Black or White

Black or White

I had a hard time making up my mind between black and white when ordering my Model S....I eventually settled on Black but am having second thoughts. Any opinions from those who have bought one of those colors or struggled with the same decision?

I picked black because I figured with the pano roof, black leather interior, matte obeche wood and the planned tinted windows, the "all black" car would look good but I've seen a few white ones in the wild and they look pretty nice too. I just wish there was an option for black headliner in the black car, like the Audi A6.

Cindy I II III | September 5, 2013

I struggled between Pearl and black. Eventually decided on black, for the nose and the pano are black. Now I'm also thinking about tinting the windows. When I went to pick her up, it was the most beautiful car I've ever seen!

mortgagebruce | September 5, 2013

I struggled between the same two colors and went with black. If I had it to do over I'd still struggle with the same decision because I like both. Keeping black looking clean is tough but when clean it's gorgeous.

Longhorn92 | September 5, 2013

White is definitely easier to keep clean, but my configuration is the same as yours (black/black leather/matte obeche), and I haven't regretted it one day since delivery. It's a great looking car!

carolinagobo | September 5, 2013

Black because it hides the poor designed nosecone

Rick H | September 5, 2013

White is great and really shows the curves of the design. Black in my view hides the curves. Good luck in your selection.

JohnnyMac | September 5, 2013

They are both gorgeous and you can't go wrong either way. Model S is one of the few large sedans that I believe really pulls off the white color quite well. I'd say your tolerance of a duty looking car is THE big factor here. Obviously, white is much easier while black is much harder to keep looking good. I personally despise driving a dirty car but love black. My solution: Black with a good coat of wax and a mandatory "California Duster" in the trunk (or frunk) to keep it looking good. Could not live without it. Fewer rainy days in the SF Bay Area also helps :-) Good luck with your decision.

danej | September 5, 2013

I've got the dark blue, and like the black it's really challenging to keep looking clean and nice. I wish I'd gone for grey or white.

romainiacWV | September 5, 2013

Went with the white for a couple reasons, great with contrast of the hood and nose, ease of keeping clean, feel it has a "sporty" look. There is a great color thread on TMC that helped me decide Love the white with window tinting as well

frankviaje | September 5, 2013

Both look great, but I figured the white would help reduce the AC load on my battery in Atlanta. White looks more massive, I think, but not everyone prefers that look. I have never seen a bad looking Tesla...

Bonlaw | September 5, 2013

No car looks as good when clean and waxed than a black one. Virtually all of my cars have been black/black. This time I changed it up and went with the white. Love it!!! It is a bright pure white that looks very slick and shiny with 22PPL and regular light quick detailing.

I have received many compliments - people often comment that the white color really shows off the lines.

Clearly personal taste, but after decades of black cars I am thrilled with the white.

Luc Leroy | September 5, 2013

I find black to be a bit boring on a car that is well designed - it erases most of the lines. I agree that the black nose cone can be a bit protuberant on light colors.
So we picked brown and we love it.
Could have picked dark blue as well.

earlyretirement | September 5, 2013

I agree that NO car looks as good as a clean and freshly waxed black car. Almost every single car I've ever own I've gone with black. Black is very difficult to keep clean and it shows everything. It's easier keeping clean in a city like San Diego (where I live) as it doesn't rain here much at all.

I also think white is a gorgeous car. For the Model S my preference would be black, the deep blue is gorgeous as well and then the white. But quite honestly I haven't seen a bad looking Model S.

Some things to be aware of with the black....definitely I'd recommend the XPEL wrap. The paint is VERY soft as others have mentioned. I picked it up and it was covered with dust so I didn't see some flaws.

For example, the back quarter panel is almost looks like a flaw when they were building it as it's along the seem in the back. Also, my hood had some small white dots. VERY tiny but it looks like it got damaged while they were transporting it from Fremont to San Diego.

I called Tesla the next day and they agreed to pick up my car next week and fix these things and are giving me a loaner. I was very very impressed with their response and customer service.

I don't regret my choice at all with the black/black leather interior with the obeche matte wood inside. It looks gorgeous. I tinted the car and it looks beautiful.

rbgliny | September 5, 2013

White accents the shape and is easier to keep clean. . Black is hard to keep clean and I think black shows scratches more easily (IMHO). I chose silver. Though I hear white is not good with body armor due to the discoloring of the plastic over time - mentioned on the Tesla site. Sounds like a head or tails situation for you.

mclary | September 5, 2013

I went with white w/ a black top. I like how it looks more sporty and it has the same look as if I had a pano. It will look even better after I get the windows tinted.

3-G | September 5, 2013

Tough choice. I drive the car in both Seattle and Palm Desert so the choice was gray climate vs. bright sunshine with weather issues of rain and dust clouding the decision. After a discussion with a team of body shop guys in both locations the consensus was Pearl White with Pano roof and black interior. Easier to keep clean and the contrast is distinctive. I love the look of the car in bright or dark light with the black Pano offset. A little disappointed in the Pearl until I did the Opti-Coat. You can't go wrong with any color choice, but I must admit -- I love my Pearl!