Battery Upgrade From 60 kWh To 85 kWh

Battery Upgrade From 60 kWh To 85 kWh

is it possible?
if yes, price?

tes-s | November 9, 2017

Yes. Tesla and possibly third parties. Contact them. | November 9, 2017

Here are more details, options and prices from our modifications page:

Rocky_H | November 9, 2017

I do wish people would be a little clearer with these answers.

@tes-s, Quote: "Yes. Tesla and possibly third parties. Contact them."

No, Tesla does not offer this at all. That should be made clearer to people asking this question. It is only off-book 3rd parties that will do this type of thing.

ckcland2 | November 9, 2017
tes-s | November 9, 2017

If it is possible for third parties, I think it is possible for Tesla.

Will they do it today? The only way to find out is to call them and ask. Things change at Tesla all the time.

Rocky_H | November 9, 2017

Of course it's possible for Tesla to do it, but they don't. People have asked over and over and over and.....

SUN 2 DRV | November 9, 2017

Actually find an 85 kWh CPO and I'm sure Tesla will will sell it to you and take your 60 in trade...

tes-s | November 9, 2017

"Of course it's possible for Tesla to do it"

Yep. That was the quesiton. "is it possible"

hikerockies | November 9, 2017

I have asked service center to upgrade my 60 kWh to 85. Not only they said they could do it, they even gave me an estimate. Cost included not only battery upgrade but suspension upgrade as well since 85 kWh battery is heavier and requires beefier suspension. Cost was high enough that it made more sense to trade in for a CPO 85. Cost was somewhere in 30k-35k range from what I remember. This was over a year ago.

RedShift | November 9, 2017

I got a quote from Tesla too. That was about 6 months or so back. Cost is fairly high, they even said they could do a 90kwh upgrade for my 2013 60 kWh. But no 100 kWh upgrade is possible, they said.

Fins | November 10, 2017

Can they do a 75 to 90kwh

Tompaj10 | November 10, 2017

So, if someone has used 60, cost of upgrade is almost same as value of the MS...