Best way to take a Model S to Mammoth right NOW.

Best way to take a Model S to Mammoth right NOW.

Except for the Lebec or Barstow superchargers, which involve driving out of the way and not allowing for enough range to get to Mammoth, what is the best way to get to mammoth from orange county, CA in a reasonable amount of time?

I should be getting my S in January 2013. Does anyone know of KOA campgrounds along the 395 with NEMA 14-50 outlets? I only really want the campgrounds with 240V 50A breakers to maximize my charge time.

I know that there appears to be superchargers coming to Ridgecrest, CA and possibly Lone Pine/Independence, CA on the 2013 supercharger map, but I want to go to mammoth as soon as I get my car.

Brian H | December 16, 2012 | December 16, 2012
I only really want the campgrounds with 240V 50A breakers to maximize my charge time.

I'd think you'd want 110V if you want to "maximize" the time you spend charging‼

ghillair | December 16, 2012

There are many campgrounds besides KOA. Many have 50 amp some only 30 amp. There are some public campgrounds that have no electrical service. Some also have cabins for rent.

Here is a web site that posts cutomers reviews of web sites, it shows what is available.

meloccom | December 16, 2012

So Mammouth Lakes is a little over 300 miles from Anaheim so if your Model S will have an 85 Kwh battery you could do the trip with just the one top up charge. Just remember it will use a lot more energy going up the mountain. I read somewhere to add 8 miles for each 1000 feet of elevation so make sure you have at least 70 miles in reserve. Coming back will be much easier, but you also need to be ble to plug in whilst there so your Model S can keep the battery warm.
The only possible relevant campground that I can find on the KOA website is the Lake Isabella \ Kern River campground.
It advertises 30 Amp outlets.
Ring them and find out first.
Good luck.

portia | December 16, 2012

Maybe you can pay someone in Lone Pine to install a 80A circuit and install an HPWC (it's not out is it?), but it will still take 2 hours to charge 145 miles, that's not so practical if I were you (I have taken the trip many many times).
hmm, for fast charging! without knowing where superchargers will be installed, maybe that's the next best thing. Need one in Mammoth too?

Brian H | December 17, 2012

Flatbed to Mammoth, easy drive home downhill.

portia | June 2, 2013

looks like by winter it would be easy to go with the new superchargers!

SamO | June 2, 2013

One in Bishop, Independence and then one in Lone Pine by the end of the year, looks like.

mcptwo | June 2, 2013

The Desert Empire Fairgrounds, 520 S. Richmond Road, Ridgecrest, CA 93555, Phone 760-375-8000 has at least 24 NEMA 14-50 outlets that you should be able to charge at 30 miles per hour. Daily Rates for RV's are $25.00 ? $17.00 Tents. I have been there but did not need to charge since my son lives in Ridgecrest and works at the Navy Base. I did not see anyone managing the facility so it is imperative that you call ahead.