ground/path had large dips and bumps. Another benefit is the slightly better aerodynamics you will get on the highway due to the car lowering itself. Though, now I feel like mentioning that one time, on the freeway, I drove over something that was on the road at full speed on the freeway that totally hit the bottom of my car and it scared the crap out of me. I did see it, but I think if the car was at the normal height, it would have passed clean over this relatively flat object. I think the lowered suspension was the difference there. I think it like some metal bar or perhaps a piece of concrete.

earlyretirement | July 25, 2013

I also believe that the heat worries on the sunroof depend how long you are in the car. So far, I've spoken to several people that said the sunroof is warm to them as they are driving in their cars most days for work. They said if it was only an hour or so per day it probably wouldn't be too bad. But they commented that they DO feel the heat.

One guy in the SD Tesla Club mentioned that he put the Photosynch Tint film on the sunroof along with all of his windows and he noticed a drastic reduction in heat.

When I pick up my P85 next month, I also plan to get the panoroof tinted to cut down on the heat.

akikiki | July 25, 2013

There's no right or wrong answer to selecting these options. Every one has valuable experience or accurate assessments. The variety makes it interesting.

I agree with michael1800, Bperry01 and Mathew98, the heat and UV are not an issue. Actually it may be cooler inside with the Pano than without it. It provides alot of protection. And surely looks good from the inside and out. Even though I have it, I never open it.

Like elguapo, got the Twins for future-proofing. (Good word, but the way.)

Like olanmills and captain_zap, I use Air every day. Saves scraps at high curbs and driveways. I've got the Hide-n-go front plate mount, Air is useful. The Air is going to save damage to my lower splitter one of these days and gives me peace of mind. But if I didn't have it, I would manage without it.

akikiki | July 25, 2013

Note, by the way, not but the way.

LionPowered | July 25, 2013

Does a car with air suspension in its normal setting ride lower than a car without it? What's the experience of people without air suspension? Do you scrape driveway entrances?

201w77 | July 25, 2013

I was told that the MS standard rides at the same height as other (traditional cars). The MS Perf. rides lower but is, of course, adjustable since the Active Air comes w/ the perf. package.

LionPowered | July 25, 2013

I don't have the car yet but I'm starting to regret not getting Active Air. I'm sure I'll forget all about that once I start driving the car :-)

xray | July 25, 2013

I got all 4 of these options and don't regret any of these. We use all 4 options routinely and many have already eloquently stated the reasons for these options. However, the choices are based on personal circumstances.