A Better Place kaput in Israel

A Better Place kaput in Israel

A Better Place, the battery-swap network in Israel, filed for liquidation yesterday morning.

This program, which generated a lot of press and buzz for what (IMO) was a foolish idea - battery swaps that would have required the same kind of batteries as the Renaults, with whom they joint-ventured - was considered an important Israeli step into the lower-oil-dependency era.

Better they should have gone Tesla's and Elon's way.

jk2014 | May 28, 2013

Battery swap will be lease program. Tesla will own them. The batteries are extremely valuable in secondary energy storage market (about to become major in the coming years.). It is extremely smart to scale battery production as much as possible to bring costs down as well as prepare for this secondary market. Energy storage is going to be big business. I think tesla (or a separate musk subsidiary) going to right in the middle of it.

Not going to be the same outcome as better place if tesla starts this type of business model