I am sure this has been discussed already, but I was hoping someone could tweet Elon and ask for a better blind spot monitoring system.
Rear visibility is poor (especially at night), and I recognize that is a consequence of the shape/design. With that said, having a good lane assist/blind spot monitoring system is all the more important.
However, the 'updated' lane assistance solution (red lines light up) is poor. I don't look at the screen when changing lanes, and frankly, I don't trust it completely.

guessing there is no 'light' built in to the side view mirrors that could be turned on, but hoping there is something that could be developed for existing owners.

please tweet Elon about this one!

hokiegir1 | February 13, 2019

I've seen a report that the 2019.4 or 5 (I can't remember which) update will include an audible notification with the red line.

meulman.k | February 13, 2019
EVRider | February 13, 2019

In case other readers of this thread were wondering about this (as I was until I looked it up), BLIS is an acronym for Blind Spot Information System.

The audible alert is supposed to be coming in 2019.4.

lilbean | February 13, 2019

Thanks EVR!

TabascoGuy | February 13, 2019

I was expecting to read that OP was really happy with their car.

ArcticStation | February 13, 2019

Will Autopilot be a requirement or will all of us benefit?

texxx | February 13, 2019

I would happily pay for new mirrors with embedded warning lights. Still really surprised that a car with this much tech doesn't have what would be considered a basic safety feature these days.

lbowroom | February 13, 2019

EAP not required

jcgoddard | February 14, 2019

Thx for the info on the chime.
I would pay to replace the mirrors too

jcgoddard | February 14, 2019

Too funny.
But yes, my car is blissful, other than the lacking BLIS