Bay Bridge Car Pool W/O Plates and Car Pool Stickers

Bay Bridge Car Pool W/O Plates and Car Pool Stickers

Just got my 85 and so far, so good (understated- love the car). I pre-ordered a Bay Area Fast Track pass, but still need to wait about 4 weeks for plates and another 2 weeks for my carpool stickers.

Since I have the Fast Track sensor without plates, will I get ticketed for driving in the car pool lane over the Bay Bridge via Fast Track, even though they can match the car by VIN and see that it's an electric?

Bottom-line - I don't want to wait 6 weeks to leverage one of the great benefits of using the car on my daily commute into SF.

Thanks in advance.

kawdennis | September 29, 2013

I have the same problem except I got my plates last week and then I mailed the sticker form + all the other information to Sacramento, But I may have screwed up because instead of just putting a stamp on the letter I sent it ( I guess its called registered mail, they have to sign for it) it cost me $6.10 to mail the letter I haven't got the slip back saying they signed (picked up) the letter :( Dennis

celtrog | September 29, 2013

BTW electric car AND carpool stickers are irrelevant
you HAVE to have a transponder
And since you do you're good to go

Gluaisrothai | September 29, 2013

Without stickers or three vehicle occupants, you will get ticketed in the carpool lane.

mclary | September 29, 2013

Call Fastrak to find out. Why do you think this forum would have the answer? Call the source.

tomkist | September 29, 2013

To use the carpool toll, you have to have two things:
1. Payment methodology, and
2. Qualify for the carpool.

Methods of payment in the carpool lane:
1. Working FasTrak transponder, or
2. License plate linked to FasTrak account
If you don't have either, you may get pulled over and ticketed.

To qualify for the carpool, you must have:
1. Meet the minimum number of passengers rule, or
2. Have valid carpool stickers and registration.
If you don't meet either qualification, you are subject to being pulled over and ticketed.

In short, you can't make use of the carpool lane access until you have your updated registration without the risk of being ticketed.

We received our carpool stickers 28 days after taking delivery of our Model S.

hsadler | September 29, 2013

Was told at Benicia Bridge that the sticker didn't allow me free access to cross. Bay Bridge does? And what about Golden Gate?

tomkist | September 29, 2013

From the Bay Area Toll Authority:

21. How can I get more information about driving my hybrid vehicle in the Bay Area carpool lanes?
With the passage of the Federal Transportation bill on August 10, 2005 and Assembly Bill 2628 (AB 2628) on September 23, 2004, qualified single-occupancy hybrid vehicles are now permitted to use dedicated High-Occupancy Vehicle (HOV)/carpool lanes in the Bay Area during designated carpool hours, if these vehicles are displaying the distinctive stickers issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). Single-occupancy hybrid vehicles pay a reduced toll when driving across the Bay Area toll bridges in an HOV/carpool lane.