Autopilot SAE level 3.

Autopilot SAE level 3.

4/01/2016 online reservation. Got my model3 on 8/25/2018 Brooklyn NY. Vin#540xx AWD, non performance, solid black, Aero wheels, with enhanced Autopilot. No full self driving.

When will we get level 3 driving we’re on level 2 right know. current Autopilot is great for driving on highways passing lane.

Is the up and coming Autopilot v9 level 3 driving?

ReD eXiLe ms us | September 10, 2018

I would not be surprised if Tesla's internal goal is to simply skip both Level 3 and Level 4 Autonomy and go straight to Level 5. Until then, no matter what improvements are added, they'll still give the Level 2 instructions to operators. So, though EAP might actually possess Level 3 capabilities at some point, you will still be required to pay attention and be being the wheel, ready to take over at a moment'so notice.

Johnhmccauley | September 10, 2018

I think level four is coming, since Tesla is updating self driving gradually. My understand is the difference between 4 and 5, is that 4 is full self driving with restrictions. For example, only on freeways in good weather. 5 is full driving with no restrictions. Some folk see Level 3 as probamatic, since you do not know if you need to pay attention or now while driving.

kram | September 10, 2018

Model 3 is not capable of Level 5. Just level 4.

I could be wrong.

ONI222 | September 10, 2018

@Kram Model 3 has all the hardware for Level 5 and Elon has said that even if it ends up needing more hardware they will upgrade it for free for people who paid the FSD option.

dalesmith1962 | September 10, 2018

@ReD eXiLe ms us “I would not be surprised if Tesla's internal goal is to simply skip both Level 3 and Level 4 Autonomy and go straight to Level 5.”

It’s unlikely that Tesla will skip level 4. Level 5 autonomy is probably twenty or more years away.

Level 5 is for a car that requires zero human intervention in 100% of driving conditions and locations, like driving on a narrow unpaved, winding mountain road in heavy snow.

Level 4 is zero human intervention autonomy in most common driving conditions.

majassow | September 10, 2018

@ONI222: I have not seen any qualifier from Tesla on what level FSD would be. On their website:

"All Tesla vehicles have the hardware needed in the future for full self-driving in almost all circumstances, at a safety level we believe will be at least twice as good as the average human driver."

The "almost all" leads me to believe that they are referring to Level 4, not Level 5.

I'd be happy to be corrected!

johnse | September 10, 2018

My understanding of Level 5 is that any situation the car agrees to drive in, it will need no supervision. It is not necessary that it be capable of safely driving in unsafe conditions.

EAP could comprise Level 3 where the driver does not need to pay attention 100% of the time and the car can alert the driver to take control (and safely stop if handover is not achieved). This could also fall under the FSD feature list, and I think it will be available prior to L4 or L5...but that’s just my opinion.

dalesmith1962 | September 10, 2018

Level 5 autonomy is for cars that can drive unassisted anywhere that a human can drive.

“Level 4 _ High Automation
System capability: The car can operate without human input or oversight but only under select conditions defined by factors such as road type or geographic area.

Level 5 _ Full Automation
System capability: The driverless car can operate on any road and in any conditions a human driver could negotiate.”

dalesmith1962 | September 10, 2018

“Level 1 _ Driver Assistance
System capability: Under certain conditions, the car controls either the steering or the vehicle speed, but not both simultaneously.”

Tesla is beyond level 1.

“Level 2 _ Partial Automation
System capability: The car can steer, accelerate, and brake in certain circumstances.”

This is where Tesla is now.

“Level 3 _ Conditional Automation
System capability: In the right conditions, the car can manage most aspects of driving, including monitoring the environment. The system prompts the driver to intervene when it encounters a scenario it can’t navigate.”

This may be where V9 is. Maybe.