Bjørn's Tesla Model S videos

Bjørn's Tesla Model S videos

Bjørn's Tesla Model S videos
I will be posting my Tesla Model S P85 videos here. A new video will be posted every week. The links will be posted on the current last page. Or you can subscribe to my YouTube channel:

Captain_Zap | November 27, 2013

That was quite a voyage for your first big shakedown cruise. You had just about every challenge imaginable on your trip. Nice wheels!
Thank you, Bjorn.

bnyland | November 27, 2013

Thank you for the feedback :) Yes, I had many challenges and did some noob mistakes. But I feel more experienced already :D I will be making more videos. The wheels don't look that bad. On the Norwegian EV forum, lots of people complain about the looks. And some like the looks. I think they look ok. And the 5 % increased range is something I really need for winter conditions.

Bighorn | November 27, 2013

Nice job, Bjorn. I would like to hear more about your impressions of the car's performance in the slippery areas.

Captain_Zap | November 27, 2013

You definitely have to show us a photo of the car with the new wheels on. I got new winter shoes for my car yesterday. I might have to do a photo shoot too.

Do be careful if you need to put cables/chains on your non-Tesla wheels. Someone had trouble with the cables eating up part of the car due to a poor fit. I believe that damage wasn't covered by warranty. I'm not sure how that story ended.

NKYTA | November 27, 2013

Thanks for sharing the video Bjorn - nice looking ride!

To save on any range anxiety, slowing your highway speed down and putting the car in Range Mode is the best way to increase range...but reducing your speed has a far greater effect.

When you came up to the car and the light wasn't on in the charge port, that's because the car was locked. As soon as your auto-present handles came out, you would have also seen the charge port light come back on (flashing green).

The question for you I have, is, the car said "Parking Assist Disabled" - very cool that you have it, but curious why you have it disabled?

Enjoy the ride!

Bighorn | November 27, 2013

It auto-disabled when caked in ice. | November 27, 2013

@NKYTA - I'm sure the parking assist was disabled with all that ice on the front and back. This is true of any car - if you have ice covering the sensors, there is no way for it to work.

@bnyland - Cool to see how it works when you go below zero miles of range - Not something I've been willing to try (in 9,000 miles).

Interesting to see all the ice on the car. To open a stuck or iced charge port, you can usually tap or press on the very rear of the charge port (towards the rear of the car), just beyond the hinge. As you demonstrated, a credit car works too!

bnyland | November 27, 2013

@Bighorn: In the icy and snowy curves, I can feel the 2100 kg of the car. It slides a bit at lower speeds than my previous and lighter cars. But the slope test was just unreal. The Tesla almost went to a full stop. But where an ICE car would spin and stop, the Tesla just kept climbing slowly. I had no idea traction control could work like this.

Here is my album so far. I haven't had time to take more photos yet:

Thank you for the advice :) I won't be using chains. Nokian hakkapeliitta 7 gets the job done for me.

Thank you for the feedback :)

I found out that the panorama roof is wasting a lot of heat. Combine that with high speed (80+ kph) and the car eats up energy like crazy to keep the heat in the car.

About the flashing lights while charging; you're absolutely right. If I've read the manual I would have known :)

On the very last part of the movie I showed how much ice and snow had accumulated on the front. That caused the parking assist to think there was an obstacle. And as I started driving, the computer must have been confused and disabled the thing. Once the ice melted the PDC worked as before.
Yes, I've unintentionally been past the 0 range line. But from now on I'll stay above it. It's nice to know that the reserve works though. Thank you for the charge port tip! :)

Cindy I II III | November 27, 2013

Congratulations on your new car! Nice video. Thanks for sharing. Did you walk back to get your tripod or drive back to fetch the camera? The middle part was really scary - made me scream silently for you.

Robert has a post about coasting to conserve energy. It really worked well for my little hilly commute. Obviously it's totally not applicable to the big hill that you had to climb.

bnyland | November 27, 2013

Thank you :) Yes, I had to set up the tripod, run to the car and drive, and then come back and get the tripod. Yes, the middle part was really scary! Almost no energy left, -6°C and 15 m/s wind.

Do you have the link to Robert's post?

Cindy I II III | November 27, 2013

@bnyland I don't have the link. May be he'll see this and provide the link. But the bottom line is very simple - shift to "N" to coast, and shift back to "D" to drive as the car moves through the downs and ups. He checked with Tesla, it should not harm the car, and did a long distance test. Some think one should just drive the car. I personally enjoy doing the shifts :-) with safety in mind first of course.

bnyland | November 27, 2013

Omg, changing gears like that sounds a bit scary to me. I think setting regen to low instead of standard also helps. At least on places where the hills go up and down. But on long downhills high regen helps.

