Bluetooth Won't Reconnect to Phones

Bluetooth Won't Reconnect to Phones

Previously paired iPhone and Galaxy S4 with Tesla and worked great for months. Today it would not reconnect with either of them. Drove for 2 hours trying, no luck. Drove back for 2 hours and no luck. Both phones are fine and working well in other car on Bluetooth, so no idea why not connecting. Any ideas, suggestions?


Roamer@AZ USA | September 12, 2013

Have the exact same problem. Maybe the NSA is updating their software.

Haven't had time to dig into it further.

Eletrek | September 12, 2013

What software version in your car - 4.5 or 5.0?

Bighorn | September 12, 2013

Did you try a scroll button re-boot?

lambo | September 12, 2013

beh io ho la LS600H LEXUS telefoni ultima generazione non si riconnettono telefoni vecchi tutto ok

jeffaa | September 12, 2013

@lambo - translated from Italian via Google Translate:

"Well I have the latest generation of phones LEXUS LS600h not reconnect old phones all ok"

NYC Realtor | September 12, 2013

I had similar both on mine and two of the loaners. Just do a scroll button reboot it took care of it for me

shop | September 12, 2013

You can also try to reboot your phone. Sometimes that is the problem.

DonS | September 13, 2013

Happened to me once in 6 months. Hold both scroll buttons down to reboot the 17" display.

tomkist | September 13, 2013

I have to turn off bluetooth on my phone every few days and then turn it back on. It's a phone issue for me, as it does the same for both my Tesla and BMW.

rbgliny | September 17, 2013

I have had the 85 for 7 months - never had a problem with the bluetooth connection. 4.5 update from a few months ago. OS on iPhone has not been updated (6.1.4). I have shut down the iPhone numerous times, turned bluetooth off and on numerous times - I have also rebooted the 17" display. I had the 85 forget the iphone and sometimes that works and sometimes doesn't. Sometimes it does try to pair but then fails after confirming the code Nothing seems to work. Will wait till the morning to try it again. Ranger coming out tomorrow to fix some known issues - I will add this to the list. Strange that I have never had a problem until today. What if I stand on my head and rub my stomach while rebooting the screen - I wonder if that will work! LOL Very strange indeed.

RedShift | September 17, 2013

I had the same issue 3 days ago. Reboot main screen, and its fixed.

rbgliny | September 17, 2013

RedShift. I have done that 3 times already and with the iPhone off. I am sure there is some sequence of events that I will do to shake it loose.