Auto body shops on Long Island or NYC?

Auto body shops on Long Island or NYC?

When It rains it pours! I got side swiped yesterday. My driver side fender is banged up a bit (including the side camera!) as well as the driver side section of my nose. I just found out there are no Tesla Body Repair Centers in the NYC area, grrrr. It would be greatly appreciated if anyone knew of any reputable body shops that have worked on Telsas around me. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys in advance

Smhach | December 16, 2018

PS: I alread know about I'm looking for any bodyshop that telsa owners have already delt with in the nyc area

the_nineball | December 16, 2018

Tesla service sent my car to this body shop on Long Island to fix paint issues discovered during delivery.

Say hi to my M3 if you go's been there for 3+ weeks. :(

Mediumed | December 17, 2018

@the_nineball thats one impressive looking body shop!

chris | December 17, 2018

Performance Auto Body in North Bellmore. Talk to Larry. Tell him the guy with the Leaf sent you.