While driving on autopilot today I received a message "Autopilot has limited feature. If this issue continues, contact Tesla service". It is Saturday night and Tesla service, nonemergency, is closed. Any one knows what it means?

hoffmanjulia19 | February 9, 2019

what does the message, written in orange and appearing periodically on the screen, means : " autopilot has limited features. If this issue continues, contact Tesla service. "?

PrescottRichard | February 9, 2019

I had a similar message appear, can’t remember exactly what it said but it came and went. When it was up no auto pilot features were available. I took a pic and was able to tell service exactly when it happened. It was nice enough to happen within a week or so of the 50k service I had scheduled.

They did do something to fix it. This is from the paperwork -

Reviewed vehicle logs and performed forward facing camera diagnostics. Verified client concern and found forward facing camera to be faulting. Removed and replaced the forward facing camera, updated vehicle firmware. Performed single pole camera calibration and test drive. Verified no alerts present and camera to be operating as designed after replacement
Correction: Camera - Forward Facing
Parts Replaced or Added

It was odd, only happened once. Still, this may help you. My car is a 2016 90D with a serial ending 132### so an AP1 car.

EVRider | February 10, 2019

Try rebooting, and if it happens again contact Tesla service as the message suggests. | February 10, 2019

I had a similar message and one of the side cameras had gone bad. For me, AP reverted to operation similar to about a year ago when it only used the front cameras. If intermittent, to help service, when it next appears, activate the voice and say "Bug report - Autopilot has limited feature". Then schedule an appointment.

lordmarbury1212 | February 11, 2019

I'm conducting a study about tesla's autopilot program for these guys and I'd really appreciate you guys contacting me to talk about this a little.

jimglas | February 11, 2019

sometimes its just dirt or crud on a sensor/camera. I noticed frequently driving in snowstorm.

docdac | February 11, 2019

I had that happen to me on a cold snowy day, and I assumed snow or road debris was blocking a camera/sensor. It cleared up on it’s own.