Battery Supply and the Model X

Battery Supply and the Model X

I got to thinking about the current issues Tesla is having with battery supplies. Right now they really cannot keep up with Model S demand. I suspect that the Model X will sell in similar numbers. So that kind of says that Tesla will need to more than double it's battery supply by this time next year to stay on schedule with the Model X.

I am not saying that they can't do it, but a doubling of production of nearly any manufactured component is tough to do in a year's time frame...

I should note that I have spent about 30 years designing control system for this type of machinery (I have actually done controls system for batter cell lines) I guess that makes me a little more skeptical than most about this sort of thing...

It is going to be interesting to see how they are going to pull this feat off...

ian | November 6, 2013

Did you not see the news that Tesla and Panasonic have signed contracts for over 2 billion cells over the next 4 years?

I'm pretty sure Panasonic wouldn't have committed to such numbers if they didn't think or didn't have the capacity to provide them.


cloroxbb | November 6, 2013

2 Billion / 7000 cells per car is only 285,714 cars in 4 years. Obviously not exact numbers, but is still not even close to being 500,000 cars a year... Still gonna need a lot of batteries.

aaquino22 | November 6, 2013

I read that Elon is planning on making batteries in house. I love the fact that he is investing in american jobs. I hope he talks to the guy who invented the lithium solid sulfur battery. A battery that would hold up to 4 times the energy as the current battery.

ian | November 7, 2013

I agree clorox. As Elon has clearly stated there is going to need to be a HUGE factory churning these things out to keep up with their forecast demand for the S and X, not even considering the Gen III.

Time to buy some Panasonic stock! And anyone else that makes Li ion batteries!