Battery Pre Heat Available in App now!

Battery Pre Heat Available in App now!

Was reading through one of the threads...and an owner posted it was available with the new Tesla App update for vehicles that have 2017.50 or higher! Downloaded and yep it is! There is no button of sorts though, the description states the battery will now warm as the car preheats when plugged in Go Tesla! Thanks @vawklus

reed_lewis | December 22, 2017

Now I could just get .50, I could use this feature in cold Massachusetts. Every morning I preheat the car, but still never get full regeneration for 3/4 of my 39 mile drive.

Run4Waffles | December 22, 2017

How long do you let it preheat for @reed? Are you plugged in and charging?

Bighorn | December 22, 2017

The new app says to allow about an hour for the battery to warm.

reed_lewis | December 22, 2017

I preheat for at least a half hour to 45 minutes when I am plugged in. But I do not have .50 yet, so I get no battery pre-heat. When it is 5 fahrenheit degrees outside, the car may warm up, but the battery is still very cold. It takes a long time for that to happen, and I get high Wh/mile usage of course.

CV63 | December 22, 2017

New owner here. Don't laugh, but when you state precondition are you simple referring to the climate feature where we can turn the heat on from the app?

reed_lewis | December 22, 2017

Yup. That is what I am talking about. Getting in a warm car is wonderful. Plus I park in an underground garage which is about 45 degrees at work, so normally I do not have to get into a cold car on a normal basis!

But .50 adds battery preconditioning when pre-heating!


Troelshin | December 22, 2017

Timing of the charge finish time is stil the way to go, the cabin can heat up 10 min even if it is freezing

Run4Waffles | December 22, 2017

@reed - I’m not sure if I understand you correctly. When you say that you’re plugged in, are you charging during that time? And as @BH said, and I did not as I thought you were aware, the app process is saying that it will take “about an hour”.

Set the timer on your charge to take place for it to finish up shortly before you leave for work. That should get you there.

erw698 | December 22, 2017

yes in Mass on VT line. Tesla needs to incorporate more options for cold climates. Actually should have when they built the car. Perhaps they thing everywhere is Fremont Blvd

Run4Waffles | December 22, 2017

I’m missing something as to the need for this app.

We’ve been accomplishing this by scheduling the charging to finish prior to leaving in the morning if we’re concerned about full range or regen. :-/

kerryglittle | December 22, 2017

So this pre heat thing is it the same as pre heating for launch mode? Or is it something different? I got the App this morning too, just don't have the software update for it. Not that it makes much difference to me as car is stored for the winter.

El Mirio | December 22, 2017

@Run4Waffles seems like the easier why to do it in case one forgets to preheat manually.

Tessa75D | December 22, 2017
Tâm | December 23, 2017

The article says:

"In order to activate it, it looks like the vehicle needs to be around freezing temperature and then this new icon appears in the climate control section of the app:"

So the icons are there but only with freezing temperature. There is no separate button for "preheating the battery."

You just turn on your cabin and it will tell you it also heats up the battery or cabin alone.

No separate button but your cabin does have a separate heater and your battery has a separate one.

Prior to version 2017.50, people hope that if you turn on the cabin heater, it would also automatically do so for battery heater but apparently, that has not been the case.

Goose | December 23, 2017

Can you preheat the battery without also preheating the cabin? As troelshin said, the cabin warms in a few minutes- why waste the energy for an hour while heating the battery.

kerryglittle | December 23, 2017

I was thinking that too Goose. Seems like it would consume a lot of juice just sitting there warming up the battery. Especially if you aren't hooked up to a charger and away from home.

barrykmd | December 23, 2017

Kerry - the way I read it, you can't preheat the battery with this option unless you're plugged in.

tigerkc | December 23, 2017

I hope the battery preheating can be turned on even when the car is not plugged in. I charge at work instead of at home, and the temperate is coldest over night, not during the day while at work. Of course, I am talking about CA cold which is about 30F for the coldest night :)

kerryglittle | December 23, 2017

Ok, thanks barrykmd.

Tdreamer | December 23, 2017

The Electrek article does indeed suggest that this feature only applies if plugged in. However... the Tesla App just released that adds this capability DOES NOT state plugging in is required - instead, it only says it's suggested to reduce battery drain. I hope the Tesla app release notes are what is actually implemented - it would be a shame to have to find a place to plugin during the day at work to enable this feature for those that don't normally need to charge in that situation.

barrykmd | December 23, 2017

I got the 2017.50.2 update today. My car is currently plugged in where it's 65F and I don't see any preheat option in the app.

p.c.mcavoy | December 23, 2017

@barrykmd - the release notes for the app imply battery heating only available when you are near freezing temps. At 65F, you’re regen isn’t limited anyway so I would not expect any reason why Telsa would want to preheat the battery. Just using extra energy for minimal/no benefit.

