Autopilot in Europe

Autopilot in Europe

3. Autopilot
In the meantime I have extensively tested the autopilot function in various circumstances. But as it is programmed now, the system is useless.
-In built-up areas, the system does not respond to roundabouts (just continues or suddenly stops)
- in NL we know roads with "bicycle lanes" or roads where the car is a guest and the bicycle is the main user. The Tesla autopilot does not recognize this, with the result that an "intervention" follows. The system thinks an oncoming car that a collision is imminent and brings the car abruptly to a halt.
- In busy Dutch traffic, the system tries to keep far too much distance when changing jobs. The result is that the change is initiated and then suddenly aborted because a vehicle is approaching "within range" at a considerable distance. The breakdown happens so quickly that the car makes unexpected movements and that is dangerous because people behind it are not aware of it.
- there are several "phantoms" per ride. In addition, the autopilot reacts suddenly with sudden braking or evasive action while there is no real reason for it. Dangerous because unexpected for fellow road users.
- even when the navigation indicates a maximum speed below the autopilot speed, it is not lowered. Sometimes, by the way, but what that triggers is unclear.
- the system seems to be made for American freeways and then only with very quiet traffic. A lot of work still needs to be done to make it suitable for European / Dutch busy and intensive traffic.
all in all, driving the autopilot requires more attention and effort than driving without. A shame because it should be a support so that you can give more attention to the traffic.
Now I want to help by continuing to test drive, but the data is also stored and used to improve the software.

and can I expect that the software will be improved in a next update?

EVRider | August 31, 2019

To avoid injuring yourself and others, please read about Autopilot in the manual before using it. You clearly don’t understand what it can and cannot do.

Xerogas | August 31, 2019

@Hindriks: autopilot is for freeways only. You are describing a very dangerous and and unauthorized way of using it.

It’s meant for divided roads, no cross traffic, no traffic signals, no bicycles or pedestrians.

As the other person said, read the instructions!