Burt Court | November 27, 2013

Very, very interesting video, an experience I hope I never have living in sunny Southern California. But I learned a bit about squeezing some extra miles, or the metric counterpart...

alcassfast | November 27, 2013

God, that was funny! Have you ever considered comedy?

bnyland | November 27, 2013

@Burt Court:
You guys are lucky to have summer all year round :)

Haha, I had a fun time watching the video myself :D

hammy16 | November 27, 2013

Great video. Adventuresome first trip...Love your commentary and acceptance of things that
were unfamiliar to you and learning more about the car instead of complaining. The ice buildup was impressive.

eddiemoy | November 27, 2013

thanks for sharing. i can see tesla owners getting fatter! LOL!

kyne | November 27, 2013

Awesome video, thanks!

Pricee2 | November 27, 2013

Enjoyed the video. Many laughs.

Happy motoring. Or is there another term I should be using?

Captain_Zap | November 27, 2013

It is "Tesla Motors". ;-)

david.baird | November 27, 2013

Thanks for the vid Bjørn, fascinating watching for us on the verge of ordering.

(and I though the weather was sh*t in Belgium, after seeing how it is up there I'm thankful)


jkn | November 27, 2013


Perhaps you need to add insulation for panorama roof. You don't need it during winter anyway.


I guess Robert would like to know that you have used his coasting technique.

Alex K | November 27, 2013

@jkn | NOVEMBER 27, 2013: Perhaps you need to add insulation for panorama roof.

I wonder if the "promised" Pano roof shade would help with that? The roof does have groves built in for a roller type shade to be installed. Maybe an aftermarket one made of wool would keep some heat in?

bnyland | November 27, 2013

Thanks for all the feedback, guys :)

Yes, I have heard about many of these problems before. So when I got them myself they didn't come as a surprise.

On the first hour from Oslo towards Dombås, it was snowing a lot and had temperatures around zero degrees. Then when I came higher up, the temperature dropped and the wet snow froze. Pretty amazing, yeah :)

LOL yeah, I have to eat a lot of burgers and hot dogs from now on :P

Norwegian winter weather combined with 1000 meter of elevation is probably the worst conditions for a Tesla :) Elon should take a trip here and experience himself :P

I've been on road trips through Belgium many times. It's flat as a pancake ;) Very nice country. I visit Brussels and Grand Place every time to eat sugar waffles!

Thank you for the link :)

EJH | November 27, 2013

Hi Bjorn,
Wait until you hit some good dry roads with that P85.
Range will probably be the furthest thing from your mind.

bnyland | November 27, 2013

South of Dombås the road was dry and nice. The energy usage was a lot better :) From there and back to Oslo I was not worried about range at all and did 100+ km/h (60+ mph) on the motor way.

EJH | November 27, 2013

Hi Bjorn,

Did the car's acceleration not impress you in any way on the dry road?

I have the same car as yours,(but with a black interior), and to be honest, the furthest thing from my mind has been the energy usage throughout the 10,000 Km that I have enjoyed to date.

I would be very happy to hear your thoughts related to the Model S that are not range related.

Like..... did you like the car?

ElectricKiwi | November 27, 2013

I really enjoyed your video. The drive away shots were a nice addition along with the tense music while you were at zero kms left.

I have a couple of questions about your EU version of the Model S.
The lights surrounding the charge port have been replace with ones in the tail light - I assume thats due to the size of the charging plug.

One note. I read on one of the forums that the seat warmers use less power than the air con, so if you're trying to keep warm and squeeze out a couple more KMs of distance this might help. (Other posters let me know if I have this wrong.)

ElectricKiwi | November 27, 2013

Oops the second question:

Your rear turn signal / indicator lights. Were they changed to orange for the EU? - We have orange turn signals lights in NZ - Just wondering if the EU models might be exactly the same for NZ and Australia.

AmpedUP | November 27, 2013

What I love best about this video is that it is proof positive of the Model S capabilities in severe weather. The NY Times Winter 2012 attack of the Model S has been resoundingly answered by hundreds of Norwegians proving the Model S in the Winter of 2013...under far worse conditions than most Americans encounter while driving in cold weather.

David N | November 27, 2013


Excellant job narrating your trip. I really enjoyed it. Thank you.

bnyland | November 27, 2013

I have tried the car's acceleration on the demo car in summer conditions. It was sick! On my trips now, I was not able to utilize more than about 20-30 % of the maximum effect because of slippery roads and studded tires. I did a few overtakes on the way back. Very nice and instant acceleration.

I love the car! I used to have a BMW 2006 525d with full leather, head-up, bi-xenon, night vision, M-sport package, etc. I thought I was going to miss the BMW, but I didn't!

The air suspension in Tesla makes the ride even more smooth and quiet. And the car barely rolls in the turns.

The app on phone and computer makes life so much easier. Once I got used to this, I can never go back to an "offline" ICE car again!

