The Best All Weather Floor Mats for Tesla Model X

The Best All Weather Floor Mats for Tesla Model X

I've done some research on the Model X floor mats and here is my findings so far:

1. Tesla branded Model X All Weather Interior Mats are made by Weather Tech. They are decent but have some issues.

2. Weather Tech sells the same under the Weather Tech branding as well.

3. Some complain that, (a) especially the front ones are not high enough behind the pedals and therefore do not protect well from dirt from shoes, and (b) their bend around the edges...

4. So far it seems like the 3D MAXpider brand is much better and it doesn't have the above 2 issues and goes higher up to better protect from the mess from shoes, HOWEVER 3D MAXpider is only available for Model S.

Has anyone found a great floor mat for Model X that goes high up enough and that doesn't have bending issues around the edges leaving a gap where dirt can fall into?

It seems to me that 3D MAXpider for Model X would be the best option so far. Has anyone found it anywhere?

a. 3D Maxpider for Model X is available here and listed for Model X 2016-2017.
b. I spoke with Tesla and they said that there is no difference between the mats used for Model X 2018 and the previous ones.

It is therefore safe to say that this is the best all weather floor mats for Model X (including the 2018 one)

It looks like you can get it today with $5+ Cashback + up to 22% Discount here:

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Tesra5115 | May 25, 2018

Looks like they have an 6 seat option for the X

TeslaJ | May 25, 2018

3D Maxpider Kagu Floor Mats
Front Row Floor Mat

It looks like you can get it today with $5+ Cashback + up to 22% Discount here:

Discount codes available here:

Retails online for $151. After the 22% discount it comes down to $117.85, the cheapest you can get anywhere online.

--- The only things they don't seem to have is the 5 seater rear mat (they only have the 6 and 7 seater mats) and the trunks mats...

Sam | May 26, 2018

My Delivery advisor recommended this though I don't like any of my choices. I like the idea of mats that have the raised edges like the weather tech but they don't have anything for the second row for a 5 seater. I am in Indianapolis about 200 miles south of Chicago so we get snow, ice, salt, and dirt not to mention rain. Other than the weather tech nothing protects the sides. thoughts?

HadoukenZR | May 27, 2018

What a lame advertise post.

Sam | May 27, 2018

@had.... who asked you

Triggerplz | May 27, 2018

@Sam I think Hadouken is referring to TeslaJ's post

TeslaJ | May 27, 2018

Yeah I looked at the evannex one as well but it doesn't have raised edges. The only viable alternative with raised edges in the market and which is cheaper than Tesla/Weatech's seems to be 3D MAXpider.

What I posted was the cheapest way to get it. And so far there is nothing cheaper online than through the links I provided.

Sam | May 27, 2018

This should be the worst problem I have- I like the 3D max best for driver and passenger as it expands higher up the floor pasr the pedals - I like the weather tech frunk and rear cargo best- I’m not finding anything acceptable for the 5 seater second row- the 3D seems to only sell by the set which won’t work for a 5 seater

TeslaJ | May 27, 2018

@Sam, good point. I would buy as follows for the 5 seater:

3D Max for the front driver and passenger
Tesla All Weather for the rest (frunk and trunk and 5 seater)

Sam | May 27, 2018

Still not finding anything for second row of 5 seater though weather tech says stay tuned it’s only a matter of time. Since it’s summer I may do that

joemar10 | May 27, 2018

I have the Evannex all weather mats in my Model X 5 seater. I specifically looked for a mat with no raised edges because the edges always look rippled, and they catch on your shoes. These fit perfectly. They have hundreds of little dimples, so if you spill something it only goes as far as the number of dimples it fills. I like the look of the mats every bit as much, if not more than, the carpeted mats that came with the model X. My wife agrees. Cleaning them is a snap. Even when they're muddy I just spray a liberal amount of cheap window cleaner on them and vacuum with my wet or dry vacuum with a long bristle brush attachment. They come out shiny and clean. I am not affiliated with Evannex.

TeslaJ | May 27, 2018


The Tesla 5 seater mat is essentially weather tech since Tesla white label it from them...

Here is a photo:

5 Seater Mat includes:
1 x single piece construction second row mat

You might as well get it from Tesla shop unless cheaper somewhere else...

oldxcskiguy | May 27, 2018

I have one winter season under my belt using the Lloyd Northridge mats. They are not a "bathtub" design, but they look great and work well. I was a little concerned that they would be hard to clean with all the indentations, but I found them easy to remove from the car and clean with a pressure washer and soft brush. My review can be viewed here

I haven't used the Tesla All Weather Mats, so I can do a direct comparison, but I'm happy with these.

