Autopark not activating

Autopark not activating

I've had my Model 3 for about 35 hours now, and I LOVE it! I am a little confused about autopark, however.

I tried going by parking spaces (so not parallel) slowly with other cars around but the "P" never pops up. I can see the other cars on the screen, but they're all displayed facing forwards as if they're in traffic with me, but they are parked in spaces. Is this normal, and if so what could I be doing wrong? Thanks!

Resist | February 10, 2019

Yeah, it's hit or miss with autopark. I personally find it's more of a gimmick and not worth using.

M3phan | February 11, 2019

It works sometimes for me with the P icon coming on when I am driving in stop and go traffic on the freeway… So there’s that. ; )
Agree it’s s gimmick. For me it parks too slow. And I’ve read others say it Durant always see curbs; ouch.

tyson | February 11, 2019

From p. 79 in the manual:
When driving slowly on a public road,
monitor the touchscreen to determine
when Autopark has detected a parking
space. When Autopark detects a potential
parking space, the touchscreen displays a
parking icon. Autopark detects parallel
parking locations when driving below 15
mph (24 km/h) and perpendicular parking
locations when driving below 10 mph (16
Note: The parking icon appears only if the
vehicle's position and/or the
circumstances of the surrounding area are
such that Autopark can determine an
appropriate driving path. If Autopark
cannot determine an appropriate path (for
example, when driving on a narrow street
where moving into the parking space
causes the front of the vehicle to extend
into the adjacent lane), you can either
reposition the vehicle, find a different
parking space, or park manually.

suddled | February 11, 2019

Don't even try to use it yet, IMO. Most people say its slow and has the potential to cause damage, especially in parking garages with pillars. I would just wait a little while for it to be updated.

LarryZ | February 11, 2019

It works fine for me when I'm parallel parking between two cars. It isn't fast, and it doesn't always center in the space quite as I would, but it gets the distance from the curb right and it is rather fun having it all busily go back and forth. I haven't tried perpendicular parking.

surfpearl | February 11, 2019

Since Autopark is still in Beta, don't wait for P to pop up on its own when you're looking for a parking space (either parallel or perpendicular). Instead, do the following: when you decide on a free parking spot you want to take, slowly pass it just as if you were going to park there yourself, then stop and engage P manually, and the Autopark icon will appear if the car thinks it can execute the maneuver. Click on the icon and the car will take over. Watch the side mirrors and the lines in the rear-view camera, hover your right foot over the brake pedal and hold the steering wheel ever so lightly that it can slip through your hand as the car is doing its thing, and be prepared to halt it anytime if not comfortable. You can halt and resume several times before it cancels the Autopark attempt.
It works for me beautifully and reliably even though it's not perfect given its Beta status. If you didn't like something during the maneuver, file a Bug report on the spot so you can give the development team proper feedback.
Be aware that some owners have reported damage to both the car in front and their own car, so use this feature at your own risk and be super vigilant.

dkabq | February 11, 2019

@Jason It used to be that like autopilot, autopark took anywhere from 25 miles to 100 miles to calibrate. Not sure anymore with autopilot because in the manual it is not explicit. If it is that new and you are following the instructions that Tyson shared, it may just take time to calibrate. On my X is says that even if you change your tires the autopark has to recalibrate again.

beaver | February 11, 2019

@jason silly question, do you have EAP (AutoPilot)? If so give it a few more days or weeks, you just received the car. It takes some getting used to.

SpeedyEV | February 11, 2019

I had my M3 for over 6 months now. I love the car, but auto park has mostly been miss for me. It rarely activates when I want to parallel park, but activates quite often when I'm stopped at a traffic light with an empty gap on my right. Even when it does work, the car moves too fast for comfort, so I stopped using it. Its not a big deal to me.

TornadoChaser | February 11, 2019

You might want to check out Nick’s Tesla Life video about auto park. I found it very helpful as well as his other videos.

ODWms | February 12, 2019

Not ready for prime time. It’ll get better. Bet on that.