Battery performance in cold weather (even sub-zero F)?

Battery performance in cold weather (even sub-zero F)?

Is there any information about battery performance in really cold weather like sub-zero (in Fahrenheit)?
What about in the temp range 10-32 (F) ?
I'm in Sweden. Winters get cold.

SCOOBY | August 10, 2013

Model S uses active thermal management of the battery (heats it or cools it as needed) so temperature has almost no impact on performance, just a modest impact on efficiency and hence range. Also take a look at the cold weather option. Oh, and somewhere around here there is a really cool video of the Model S cold weather testing which you must see!

docdac | August 10, 2013

My measurements in 10-20 deg F weather in Jan in MInnesota/Wisconsin showed that my actual range was 70-75% of 'rated range' when I drive at speed limit (usu 55mph) with cruise control on a 190 mile trip with full range/100% charge, with mostly flat/gently rolling hills, with no net altitude gain/loss. That was with earlier software versions, range mode on climate control set to 67 deg, I doubt new software will change the range efficiency. Heater is much less efficient than A/C , partly due to approx 50 deg temp differential between inside-out c/w maybe 20 deg diff on a hot day. These numbers are based on two round trips, 190 miles each way - ie four separate 190 mile trips each at 10-20 deg F during daytime/dusk with snow tires on 20" aftermarket wheels and dry roads with some packed snow .
This has been heavily discussed last winter - use Volkerize for winter driving.