Black Tesla Model S spottet in Munich Germany

Black Tesla Model S spottet in Munich Germany

I saw several post on facebook with Tesla Model S in front of Bayrischer Hof (a famous Hotel in Munich) here in Munich.

Sadly I havn't been there in person quick enough!

But I can confirm Tesla Model S has landed in Europa. Yeah!

nickjhowe | October 28, 2012

@steven.maes - @Volker's English isn't very good. Brian H and I are trying to educate him, but it is a very, very slow process. Volker's brain is full of all the memorized URLs, so he doesn't have much room for language.

Brian H | October 28, 2012

Heh. I think it's partly that some English words and expressions seem to closely match Euro ones, but actually have different meanings and usages in native English. So Euro English speakers get used to common shared errors, and think they're correct. My "favorite" example if the word "possibility". It's extended and expanded and abused, replacing many more specific terms, like capability, opportunity, license, etc.

Brian H | October 28, 2012

typo: "is the word"

Volker.Berlin | October 29, 2012

nickjhowe, LOL! You can rest assured that I'm infinitely grateful for your patience, and your understanding. :-D

(One man's gift is the other man's poison... as Ohms.Law kindly reminded me in the other thread!)

Brian H | October 29, 2012

The expression is "another man's". "The other man's" would never be used unless speaking of some specific man, already identified.

Volker.Berlin | October 29, 2012

Brian H, of course you're right and Ohms.Law did not make this mistake. My bad.

ManuVince | October 29, 2012

@VB (and all the other EU guys)

Here's an info I got from Wido in the TMC forum :

"I got a call from Tesla EU this morning, they wanted to explain what was going on. Since I'm a regular visitor of this forum they called me (He said that!)

Anyway, there was a press embargo until 18:00 yesterday (European time), everybody had to keep their mouths shut, including the people at Tesla.

The press indeed got to ride the Model S and he assured me that test drives for customers will be starting shortly.

I told him that I'm going to be out of the country until December 12th, he'd arrange that I could test driver afterwards!

He didn't tell me when exactly, but I got the feeling we'll be getting the first invitations somewhere half November."

Volker.Berlin | October 29, 2012

ManuVince, thanks for cross-posting this peek behind the curtain! :-)

mrspaghetti | October 29, 2012


@steven.maes - @Volker's English isn't very good. Brian H and I are trying to educate him, but it is a very, very slow process. Volker's brain is full of all the memorized URLs, so he doesn't have much room for language.


steven.maes | October 29, 2012

Thx ManuVince.

ThomasN | October 29, 2012

It will be interesting to see how euro reservation rates accelerate from this point forward. If euro magazine reviews are as glowing as on this side of the pond, it wouldn't surprise me if they catch up to US reservation numbers. Especially when you consider the savings in fuel costs and tax incentives.

Jackie425 | October 30, 2012

I noticed Munich has made it into the Events list anyone can register for:
Pity it's such a long drive from where I live - does anyone know where the car is going after the 2nd November - might it be moved to the Benelux ?

Volker.Berlin | November 2, 2012

Tesla's press release for the event (not telling too much, actually):

AndreasD | November 3, 2012

Hello all ,

somewhere above was the question for the VIN of the signature red Model S that was displayed in Munich .
The VIN is : 5YJSA1DP8CFP01216

I live near Munich and I was four times at the Tesla Store this week (one time every working day) .
It was a joy to see the car in reality and to sit in the car .
I cannot await the test drive events which will really come soon .

In the Tesla Store Munich I have heared that 3.000 Model S will come to Europe in 2013 . Deliveries shoud begin in late March / early April 2013 .

I know that this is only speculation but if 330 cars arrive every month (which will make about 3.000 cars in 9 months), all signatures and the first produchtion cars would be delivered until May / June 2013 .

Congratulations to all who have reserved a Model S yet !
Hope I see you at the test drives !


Sofie S. | November 6, 2012

Anyone who has any clue of destination of the cars?
I, unfortunately, missed the opportunety to see the cars in person in Munich.
Is it the Netherlands, Belgium or Norway next?

nickjhowe | November 6, 2012

There is video of a car already in NL (on German plates). Nothing more on the TM Events site for the Model S in Europe. :-(

Sofie S. | November 8, 2012

Are the cars in NL? Have local reservation holders get any direct ivitation to some event from TM in Europe?
Nothing more on the official TM Events site that i have notised.