Automatic Emergency Braking

Automatic Emergency Braking

My apologies if this question has already been answered, but I am a prospective Model S buyer, and I have been attempting to better understand the safety features of the car.

I know the Model S has automated emergency braking if it senses a collision is imminent, but I can't tell if it has the ability to augment braking power applied by the driver. For example, my Mercedes will beep if it senses that the driver is approaching a vehicle/object ahead too quickly. If the driver then reacts, applies the brakes, but the computer senses that the brake power applied is not enough to successfully avoid the collision, the car will automatically augment the braking power by a calculated amount to ensure a collision does not occur. I love, love, love this feature, as it is the one safety feature that I am certain has prevented an accident during my 4+ years with the car. Both times it has saved me have been when I have been on a highway looking to change lanes when there is a fair amount of traffic, and while I was focused on trying to find an opening in the adjacent lane, there was a sudden stop in the traffic ahead. I heard the beep, looked ahead to see stopped cars, and while I thought I stomped on the brake, apparently it wasn't hard enough, as there is an audible whooshing sound and a clear tactile difference in the brake pedal as the car increases the pressure applied to the brakes. Both times, I did not hit the car in front of me (and fortunately no one crashed into myrear either, haha).

Does the Tesla have this feature? I imagine the automatic emergency braking would kick in whether or not the driver is actively applying the brakes at the time the system senses a possible collision, yes?

MilesMD88 | April 22, 2016

No, it does not augment.

Automatic Emergency Braking when activated will reduce the speed by 25 mph, then disconnect. When activated, a message is displayed on dash, a chime, and red vehicle displayed on dash directly ahead.

When the driver takes action; the automatic braking will discontinue as well.
steering input
press throttle
press brake pedal
vehicle, motorcycle, pedestrian no longer detected

I've seen it in action twice, both times a vehicle pulled out of side street directly in front of me. The automatic braking, chime, and red vehicle on dash get your "attention" very quickly & its a natural reflex to take over.

Hope this helps

priustech | April 23, 2016

I'm not sure you can factually say it does not augment. Seems to kick in regardless.