jordanrichard | December 24, 2017

It might help if the article stated the version number of the app so that people can check that they do have the newest version. I am on version 3.2.3. My car also has the newest update for a pre AP S85, which is 2107.50.2. Though my car is in my garage and not cold enough to see this battery heat icon, I can try and swipe the picture of my car. Of course like the author of the article, I only have 1 Tesla so my car keeps bouncing back to center when trying to swipe it aside.

kerryglittle | December 24, 2017

Yeah I didn't see the pre heat option which Barry mentioned. I'll turn off the heat in my garage and let my car go below freezing and see if it gives me the icon that its cold enough.I usually set my garage for 50 degrees unless I want to do something out there and then turn the heat up to summer temps. Poor car might shiver tonight on Christmas Eve. LOL

Bighorn | December 24, 2017

My car’s internal temp is 39 and I’m not seeing the battery heating option this morning.

marcel.saucier | December 24, 2017

I have V.2017.50.2 et V.3.2.3 (Iphone), no change, no button ! After a ride of 15 miles at 25F, no significant change on battery temperature. Still cold after the ride. My garage not heated at 35F this morning, for 2 days.

RandallKeith | December 24, 2017

I am in Wisconsin 50° inside my heated garage this morning. I turned on climate with the app and it took about five minutes for the battery icon to appear between the seats. Other than the icon appearing I didn’t notice any difference in the amount of heat to the battery or the cabin. Would be nice if we had separate buttons for the cabin and the battery.

Bighorn | December 24, 2017

Good to know--I did not wait that long because I wasn't going anywhere.

CV63 | December 24, 2017

Is there a way to see the current battery temp?

Bighorn | December 24, 2017

No--there was a brief glitch where you could see motor and battery data which fortunately coincided with a trip for me, so I had about 3000 miles of watching voltages, temps, etc.

wharlos | December 24, 2017

I feel it would be less confusing if the computer in the vehicle would preheat the battery pack as necessary to an predetermined temperature. Notification of the preheat can still be on the phone. It would eliminate should I preheat or shouldn't I preheat. There are only a few people, like da horn or da tap that should know what the actual temperature of the pack should be, but this way no worries.:)

Bighorn | December 24, 2017

Okay, I'm seeing the battery heater within 3 minutes of turning on pre-conditioning

Bighorn | December 24, 2017

Ten minutes later (or less), the battery heater is off, though I am also charging.

CV63 | December 24, 2017

36f outside. Turned on climate and it started the battery as well. So I guess it can be as warm as 36f.

coilette | December 25, 2017

17f — no indication
turned climate control on and waited about a minute, internal temp has risen to 24f and the battery warming icon appeared

My guess is that the computer closer to the battery has to wake up and communicate before we can know if the heater is on / turn it on? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Felix Amyot | December 28, 2017

X90D with 2017.50.2 and app on iPhone 3.2.3(...d8f1)
Outside temp was -1.5 C (28F) so below freezing. Heated up the cabin for a good 10 min, no battery symbol showed up. Turned heating to MAX setting, still no battery heat up. The car was parked outside all night, battery at 44% (so not below 20%, where remote cabin heater is disabled).
Only thing I will try now is turn OFF Range Mode to enable the battery heater when driving. Maybe this also trickles down to the heater setting. Will let you know.

Bighorn | December 29, 2017

I bet range mode was the culprit.

p.c.mcavoy | December 29, 2017

Looks like battery preheat can come on with battery temperature up into the low 40's F range.

We've been traveling the past week, took the mini-van (needed it for passenger/cargo space), so my MS90D was parked in our garage for the duration. Car had been plugged in and sleeping for that period and had not recharged (only dropped about 10 miles range in 7 days). Woke it up last night enough to install the 50.2 software update which had downloaded while I was gone. Before I left this morning I turned on preheating. App indicated that interior temp as 43F when it first turned on the cabin heat. After a couple minutes I checked and did have the battery preheating icon. Range mode was turned off, car plugged in, and battery at 76%. Normally it's really difficult to have any idea what battery pack temp really is, but in this case given the duration of cold soak it had to be pretty dang close to both the ambient temp in the garage as well as interior temp in the car, both which register at about 42-43F.

I also decided just out of curiosity to check what the power draw with this case. Based upon snapshot I pulled via VisibleTesla the combination of interior and battery preheat was pulling 27 amps at 245V via the UMC. That's 6.6 kW, so about the capability of most commercial 30 amp L2 chargers. I'm sure it may taper some after a while, especially once the interior reaches the target heating temp, but anyone planning on running this for an hour without external power needs to be aware they could potentially drop something like 15-20 miles rated range.

Sailfast | December 29, 2017

So my 2017 90D is on 50.2 and the car lives outside. It is plugged in every night. The temperature has been in single digits + and - 0 for days. The garage is full of boats and a motorhome. I just refreshed the phone ap.

