Autopilot 1 question

Autopilot 1 question

I bought a preowned 2016 post facelift 90D and have really enjoyed the car the last few months. This is my first Tesla. I was doing some research on the internet and it looks like I have autopilot 1 hardware. I have the two cameras above the mirrors, no cameras on the turn signals and the six sensors in the front and back. I was told by the mobile service guy that I could purchase the autopilot convenience features for this. So when I called Tesla, they told me it is not available for my build. I have a feeling I might have misidentified standard equipment for autopilot. Is this the case? Or do I have autopilot 1 but the auto steer and traffic aware cruise control are limited to later versions? Sorry for all the noob questions.
Thank you!

p.c.mcavoy | November 28, 2018

@sarul0214 - I have a June 2016 built MS90D that also have the AP1 generation of hardware. Autopilot is available for it as I purchased when I ordered my car. It has the TACC (traffic aware cruise control), autosteer, and summon feature capability. Where you maybe got signals crossed is if you asked about whether Enhanced Autopilot, which is the terminology for the AP2 capability, which would include capability like the new blind spot and 360 degree view.

What shows on-line in your MyTesla account? I would expect it would show the option/cost for you to purchase the AP functionality.

sarul0214 | November 28, 2018

So I don't have any option to buy autopilot features on my account at all. All I have are service center, Referral and a link to add a credit card.

rxlawdude | November 28, 2018

You can purchase Autopilot 1 functionality. That will not, of course, get you "Enhanced Autopilot" functionality that is only available on cars with AP 2/2.5 hardware, which your car doesn't have.

Bighorn | November 28, 2018

This came up recently. I think if it needs to be activated because it was never paid for, it probably runs $3k.

sarul0214 | November 28, 2018

Yeah I called and I couldn't get it activated for some reason. I'll talk to the SC when I take it in for annual service.

Bighorn | November 28, 2018

Make sure they know you mean AP and not FSD. I could see them not offering the latter. | November 28, 2018

A minor point, AP1 has only one camera. The other item is the rain sensor, but I can see how you might think it is a 2nd camera. AP2 in front of the rearview mirror has 3 cameras - each with a lens, plus 2 more on each side of the car for a total of 8 cameras (including the rear).

Nexxus | December 3, 2018


We have a 2016 Model S75D that has the AP1 hardware but not installed. I noticed some time ago that under our manage your Tesla page that they are no longer offering us to upgrade to the AP1 software. It use to be there for $3k to upgrade but has since been removed. I would think that if we asked it still would be available but at what price, I don't know at this point.

You should be able to upgrade and the service person was wrong.

Silver2K | December 3, 2018

what does your dash display look like while driving? do you see cars all around you or just in front of you?

Silver2K | December 3, 2018

one step further on @PC's suggestion. after logging into you Tesla account click on manage and you should have options to purchase different upgrades your car may qualify for.

steve.groom | March 26, 2019

Hi I’m in the UK have auto pilot 1 hardware but no option to purchase ? | March 26, 2019

@steve - You'll have to contact Tesla to find out. Should be purchasable.

random155 | March 28, 2019

If the car was bought pre-owned from Tesla, they should activate AP1 free of charge.

EVRider | March 29, 2019

@random155: Why should Tesla activate AP1 free of charge?

b8schris | March 29, 2019

Hmmm.. if you got it from Tesla, check your invoice and see if it says that you have Autopilot and tech convenience features.. if so, then ask to have it turned on. I have not seen them sell one that has the hardware and not have the software on