Battery weight

Battery weight

Anyone know how much the battery pack for an 85 weighs vs. the one for a 60?

Brian H | October 17, 2013

Zero. Dead cells are used to keep the weight distribution stable.

Jolinar | October 17, 2013

what about source Brian?

chrisdl | October 18, 2013

AFAIK the dead cells-theory is not confirmed.

Some sources say different:

Jolinar | October 19, 2013

thx, chrisdl, 4464 lbs for 60 kWh seems legit. However I've expected even lower number, but still better than nothing :-)

RedShift | October 19, 2013

I bought my 60 mainly for the weight savings, which leads to a slightly peppier drive. I can confirm that is the case, driving back to back a P85+ loaner and my car on the same roads. Even though the P+ has higher limits, the weight transfer is more noticeable in the P+.

I don't regret my decision to go for the lightest sedan on offer from Tesla thus far.