Automatic Windshield Wiper

Automatic Windshield Wiper

I took delivery in December 2016 of Model S It is July 2017 and no automatic Wipers Is there anybody out there that has not recieved A download for rain sensitif WIPERS. I cant understand why everybody just talked as the car floats on water yes it is a good looking car but what good is it if it never gets completed.The only think I hear is it is coming but nothing ever happens.
Any body that takes delivery of model S should turn it down also the Model 3 the same way if none of the features that are listed on the placard on the window god only knows when you get a download too make the car complete.
Tesla is a great company but it does not walk on Water.


Solarfan | October 28, 2017

@dknisely | October 28, 2017,

" . . . But, they obviously don't care much about the piddly number of MS/MX diehard fans . . . "
I do not understand how a demo would have no bearing on FSD. Elon has said HW2 Model Ss have all the required hardware, and if the demo uses that hardware and Tesla on-board software, I would think product release would follow quickly.

I sure hope that you are wrong. Full Self Driving and Tesla's mission statement about the environment are the only reasons we scraped together most everything we have to buy our Model S and prepay for FSD. I'm close to 80, and sensed that to be semi-independent, FSD is probably a requirement soon. We live in a very rural area with no access to public transportation and no Uber services. We figured the Model S would be our last car.

We had a test drive before making the purchase decision. I read the Model S manual to ensure everything was in place. Being new to Tesla, I read and believed Elon Musk's statements and believed the sales people's FSD time projections. During our test drive we did not realize, and were not told, the difference between HW1 and HW2 - yadda, yadda, yadda. I now realize that Elon Musk compulsively lies and it's too late to do anything for us to recover. We probably should have used the Tesla money to move instead of trusting Tesla.

This is very depressing. I apologize for venting about what is clearly my (and a first world) problem. | October 29, 2017

I think Tesla cares very much about S/X customers and would love to have FSD available today. It would be a huge advantage over the competition and drive sales to new levels. The free press alone is worth $100M or more.

Google has been demoing FSD for years, yet it still is not ready for production. While I hope it doesn't take years, Tesla could do a major FSD demo and still take 1-2 more years to put FSD into production. And a demo like this could easily require the driver to turn on the wipers if needed - it's a demo, not a released product. Having it work for 99% of the cases is hard, making it work for 99.99% of the cases is exceptionally hard. It's those rare corner cases that requires a massive amount of work and testing. And it can't be released until that work is done, but a demo could be done far earlier in the process. You just hope you don't run into one of those rare corner cases.

To me this is very exciting. This is a overcoming a massively complex task, that no one has been able to put into production yet. I hope Tesla continues to be the leader, but I'm also ok if someone else gets their first. Tesla has accelerated the entire autonomous driving industry. Without Tesla, I bet the competition would barely be considering it at this time.

On the Technical side, it appears Tesla has made a significant progress on AP2 with .42 that from most owners in other threads feels exceeds AP1. Internally there appear a significant structural change, almost as if they re-wrote a core component from scratch, dumping the older design.

Solarfan | October 29, 2017 | October 29, 2017,
" . . . take 1-2 more years to put FSD into production. . . . "

Thanks for your take as a cheerleader. (No pejorative intent on my use of "cheerleader," only my observation.) I understand that those of you who adopted early understand that Tesla's time estimates are always gross exaggerations and meaningless, and you have adjusted expectations with your experience. Some of us newcomers believed the Tesla statements. Your view of the future will be appreciated.

Have you prepaid for FSD on your Model S?

What is your date estimate for when the LA to NYC FSD demo will happen?

Are you willing to to wager the cost of the Tesla, for which I have paid in full, that Full Self Driving will be available for the HW2 Model S I have in the year 2020 or earlier?

Do Tesla customers, in general, understand that the earliest FSD will become available is sometime in the year 2020?

jkilch | October 29, 2017 | October 29, 2017

Tesla could do a major FSD demo .....And a demo like this could easily require the driver to turn on the wipers if needed.
@TT Please stop these intellectually dishonest exaggerations. You are describing SAE Level 2 NOT SAE Level 5 (FSD) where the car must drive itself without human intervention.

You also have acknowledge that Tesla does not have steering redundancy but fail to grasp the concept that it will be required for government approval of Level 5 FSD. You responses are naïve and clearly demonstrate you have NO knowledge in Systems Engineering and Analysis.

Your straw-man exaggerations have worn thin.

avesraggiana | October 29, 2017


StatsApp | October 29, 2017

The difference in complexity between EAP and FSD is similar to the difference in complexity between a feature phone from 1998 and a smart phone in 2017.

From FSD perspective, we are still in 1998. In reality, Tesla will redefine FSD as a slightly better version of EAP which can read signs and recognize traffic lights and declare victory.

dknisely | October 29, 2017

I strongly recommend the latest episode of The Tesla Show podcast, which delves into what the autonomous driving levels really mean, and how they are fraught with peril and also have built into them limitations that will assure most customers won't be getting quite what the term "Full Self Driving" implies.

The first coast-to-coast demo will be impressive, but it will be supervised, and 99.9% of the miles will be highway. They can also launch the attempt 100 or 1,000 times, and only release the sped-up youtube video for the one that succeeds. We won't have "FSD" until you can launch 100,000 city-city trips that all succeed, and 1,000,000 or 10,000,000 point-to-point trips within cities that almost all succeed without intervention.

Don't get me wrong - if Elon can deliver L4 for a useful set of highway cases (e.g., west coast and east coast highway routes and maybe one or two paths across the country) in 90% of driving conditions with AP2-type hardware, that will be AMAZING and will exceed my expectations for my late 2016 MS. Of course, I also want SOLID and SAFE L2 for many conditions where the resulting me + EAP solution is much safer than I am alone. I mostly agree with the podcast that L3 is a dangerous no-person's-land to be avoided entirely.

lgluykx | October 30, 2017

I wish that the rain sensing wipers really worked. My MB had them and they were great. With the wiper stalk in the Model S & X Tesla’s being an actual MB part (sourced by Tesla from MB), I had hoped that the Tesla wipers would be as good. My solution is to use Aquapel, an rainex type product developed by PPG (a glass manufacturer) to shed the water off. It works well, lasts a long time, and is not that expensive on Amazon.

hpjtv | January 24, 2018

Surprised this never got bumped now that it's been implemented couple weeks ago.