Blue with Gray or Tan interior?

Blue with Gray or Tan interior?

I've decided on the blue exterior, and was originally thinking gray interior with gloss obeche, but the tan looked beautiful with blue in the store as well. Any opinions on this specific combination? I'm a little worried about fingerprints on the gloss, but I liked the look better than the matte. Does anyone regret the gloss?

Albert B | June 17, 2013

I went with the gray with the piano black and love it. The tan with glossy obeche seems to be the most common choice on the blue cars I've seen. It looks good, but I get an irrational kick out of being different. :-)

I haven't had any problems with fingerprints on the piano black and I imagine the surface is similar on the obeche. I guess it depends if you'll have people in the car who touch those surfaces. I generally don't (no kids). YMMV. A bit of dust collects there but a quick wipe takes care of that.

Chuck Lusin | June 17, 2013

I have the blue with the gray and gloss obeche, love it.

Getting Amped Again | June 17, 2013

Matte's where it's at. Actually there are lots of interior combinations that look great. The Obeche has both the gray and tan colors in it. Black goes with everything.

RedShift | June 17, 2013

Blue+grey+glossy obeche=zen, as has been proven beyond a shred of doubt in other threads before.


mbcaffe | June 17, 2013

Blue,grey and glossy obeche. don't overthink fingerprints because you usually don't go out of your way to touch it. btw, also got the Lloyd floor mats in grey

CAdreamin | June 17, 2013

AlbertB can you post pics of your grey with piano black interior?

markapeterman | June 17, 2013

Blue, Tan, Matte is perfection.
Everyone who rides in my S comments on the interior, especially the matte trim.

Cattledog | June 17, 2013

Blue, Tan, Matte = Happiness!

mdemetri | June 17, 2013

Blue, Grey, Lacewood = love it

Mocaptain | June 17, 2013

Blue tan Carbon Fiber :)

Mike C | June 17, 2013

I have grey/grey/piano and would have gone blue/grey/piano as my second option. I really like the grey leather with the piano black - fingerprints are not bad because it's not something anyone really touches. It collects dust moreso than fingerprints and isn't nearly as bad as the 17" screen with fingerprints all over.

mmtx | June 17, 2013

I also have the grey with the piano black interior and love it.

gocken1 | June 17, 2013

I have Blue, Tan, Matte. Looks great.

AmpedRealtor | June 17, 2013

Whatever you decide, make sure you factor how it's all going to look once you take the headliner into account. Per the photos that I've seen on the build-to-order page, the headliner is a light sandy beige color that is fixed regardless of interior selection. A beige interior is at least in the same color ballpark, but with gray you've got the three colors clashing along the B-pillar.

emoflash | June 17, 2013

Everyone's input is great. I am looking at green exterior, tan, matte finish. Upload pictures so we can all compare.

agiangone | June 17, 2013

Blue > Tan > Matte

AMR | June 17, 2013

Blue Tan Gloss -love it. You will love any combo.

Brian H | June 17, 2013

Instructive to try and design a bad combo. Very difficult.

inverts | June 18, 2013

blue grey lacewood the right combo for me.

edoubler1 | June 18, 2013

Has anyone seen blue / grey / carbon fiber combo? How does it look compared to the matte?

bostoncde | June 18, 2013

I love my blue with tan and obeche glossy, thought it might look old man but it doesnt

bostoncde | June 18, 2013
BillPlanoTexas | June 18, 2013

blue, tan, carbon fiber...sweet

tcaesar | January 11, 2015

Went blue > tan > gloss obeche myself as well. :)
Toughest choice was grey turbine 21 rims or silver. Ended up going silver.

Cheers All :)

TeslaFred | January 11, 2015

My wife and I love tan, love the tan, with the blue exterior. We had tan interiors before (pre kids), and even with care, the tan tends to show wear and tear fairly quickly. With kids we went with black interior.

ebender888 | January 12, 2015

blue/tan/matte obeche

best look of all!

ssarker | January 12, 2015

Blue, tan and glossy
No regrets

sule | January 12, 2015

I loved gray on pictures and was going to order my car with it. When I saw it in the store I wasn't impressed. I am not a designer but didn't like that shade or texture or something. It looked darker in reality than in the photos.

I drove a loaner few days ago with gray interior and alcantra headliner with composite trim. Some specific "angles" looked absolutely great but they view of seats wasn't inspiring to say the least.

I went with black in the end because of kids, who are now killing me for not getting "beige" as they say. I know it would have *looked* better but it would not have *been* better in my case.

trixiew | January 12, 2015

grey with carbon fiber and black headliner......turned out beautifully.

Opafiets | January 12, 2015

Red > black leather > black alcantera > matte. I prefer as non distracting an interior as possible.