I will discuss and review other aspects of the Tesla in my following videos :)

Thank you for the feedback :)

Yes, in EU we have a type 2 connector which is bigger than the US connector.

Yes, the seat warmer is more economic than heating up the whole car. On the last bit up the mountains I was running on range mode but had no seat heater on though.

In Norway (and probably EU as well), turn signals must be in yellow. All other colors are illegal. The US cars have red turn signals, right?

Yes, my video shows the true and raw truth about winter weather and Model S. Washboard roads, windy roads, snow, head wind and 1000 meter elevations put the Model S on a serious test.

Brian H | November 28, 2013

AC uses much less power than you think. Seat warmers save some, as does "Range Mode" which limits "life support" usage.

You have about 15 mi or 25 km "below 0" range.

Cruise control can help with energy use, but it's probably best not to use it uphill; your foot and butt will guide you better there. Unless you have range to spare!

On road trips, always charge to max, just in case -- if you can, and aren't blocking anyone.

There are no "new wheels", he was delivering 13" rims for someone. I like the Aeros, btw. They look really "buttoned up" for winter.

chrisdl | November 28, 2013

Congratulations with your car, Bjørn.

Good to finally see a new video from you. I've been waiting for that. Good stuff. Thanks.

Thor-Egil | November 28, 2013

Gratulerer med bilen...fin video :)

Bernard Hong | November 28, 2013

Great Job. I really enjoyed your video and hope to see more.

Rheumboy | November 28, 2013

Had to jump into the jacuzzi after watching.......still cold but thanks for the well done video!

Tom P. | November 28, 2013

I don't own a Tesla yet but enjoyed your video very much. I live in Canada with a similar winter climate to yours so it was nice to see the MS perform in these conditions. There are no SuperChargers near here yet (west shore of Lake Superior). We usually get a week or two of - 30 to - 40 deg. during Jan. with the rest of winter at between - 10 and - 20 deg. I am interested in seeing what the range is at these temps... especially at minus 40. I am unaware of any Tesla testing at these extreme temps but we get them every winter. Keep us posted of your experiences.

Thanks again,

bnyland | November 28, 2013

Thank you guys for the feedback :) It motivates me to make more videos.

Brian H:
Thanks for the tip :)

What I like about the Aero is that there's a plate covering the wheel nuts. In Norway, they salt the roads during winter. And salt will make the nuts rust.

Tom P.:
Wow, -30°C is pretty cold. I know a few places that will be that cold in Norway in January. I'll take my Tesla there to test it :) I hope you get a SC there soon!

Rheumboy | November 28, 2013

I hate it when my nuts rust :-(

Brian H | November 28, 2013

Heh. It will be long and long before a SC shows up there. The Soo is pretty isolated.

EJH | November 28, 2013

I thank you for your very nice responses to my questions, and look forward to any more videos that you might consider.
There is a nice engaging style to your filming that I (and I am sure more) appreciate.

bnyland | November 28, 2013

Thank you again for your feedback :)

This weekend I will drive 1300 km (800 mi) where 360 km (225 mi) is with a 12 week old kitten! The biggest challenge this time is to drive 370 km (230 mi) in a single charge from Dombås SC via Molde to Trondheim - in Norwegian winter conditions.

Video will be posted next week =)

david.baird | November 29, 2013

I disagree, Bjorn, the biggest challenge will be not to get cat pee and poo on your nice new Tesla carpets ;)

Plus, have you ever been inside a car with a cat when it craps itself? The smell is, erm, overpowering!

logicalthinker | November 29, 2013

Very nice film. Yes, I was glad for your sake you had a downhill portion for that scary section to the Superchargers.

bnyland | November 29, 2013

Watch next week's video to see how it went ;)

Downhills can do wonders! :D | November 30, 2013

"Gimmie the juice!" -BJØRN

Prediction: "Gimmie the juice" will become a great marketing slogan for Tesla and the SuperCharger network.

BJØRN, I really enjoyed your video and the editing. Please keep these coming.

To Tesla -- Please sign BJØRN for marketing the Model S. BJØRN's straight delivery is fantastic.


+1 | November 30, 2013

BJØRN, could you trim / condense some of your video and submit to Tesla for their use in "Customer Stories" ??

'Gimmie the Juice!' -BJØRN

bnyland | November 30, 2013

Thank you for the feedback :) That's a good idea. I can edit out some of the less important things and make a 10 minute video for Tesla. Great idea =)

eddiemoy | December 1, 2013

i've had the new aero wheels with the pirelli snow tires for over a week now, i don't like them. they cause my p85+ to go all over the place. i hope next year tesla comes out with a performance snow package for the p85+ so it will supplement the performance enhancements on the car that made it drive so great with the performance tires. maybe it is as simple as putting larger wheels in the back vs all 4 corners being the same size.