Sam | May 27, 2018

TeslaJ thanks - my delivery advisor said the second row mat was not available but your link clearly shows it- I’ll dig deeper - thanks again

Uncle Paul | May 28, 2018

A vote for the Max. Look great and fit well in my X.

The Weatherteck/Tesla mats have deep grooves that probably will handle anow and puddles better than the Max, but the Max feels better under my feet and works well in SoCal,

Max fits like a glove in the front. It curves up the sides and tucks underneath the Tesla molding. Perfect fit.

TeslaJ | May 28, 2018

@Sam, the 5 seater mat is actually available from the tesla shop here for $160.

(Select "5 Seater" from the drop down menu on this page)

TeslaJ | May 30, 2018

Looks like the 3D Maxpider front mats are currently out of stock from autoanything and will be back in stock in 2 weeks they say.

Rlhoyt67 | June 5, 2018

Tuxmat out of Canada Amazon sells them also. I went direct amazon didn’t have 6seater with center console. They go up to side trim with clips that are so easy and work so well. Easy clean and very cool lookin.

jjgunn | June 5, 2018
pjalan | June 6, 2018

Jjgun I’m liking what you ordered. Added it to my amazon shopping list. Have others used toughpro mats and how is the experience?

jjgunn | June 6, 2018

I think we might need a better amazon link. This link is for the 7 seat MX but they have 6 seat option too.

Sumomaster | June 6, 2018

I have the ToughPRO mats for my 6 seat MX and love them. I got a 5 year old in the back the mats are working perfectly. They also handled rain and a bit of snow with no problem. Fitment is spot on, edge to edge. No issues with any type of curling or lifting. The mats worked so good, I ended up getting the frunk/trunk mats later on.

Howrayg | June 8, 2018

I have the Lloyds Mats from EVeverything in black. I have used them for 2 winter seasons and like them very much. I have used the Weather Tech mats in other cars and find them bulky and harder to clean. I vacuum the Lloyds mats, then spray interior cleaner from Chemical Guys on them, and wipe up. Works great. I don't even have to take them out of the car.

xledomd001p | June 10, 2018

Have toughpro and love them.

LeoDaniel88 | December 12, 2018

These 3d maxpider mats have got many good reviews, so I decided to give them a try.
I ordered 1st row only, want to see the quality and make sure they will not stink. I used to have Lloyd mats in my Camry (they were RubberTite I guess), and they had that strong plastic and rubber smell.

teslaforum123 | December 22, 2018

I dislike weathertec mats because they are slippery with leather heels.
I liked these very much
Excellent.. seriously.. Maybe the 3dmax spider are good but these are amazing! They also have "side skirt" like the weathertec.. The weathertec is like a plastic tub.. but these mats are soft.. so, they won't contain the water exactly as well as weathertec.. but I much prefer these mats.

bob | December 23, 2018

We have both the 3d Max (in our MX) and WeatherTech in our Yota truck. Functionally they are the same. Aesthetically the 3d Max are way nicer looking. I think the 3d Max are easier to vacuum too. Last I checked 3d Max didn't yet have the rear two rows available for our 7 seater. When speaking to the company they were hoping to have them ready in 6 to 9 months. That was last summer - so they might be close?? I haven't look recently.

sschaem | December 23, 2018

The 3dmaxpider (front row) are near perfect.

I have not installed the second/third row yet, but I already wished it was one peice VS a split.

The Tesla / (weathertec ?) trunk / frunk option fell cheap .and do not not fit well.
Tesla ship them rolled up, and in 2 weeks they have not regained their shape.
Tesla opted for some really cheap / light and thin plastic , if they where half the price it might make sense for a cost conscious option.

benbfinell | December 26, 2018

Anyone have dogs? I'm looking at getting some new all weather mats and was wondering if any of these mats are better/easier for dog hair?

lilbean | December 26, 2018

Yes, they are better. The fur won't get lodged in the mat.

KandK | January 25, 2019

Can you (the company) or someone address the 2018 model x 7 seater folding seats. Are mats available for that version as of yet? Can it be posted to the 3d maxpider website as FAQ with a link if available. If not available, please give a time frame on if it might or might not be available.

mbp11 | February 25, 2019

I just purchased the ToughPRO Tesla Model X Floor Mats Set and Trunk Mats Set from Amazon, I have a Model X 5 seater, and I just installed them this weekend. Comes in a very heavy box, and I was expecting two front mats and the rear set mat, but also comes with a frunk mat, a mat for the rear storage area when the seats are up and unexpectedly, another 4 foot by 2 foot section of mat that I cannot figure out where it goes! Does not quite fit the lower rear trunk area below the back, anyone have an idea where it goes? I put it in the rear lower trunk area, but it does not really fit there.