My question is, when I turn the cabin heat on with my phone, is that going to start battery heat or do I have to do more, like wait for a battery heater icon and touch that. I am not on a schedule so can’t simply schedule my charging to end when I am going to begin driving.

Second question: since the battery pack heating takes up to an hour, can I preheat the battery pack without keeping the cabin very warm by setting cabin temp low, like maybe 30 degrees or must the cabin heat be set above a certain temp to get the battery pack to preheat.

p.c.mcavoy | December 29, 2017

@Sailfast - There is no separate button or action to turn on battery preheating vs. cabin preheating. They go together. I know of no way to run battery preheating for an hour without running cabin heat for that period of time. The separate battery heating icon will show up on the climate screen to indicate if battery preheating is active.

If you wanted to minimize cabin heating you could turn it on with the cabin temperature set to 60F (minimum), then a few minutes before you depart go ahead and turn the interior temp up to your desired setting. That's only a partial solution, but best I know that you can do.

Felix Amyot | December 30, 2017

All right so I tested that and can confirm the difference:
Car (X90D) was parked outside all night, unplugged, battery at 70%, untouched for over 12 hours.
Range mode was turned OFF last night before parking the car.
Outside temp during the night was positive 2-4C.
This morning I turned on the cabin heater. After one minute, the battery icon showed up. After ten minutes it disappeared by itself.

- Battery heater will work in "cold" temperatures (+5C / 40F seems to work, maybe the limit is higher).
- Range Mode must be OFF
- Battery must be above 20%
- Car can be plugged in or not
- This is not a separate setting, it's coupled with cabin heater
- Will start if conditions are met, after a minute or so
- Will stop by itself when battery is warm enough (although probably not up to full heat)

Still to be tested: does it work longer if the car is plugged in compared to unplugged (other parameters similar).

Thanks guys! Happy Warming!

Bighorn | December 30, 2017

My battery heater also stayed on for about 10 minutes while plugged in. Probably temp dependent. Goes off when regen is limited to about 30 kW.

Felix Amyot | December 30, 2017

Thanks for the follow-up. Same Regen power (30kW) after initial heat-up. Good balance between safety and not wasting energy.

david.harris | January 2, 2018

Pre-heat sounds great, and is doubtless useful when temp is near freezing. But if the functionality is there, is there a reason why you can't pre-heat anytime the battery is too cold to provide full regen braking?
With temp here at 7oC I only have 30% region available, and (presumably) higher energy use until the battery is fully warmed. Since Tesla say "A Plugged in Tesla is a happy Tesla", seems bizarre they don't allow you to warm the battery just before going (I would have a setting "I plan to leave at 10:20" and let the Tesla sort out when to charge and how much.

I do realise that you can be clever, and tell it to charge 1 hr before so that it's warm, but I would need several aspirin and a cold flannel round my head to ensure I was fully charged at that time ('cos of Starting charge, outside temp, speed of charge etc etc).

Mathew98 | January 2, 2018

@David - I'm assuming most drivers have static daily commute patterns. So scheduling charging to finish prior to the daily commute is only needed once or twice. Unless you're @Bighorn who roams around the Earth unrestricted, it should be a trivial task.

Bighorn | January 2, 2018

Battery heater thresholds off around the 30 kW regen limit so there is no waste heating the battery after that and using the brakes some is not a bad thing in these conditions. Very little additional regen gains between 30-60 kW especially if your stops are anticipated.

cosmicdust | January 2, 2018

Does pre-heat work only with Range-mode off ? Is there difference between cabin pre-heat & battery preheat ? What is the difference between these options for plugged in v/s not plugged Tesla ?

My Range Mode of ON and my car was not plugged in and I had around 170 miles range left. I was not able to turn on climate on the app, it turned on and immediately turned off after a couple of seconds. Tried multiple times, same thing, turns off after few seconds(on the app and also on the car). Then I turned off Range mode and then I'm able to turn on climate and it stays On. Is this the expected behavior? I thought climate should work with or without Range mode on, or atleast a message that Climate couldnt be turned on because Range mode is ON. First time I used this feature yesterday and thought the car would be warm by the time I entered the car 10 mins later only to find out it was not ON and on the App also I was not able to turn on climate at all.

jordanrichard | January 2, 2018

cosmicdust, cabin pre-heat is just that. This new feature of battery pre-heat only recently came available. Prior to it, the only way to pre-heat the battery was via charging. Specifically timing out your charge to finish just before you leave for the day.

DRFLGD | January 2, 2018

My app doesn't have battery pre-heat. Not sure why since I have 50.2 and the newest app version.

Bighorn | January 2, 2018

The app does not look any different. The battery heat comes on if the car is cold when you turn on the cabin heat. Range mode off.