Attn Tesla Service - Keep your hands off what isn't yours

Attn Tesla Service - Keep your hands off what isn't yours

When I went in for my 4 year service a few weeks ago, I unplugged my dashcam.

Over the weekend, there was a break-in in my condo parking garage. Nothing of mine was damaged (some cars had broken windows), but I wanted to review the dashcam footage to see if anything was captured.
There was nothing on the SD card from the rear dashcam. I went to the car and it appears that service unplugged the cable at the rear camera, which was already unplugged up front, along with power. They never told me they did this. Now it's reconnected, but any potential video is lost.

aj | April 2, 2019

I had my car in for service last week and I told them up front that I had unplugged my dash cam, front and back, so please leave it alone. I checked after I got the car back and they had left the rear connection alone. However, you can never assume they will listen and will need to check every time. I’m not sure why there is such paranoia about the dash cam, but it is there and you have to deal with it.

lilbean | April 2, 2019

I understand that they don’t want to be recorded. They always unplugged mine. So now I just unplug them for them. I wish they would just understand that if you unplug the power from the front camera, the rear one has no power either. It is a pain to plug them back in and annoying when I drive off and realize they aren’t plugged in.

inconel | April 2, 2019

They have the right to unplug, but I think they should reconnect whatever they unplug at the end of service.

Bighorn | April 2, 2019

Just like Airbnb owners shouldn’t have spycams, car owners should be responsible for not recording technicians. Unplug and re-plug your own cameras.

Ohmster | April 3, 2019


sr.smr | April 3, 2019

Never realized that was a thing, but it makes sense. I'm glad I read this and will disconnect both Blackvue cameras. Does this mean that vehicles that have Tesla built in dash cams are disconnected by service while at their facility? I presume remote mobile access is also disabled while the car is in service.

barrykmd | April 3, 2019

It was obvious the front cables were disconnected, hanging from the mic grill. The back one is tucked away at the upper edge of the rear window with barely an inch of cable visible. They've never disconnected that before. They should have told me they disconnected it. What if I were rear-ended and counting on my video as evidence and it wasn't there?

It all comes down to communication - one of Tesla's foibles.

Mathew98 | April 3, 2019

During a service visit month ago, I unplugged the front cam but forgot to do the same for the rear camera. By the time I returned home, I found the rear camera on the floor of the trunk. A technician didn't bother unplugging the wires. He yanked and broke the mounting clip of the camera altogether. I ended up buying a new rear camera as a result.

Mathew98 | April 3, 2019

Months ago...

AERODYNE | April 3, 2019

I had a ranger unplug my rear brake lights after working on the charge port door, and forget to plug back in.

Toyota did a similar thing to me last year.

I blame the auto repair industry, Tesla can't grow thier own mechanics, they have to come from somewhere else, with bad habits ingrained.

murphyS90D | April 3, 2019

I take both of the cameras out of my car before going to the service center. I recently had the airbag recall and the steering bolt recall done by a mobile technician in my garage. When he started to open up the passenger A pillar I told him there were wires in there that he wasn't expecting to see. He said yes he saw the camera. It was off as it always is in my garage. He didn't mention the IP camera mounted high on the garage wall that monitors the garage. It was running but the video has probably been overwritten by now.

kerryglittle | April 3, 2019

Good info. I didn't know Tesla would unplug dash cams but I guess they do have their right to privacy. I haven't been to a service centre in 2 years but when I do I will remember to remove my dash cams frist.

larry | April 4, 2019

I understand the privacy issue, but I've been to the SC enough where the cables are being damaged from being pulled out and pushed in so many times. Was at the SC today, so I covered both front and rear cameras, and left sticky notes advising that they were covered, and to please not disconnect the cables. Picked up my car only to find the sticky notes still in place on each camera, and the cables hanging out...really ???

murphyS90D | April 4, 2019

Covering the camera doesn't stop it from recording audio.

lilbean | April 4, 2019

Unplugging isn't that bad. I know of a customer who had the camera power cable clipped.