Best color

Best color

What color best brings out the lines on the Model S? I'm not partial to any color. Would appreciate feedback from owners. Thank you

coachrodri | July 26, 2014

Please ignore this post.

J.T. | July 26, 2014

A lot of people think MC Red, but just as many people would say Pearl White. A good many people might say silver, and blue always gets a lot of positive responses. Green and brown are gorgeous in the right light but that new gray is really getting popular. Black is very slimming and the worst choice is plain white.

I have plain white and there are far too many of them.

Hope this helps.

hcwhy | July 26, 2014

J.T. You have impeccable taste.

Anthony J. Parisio | July 27, 2014


I really like plain white. It polishes up really nicely. And it never looks that dirty.

Dr. Bob Reinke | July 27, 2014

We liked Signature Red so much we changed our reservation to Signature Edition to get that color. It compliments the lines and makes the White leather stand out.

johncrab | July 27, 2014

To paraphrase wine expert Hugh Johnson, "The best color is the one you like."

J.T. | July 27, 2014

@Anthony When I changed my config from blue to white my sales rep said, "It's pretty hard to get tired of seeing a beautiful white car in your driveway every day."

He was right.