Best car I ever owned

Best car I ever owned

I love my Model 3, my wife takes my car and leaves me her Porsche. What a cow that twin turbo is compared to my Tesla. Sure there's issues like any new model might have. But I am amazed by the quality and engineering that Tesla has accomplished in its short existence. Remember the crap Detroit puts out and still puts out from Ford and Chrysler. This is the rebirth of the auto and the American auto industry. Made in America by a South African that's the diversity that made America great and the American auto great again. I will never purchase a "dinosaur" fueled auto again, I truly love my tablet on wheels. Just as Nikola Tesla loved his pigeon.

mrburke | December 14, 2018


CharleyBC | December 14, 2018

I'll second that! 8412 miles and still looking for excuses to go for a drive so I can grin some more.

-Nik- | December 14, 2018

3 months and just over 10,000 miles, best car I have ever driven.

shawncordell | December 14, 2018

Same here!! Love it!

oghowie | December 14, 2018

What Porsche is this?

rwgallah | December 15, 2018

6 months, 9k miles and 1 x-country trip so far. Best car ever.

nwfan | December 15, 2018

@op, you have a keeper. Your spouse is so right. On my 3rd Tesla. So long fossil fuel cars. My Cars are powered by the sun. Thanks to 17 kw solar system.

wiboater4 | December 15, 2018

My car has been great also. and I've had no problems with service or delivery like a small amount of people have had.

Gofins13 | December 15, 2018

I see no reason, to buy another ice vehicle
in my life. I could not be happier.

mcmack15 | December 15, 2018

Owners of an S and now a 3, we will never go back (of course, we are older and these are probably the last cars we will ever purchase).. Love them both.

nwfan----we are putting on an addition so we can live on one floor and asked the contractor to look into a solar roof. I am very ignorant when it comes to talking kw, etc. What would you recommend as the minimum level of energy we need the solar roof to generate in order to power both cars with a little left over to maybe cover our A/C in the summer?

Tom11-18 | December 15, 2018

#mcmack15 - your electric bill should have your kwh for the month listed. You can use that as a starting point. A reputable installer will guide you from there.

mike | December 15, 2018

I have owned a 911, Zo6, 700 hp CTS-V (modded), Model SP85, etc...

None of them compare to my 3P- it is an extremely easy car to drive fast and there are no compromises.

I rented a C63 AMG Biturbo a few weeks ago and it is a total POS compared to my 3- slower, cramped, a RIDICULOUS (like 70 or more) number of buttons and horrible nav that did not have a touch screen.

If car companies want to catch Tesla, they need to figure out it is more than just having electric motors.

gballant4570 | December 15, 2018

It does not matter how nice an ICE you might have - the Tesla experience turns it into a sluggish, noisy turd. I now am looking forward to the day I can replace my pickup with a Tesla pickup, or perhaps a Rivian. I used to like that truck.....

mcmack15 | December 15, 2018

Tom11-18---excellent point. Thanks.

howard | December 15, 2018

Pristine low mileage 1964 Karmann Ghia is still the best car I own for a host of reasons beyond trying to express.

wayne | December 15, 2018

Add me to the list of very satisfied customers. I can’t get over how much fun it is to drive. It’s in a class by itself.

zyuaninc | December 15, 2018

+ 1

Look forward to compare Porsche Taycan with Tesla tho..

HummerMan3 | December 15, 2018

+1, Love my 3! A Charger tried to race me from a stop light a few nights ago, and I let him accelerate as fast as he could while I got to speed at a normal rate, telling him (to myself), no matter how fast you are, I've already won!

mrburke | December 15, 2018

@howard - I can relate. My 1987 mint condition BMW 325i convertible is the car I am most attached to. I bought it new almost 32 year ago and have pampered it ever since.

But, my M3 is a better car.

zyuaninc | December 15, 2018

Since you have a M3. Is your BMW 325i for sale ;)

I am looking for a vintage ICE car with manual transmission for fun.


nvjx | December 15, 2018

I was in the auto business for 25 years and owned several BMW M3, MBZ SLK etc. This is definitely the best car I have ever driven or owned. I even like it better than my 2012 P85!

Tyguy | December 15, 2018

I concur with the OP. Tesla knocked it out of the park, and this is just the first year of production. I'm excited to watch them mature as the develop revisions of the S and 3, and launch the Y. There will be some growing pains but the M3 shows Tesla can beat even the most established players in the market.

We'll happily sell our manual transmission Audi A4, which I used to think was pretty awesome until I drove the 3. Now the A4 just seems quaint. We'll keep the our last ICE, an Outback, until the charging infrastructure matures enough to cover Colorado's mountains, and then we'll go 100% electric, probably with the Tesla Y.

mrburke | December 16, 2018

@zyuaninc - I do have an emotional attachment to the BMW, but I am not driving it and have it in storage.
I am strongly considering selling it with in the next six months.

e-mail me at and I'll send some pictures. Note e-mail alias was for selling another car and will go away shortly.

joules102 | December 16, 2018

Concur. I picked up the AWD and it is a wonderful car. It is finest car I have ever owned. Constant grins.
I still find the thought of the car moving without me in it a bit spooky, so I have not tried summon yet. lol. Every other feature is top notch.

ALDONY | December 16, 2018


Did 3k miles in 3 weeks.

Highly addictive car.

casun | December 16, 2018


ArcticStation | December 16, 2018

I bought this car after eight years with a hybrid. I wanted to transition to a true EV and the M3 was the only car available that met my requirements (range, price point, safety). I also wanted to support this innovative company. What I expected to get was a nice little electric car, but just a car that used electricity instead of petroleum. I figured I would be lucky to get something comparable to an electric Camry and that the raves on the forums were nothing more than a bunch of fanboy early adopters trying to justify spending $50K on a car. Boy, was I wrong.

mb1068 | December 16, 2018

I've driven mine twice now over the Santa Cruz mountains to the beach - HWY 17 is a nice workout for any car (twisty mountain road). M3 is comparable to my 911 in terms of fun - but so much easier to go fast - only thing I'm giving up is a little steering feel and that flat 6 sound!. But now, no more oil changes, oil leaks, water pump (well I guess there is a small one), engine mounts, IMS bearing, clutch, transmission oil, coolant tank, brake pads every 20K miles, spark plugs, coil packs, alternator, coolant hoses, shift linkage, AOS, or exhaust rattles to take care of ... what am I going to do in all my spare time ! Yes, the tech is cool, and it makes a far better commuter than the Porsche, but as a driving machine - it is hard to beat.