I like them a lot, I got a lot of nice comments, and they even come with clips to hold the mats to the underlying OEM carpet mats.

Mike P

ratchet | February 25, 2019

mbp11 - The "extra" section is probably for the back of the rear seats when folded flat..

PXChanel | March 14, 2019

Hav had the Tesla branded All-Weather Tech Interior Mats for both of my Model X’s. Nice raised edges. They fit perfectly, no issues. Highly recommend them.

wangwei1021 | April 6, 2019

Can anyone confirm if the 3D Maxpider mats will fit on the 2019 MX?

bob | April 7, 2019

Yes on a 2017. To the best of my knowledge the should be zero diff between the floor layout from 2017 to 19

rodomodena | April 8, 2019

ToughPro on Amazon. They have the 3rd row config, well priced and have a cool and unique design pattern plus they really weight down the original. I've had them for 55k miles and have kept up just fine.

jamiekirk04 | April 10, 2019

I had ToughPro, did not like their design and feel. I twas very rough.

I installed my 3D Maxpider today and they are awesome. Material feels much better and not so industrial. They installed perfectly on my 2019 Mx

BlackTeslaX | August 2, 2019

"I installed my 3D Maxpider today and they are awesome. Material feels much better and not so industrial. They installed perfectly on my 2019 Mx "
Hi there, I'm a new owner of the RHD Model X. I've seen a lot of great reviews about those 3d mats you've mentioned. But I really cannot find any for the RHD Teslas. Can anyone please help me with that? Or at least recommend something as good as 3d max pider mats. I found these ones but cannot find anything for RHD ....
Meanwhile, my carper is getting dirty :(

If I don't find anything, I'll go with Tesla OE all-weather mats as long as they are good....

bob | August 3, 2019

@BlackTeslaX I’m pretty sure the tesla all weather are made by weather tech. The maxpider 3D are based in southern ca. I reached out to them about a year ago asking about middle row mats for a 7 seater. They were very helpful and explained the processes. Basically they need a donor car they keep for a few days while they scam 5e interior. After 5at it can take 6 to 9 months b4 they are available to the public. But I’m wondering if the can’t simply mirror the CAD files for the rhd? I found the phone number via googling for them. As I recall they were in east LA area. Good luck

bob | August 3, 2019

Scan the not scam 5e

RAUDIKAL | September 6, 2019

I have ToughPro from amazon for my MX six seat configuration and love them. About two years later with no issues.

PXChanel | September 11, 2019

I have gotten the Tesla branded Weather Tech for both my MX’s, loved them. No issues.

lilbean | September 11, 2019

@PXChanel I did too. They're great!

lylykwok | November 1, 2019

Hello everyone.

Wifey recently bought a pre-owned 2017 MX with 6-seater (non-folding captains chair).
I'm considering purchasing the 3D Maxpider floor liners over Tesla/WeatherTech option (I have and love the WeatherTech in my Infiniti QX60). Was about to pull the trigger for the compete set (1st, 2nd, & 3rd rows), but then realized a huge difference between the 3D Maxpider vs the Tesla/WeatherTech versions.... the 2nd-3rd row liners from 3D Maxpider is two-piece vs one-piece from Tesla/WeatherTech. I am concerned about the gap in the two-piece. Am potentially consider getting the front liners from 3D Maxpider, and the 2nd-3d row liner from Tesla,... but it wouldn't look consistent. Or if getting the 2nd-3rd row liners rom 3D Maxpider, I may consider taping the two pieces together (taping the bottom side along the middle and out 'joints').

For those folks who have the 3D Maxpider two-piece 2nd-3rd row liners,.... any feedback about your observations and experience of the gap in the two pieces? (e.g., separation vs, staying tight or butted, allows water/dirt/debris get in between, other)

Thanks in advance!

bob | November 2, 2019

I have a '17 7 seater. I have only the front Maxpider (as they didn't offer the 2nd/3rd row when I purchased). I have WeatherTech in my PU truck. The Maxpider are way better looking and better fitting. The WeatherTech are a much thicker (and heavier) rubbery feeling material. The Maxpider are a thinner lighter weight material. Counter intuitive, but the Maxpider seem to stay in place better. Sorry I can't comment on your specific question.

philchen77 | February 14, 2020

Bought and returned the 3D maxpider kagu mats for a 2020 model x 6 seater off amazon. They fit nice and look nice, but I ended up returning them because the mats are so slippery when you step on them. My family’s shoes were slipping and sliding just trying to get into the vehicle, just doesn’t have enough grip between shoes and mat to feel safe.