Barstow CA Supercharger Expansion

Barstow CA Supercharger Expansion

I stopped at the Barstow Supercharger station yesterday on my way to Las Vegas. Construction workers are hard at work doubling the number of charging bays to a total of 4. In talking with the foreman, work should be complete by Friday April 12. He was not sure when PG &E would get around to turning the power on.
I suspect this is part of the upcoming Supercharger announcement Elon mentioned in his interview.

This was my first Supercharger experience , amazing technology, I got a 180 mile charge in about 40 minutes. Once this network is built out there will be not limits on where you can take a Model S without and range anxiety.

stevenmaifert | April 9, 2013

Outstanding news. I'm making the trip from San Diego April 21.

teriyaki88 | April 9, 2013


celtrog | April 9, 2013

capital expenditures like this are one of the first indicators of increased profitability. Thanks for this info...
I am buying more TSLA now

skulleyb | April 9, 2013

Heading there right now.
Windy as hell.
I'm a bit afraid of the wind eating my mile cushion from Vegas.
I have a 60

djm12 | April 9, 2013

Good to hear that Tesla is investing in not only the number of SC, but also the quality. The Harris SC was usable before, but occasionally had long wait times. Tesla could have spent money on bigger expansion - but this shows they care about the experience too.

R3dStang66 | April 9, 2013

Xcellent news!! I'm heading to Vegas in June and was worried about waiting in line with only 2 charging spots. I just wish Tesla or major casinos put some hpwc units in.

stevenmaifert | April 9, 2013

I'd be happy if the casinos would just install two or more NEMA 14-50 outlets in their parking structures. A lot cheaper than a Level II charger and it would attract all us high roller Model S owners :-)

Kimscar | April 9, 2013

Are there any good photos of the Barstow Supercharger? I am curious to access from going East or West. I plan on a Tesla next summer at 59 1/2. I would be going from Orange County to Vegas 260 miles each way.

Brian H | April 9, 2013

This barely twitches the capex needle. I think it comes out of the marketing budget, and barely nudges that. Tiny costs (hardware) for TM, and then it's Solar City's affair.

Darmok | April 9, 2013

@Kimscar plenty of pics at Recargo and Plug Share. It's to the southwest of Chilis on the east side of I-15.

Kimscar | April 10, 2013

Darmok, Thank you. I looked at the pictures on Recargo and downloaded the app to my IPAD.

stevenmaifert | April 10, 2013
tammilivingston | April 10, 2013

Thank you for posting this info. We will be going to Vegas come july. Maybe by then they WILL have a supercharging station in sin city.??????

Darmok | April 10, 2013

I doubt there will be a SC in Las Vegas itself. More likely at the outlet mall in Primm, about 40 miles from LV and 120 miles from Barstow. I am told there are J1772 chargers in Primm now, though they were not yet operational as of a week ago. Even the Level 2s would be helpful if an S owner finds him or herself running short of charge, as there really isn't anything between Barstow and LV otherwise.

tammilivingston | April 10, 2013

well good to know there are the J1772 there now, because you r right we called a few weeks agao and there was nada!!

Kimscar | April 10, 2013

Thanks for the shot Steven.

skulleyb | April 10, 2013

You can check out he original thread the pic came from my experience a few days ago.

Brian H | April 11, 2013

tammi and Darmok;
Project100 in LV has bought 100 Model Ses, and will be establishing charge points throughout the city for users.

MarkCoe | June 25, 2014

I was told by the Chili's manager, that they had given Tesla authorization to add another 4 stations for a total of 8. Has anybody else heard anymore about this?