BlackBerry App for Model S?

BlackBerry App for Model S?

Does anyone know if/when Tesla will be releasing a BB app to connect to Model S?

Seems like a large part of the demographic that's buying this car is a BB/business crowd that haven't or won't switch to Apple or an Android - me included!

Trying the new BB OS, looks like I'm staying with BB so need an app for it.


pbrulott | February 13, 2013

Same here, don't have my Z10 yet but will have soon. Should have my S around the same time I a the new BB.

TM should really think about porting it to BB10 if they are serious about the app. The effort does not lie in the porting activities from platform to platform but more in the app itself alike videogames.

Back to your question, TM have answered that they would work on an iOS and Android version for now...

ArieK | February 13, 2013

LottDenn I hope you will get your app but according to Gartner the BB OS had a 3.5 percent market share worldwide in 2012. Perhaps BB10 will help them regain a larger piece of the pie.

pbrulott | February 13, 2013

But 100% of me. I totally get that mass adoption is key.

New sales will talk. Obviously US hurdles to get the devices as hurly as other market will make the BB USA market share lower than everywhere else in the world. No different that the current BB penetration whihc is at 2% in the US and 13% in Canada (and more in Europe, Africa and Asia).

By the way, I was talking to an important developper lately and said that their new app will be released on iOS, Android and BB10.

pbrulott | May 17, 2013

Any word on a BB10 app coming soon?

pbrulott | May 17, 2013

Oh, just found this on the TMC forum. God I'm happy


Find that TM is very US - California centric, outside the US (Canada and Europe) where the Model S is for sale, Blackberry is still strong and with the Z10 and Q10 successes, it'll only grow. Please look outside California TM, I find that this lack of openess to the world is lacking and it shows in the car design and TM choices (wiper position and choice of winter tires are issues in the winter). This is more than half of their Model S addressable market.

rochec | May 17, 2013

@pbrulott careful, that is not an official Tesla app.