Auto brightness not working properly

Auto brightness not working properly

When I enter the car, the display is almost always at ~100% even though "Auto Brightness" is enabled. The display on the center console does dim to the correct level if I tap on the "Auto" brightening button in settings twice (turn it off and back on again)

Has any one else experienced this problem? My car is Model S 2018 (MCU2).

peewal | December 6, 2018

Yes I have noticed this issue since the last update. That said I have been aware that the auto function does eventually 'kick in' but only after the screen has obliterated any night-vision you may have.

StatsApp | December 6, 2018

I realize that it's a first-world problem but even in the morning it's way too bright.

Maybe the temporary work-around is to disable auto brightness until they fix it.

Firaz | December 6, 2018

My warkaround was to enable dark mode all the time. It is easy on the eyes, clear enough for me, and may offer better privacy.