BLUE or GRAY W/T tan Interior and 19in. rims

BLUE or GRAY W/T tan Interior and 19in. rims

So I have been deciding what color to get the 2 color that is on my mind is Blue and Gray with tan interior and 19 in. rims. I have also been reading the forms and the blue turns out to be the most popular color and gray is the second most popular color. what color would you guys get blue or gray?

kickgas | March 11, 2013

I have gray with the tan interior & opeche gloss wood. Very happy with the combination. I find the blue, and green, for that matter, too dark. Unless in bright light, they look black. Wish they had gone with a bit lighter shade. The gray is a "dolphin" gray (bluish hue). Looks classy.

CC | March 11, 2013

I had to make the same decision, blue or grey. Both color are great, I went with the blue, it's a dark blue like jcoles said, I actually liked the fact that it can be duel colored, blue in the sun, black in the shade/night.

When I picked up my car, there was a grey one being prepped, it looked nice, like the grey Austin Martin you see in 007 Casino Royale :) No regrets picking the blue though!

markapeterman | March 11, 2013

Love my blue with tan/matte. No regrets.

Omg_Tesla | March 11, 2013 how is the grey in the sunlight.

TheAustin | March 11, 2013

I have the blue with the grey interior (and matte Obeche), and it is gorgeous, I highly recommend it. My second choice was the grey with grey interior, but I just wanted a bit more contrast. The grey exterior is stunning, I might like it even better than my blue...But I love my color combination the best. I would seriously consider the grey interior, it is very zen, and quite different from anything I'be seen...And, the cream trim on the grey leather matches the ceiling liner perfectly, better than any other leather colors.
However, if you are fixated on the tan interior, then you have to go with the blue...Grey and tan do not mix well. I work with color for a living, so I say all of this with some degree of expertise.

Brian H | March 12, 2013

The blue is not combative; it never fights duels. >;p

haansberger | March 12, 2013

@TheAustin - very interested in how blue+gray looks like. Can you mail some pictures to ? Would be highly appreciated !

bondoc1 | March 12, 2013

@theAustin Good to know that you work with color for a living and respect your expertise. Can you please E mail me some pictures of the interior showing cream trim on the grey leather seats? I will appreciate it if you can send them at

CC | March 12, 2013

There is some nice pics by a Grey model S owner:

kickgas | March 12, 2013

@timsuwat - It looks great in the sunlight. Of all the darker colors, it is the lighter one (if that makes sense). If you look on the website where Tesla posts videos & pictures, they have all the colors shown in the sunlight. Quite accurate.

Omg_Tesla | March 12, 2013 can you email me some pic of your model s @ thank you

thanks everyone for the help

gary.greene | March 12, 2013

My blue w/tan interior is very classy looking. Gorgeous combination and have received nothing but compliments on it.

mikeadams | March 12, 2013

After I hand wash it, I much perfer my midnight blue over the grey. When it is dirty and needs to be washed, I wish I had the grey.

DFibRL8R | March 13, 2013

I just emailed you some pics of my gray/tan.

dstiavnicky | March 13, 2013

I liked blue / tan. But my 'better half' insisted on the black leather (dirt). Then I didn't want black on black as both of my other cars are already that... I choose the silver with black leather after all.

My next one will be blue but I hope they come out with a darker tan / beige... more like the saddle color of a Audi.

mlmasterson | August 2, 2013

Can anyone post a few pics of grey with tan? About to confirm and looking to choose either textile black or tan with the dolphin grey. Thanks