Black P85 Finally ordered!

Black P85 Finally ordered!

After years of following the car and the company I finally put down my deposit yesterday! Happy to join the club and can't wait until July (no seriously...I can't wait that long!)

Thanks to 02Quick for letting me check out his black P85+ a couple of days ago....I told my wife it was A SIGN that I ran into you, and it worked ;)

Quick guys think the spoiler will go with a black car w/ silver rims? Debated it. Order it, but still on the fence

J.T. | May 9, 2014

@KdotB Congratulations on scamming your wife!:-) Many have walked that path before you. I haven't liked any configuration with a spoiler so i am no judge. Ask your wife. Give her the illusion she has a say. If you're on the fence it's a win-win.

tes-s | May 9, 2014

Yes, many wives have tricked their husbands into believing they got hoodwinked into letting them buy the MS. You must be young; with age will come wisdom and the knowledge of which of the sexes is smarter.

Your wife is probably posting on reddit how she tricked her husband into buying a car...

J.T. | May 9, 2014

@tes-s :-)

ScoobyDoo | May 9, 2014

Congrats on pulling the trigger. We should receive our cars about the same time :-)

Bighorn | May 9, 2014

Congratulations KdotB! Just a little market research--it was the supercharger in Tridelphia, West Virginia that pushed you over the edge--am I right? j/k
I think the CF will blend enough with the black that it won't draw too much attention though I do prefer the profile of having the spoiler.

carlk | May 9, 2014

Keep the spoiler. You deserve it. Don't delete the red spoiler either. You will be happy that you kept them three months after you got the car.

KdotB | May 9, 2014

Now now, no one got hoodwinked....only coerced slightly

My wife took a new job 1hr outside Toronto. So moving an hour away from my family and adding that hour to my daily commute, it was a fair compromise. Think of the gas savings! I least now I'll have the most pleasant commute I can possibly have

And thanks for the replies to the CF spoiler....that and the red calipers will stay :)

carlk | May 9, 2014

Don't want to make it worse for you but have you considered grey rim? My wife's initial reaction when I mentioned the rim was "what? black? that looks weird". We saw the rims at Tesla store which kind of look black. Now she is beaming every times she commented on how good the rim looks and in general dark colored rims she saw on other cars.

BTW I got a pearl white P85+. Black was in the running for a while. I still wonder if I have made the right decision when I saw clean shinning (not the dirty ones) black MS.

NKYTA | May 9, 2014

Welcome to the Grin club!

SD Supercharger | May 9, 2014

I have a black P85 and decided not to put the mat black spoiler on it--its a matter of preference. I would have put the 2012 glossy black spoiler on it but they discontinued it. One option I did not consider---paint the mat black spoiler to math the car

KdotB | May 9, 2014

Ya checked out the darker rims but prefer the silver ones. If I went with the white paint I would've done them. I like the idea of painting the spoiler to match, especially if it bothers me. It's hard to tell through the pics, so at least that's a fall back option when I eventually get the car....1 day down, ~53 to go :(

Any experience with after market paint armor? I skipped the option thinking I could do it when I get the car tinted. Sales guy talked me out of it (saved $2100 on the armor and piped seats, which helped justify upgraded stereo) saying the touch up pen is good enough.....but my current car's nose looks like it's been sandblasted so I'm having second thoughts

Bernard Hong | May 9, 2014

Congratulations. I will be Opti coat my white P85 when I pick it up coming Tue at the Lawrence SC. It will cost $450 with brand new car as there will be no or just a little on paint correction. Just to make sure to ask your DS not to prep the car. Scott and Jon (DS in Toronto) are great.

amitb00 | May 10, 2014


KdotB | May 10, 2014

@Bernard yeah I just spent all morning reading up on Opticoat. What happens with prepping the car that I need to avoid? Where are you getting the Opticoat done? Are you going to be using a 3M film as well? Ugh so many details to consider while I count the days!

Brian H | May 10, 2014

Microswirls, mainly. Glaring to the experienced eye. Check some of the before/after pix on Opticoat threads.

Bernard Hong | May 10, 2014

@KdotB, just request Tesla not to prep your car, clean and polish after removing the protective film. The detailer will remove the residuals of the film, clean, remove some oxidation them apply the Opti-coat. If one does not do the job properly, the paint will get the swirl on it, and the paint needs correction (removal of the swirl) before applying Opti-coat, the extra work and time of the correction is on the of the price of $450.00. That's why it is rather cheaper comparing to others say in the forum $1000...but correction is minimal from a new car. Yes you can put clear firm then Opti-coat. Opti coat gives you protection like wax but last a lot longer but cannot protect from stone chips. You can send me an email if you want the contact the guy who does that as I do not want to advertise him here, and check with me after May 14 as I have made an appointment on that day.

Brian H | May 10, 2014

You'll have to give your contact info; none is available to readers here.

Bernard Hong | May 11, 2014