Bottom panel fell after hitting puddle during first rain

Bottom panel fell after hitting puddle during first rain

Here's a picture:

We got our first heavy rain of the season just north of Seattle. I was going off the highway and there was a large puddle that I hit at about 30mph, and after that this thing (see pic) fell down. Now it's dragging everywhere. Has anyone else had this issue? I heard about bumpers falling off in the rain so thankfully that didn't happen.. but this is still absurd and extremely disappointing. I've only had this car for a few months.

I've already scheduled a SC apmt and will also go in for a temp fix tomorrow. I just wanted to see if there's anyone else out there who's had any similar issues.

bill | September 23, 2018

Same thing happened to me! I was reluctant to drive it with the loud scraping, so they towed it in and fixed it for free. I had to pay to replace the right front aero wheel cover that was blown off by the puddle.

japhule | September 23, 2018

I had a similar issue. There's a long rail on the sides of the car that got knocked loose and was dragging due to rain/puddles over the past few days in Dallas. The rail on the driver side was hanging low but was still attached at each end. I took it to the SC for a temporary fix but will need a new piece installed. It's going to cost me $200 and will be done by the mobile ranger when they get stock in a week or so.

emeralda2 | September 23, 2018

Yikes. Brings back memories of my 10 year old Accord's catalytic converter plate scraping up Atlanta's finest roads not too long ago!

So this seems to be more common than just a one-off case?

Note to self: Ignore Elon. The Tesla is NOT a real boat. Avoid puddle. Got it.

corey.birnbaum | September 23, 2018

Thanks guys, kinda glad to hear I'm not the only one but that's a real bummer at the same time.

I just called roadside assistance and they're going to tow it to a SC to fix it tomorrow (since they're closed Sundays). This is pretty annoying obviously and I hope they replace the part with something sturdier.

Jken | September 23, 2018

Is this related to the missing rivets that some Model 3's have? Look under your rear wheel arch and you might see three holes that apparently should have rivets in them. My car is missing them, so I'm going to see the Tesla people.. | September 23, 2018

I thought those holes were normal cause both side had thebmissing 3 rivers.

aus1ander | September 23, 2018

This happened to someone in our local Tesla club this weekend. Heavy rain with deep standing water — these are not puddles that caused this damage. They are several inches of standing water that you drove through way too fast. The underside of the car has fiberglass (?) panels to protect the motors and high voltage wiring. They are light but not indestructible. I was not driving the 3 during this storm, but had my RR Velar with the air suspension set to high. It got through it like a champ, but it’s built for those conditions and can wade up to 2 feet of water. The Model 3 (and all Tesla’s for that matter) should avoid deep water. If it’s a few inches of standing water, go slow (no faster than 5 mph).

htongxu | January 10, 2019

Same issue. At SC rn, they will do a temporary fix and wait till new part comes in and get it fixed. I gotta pay out of pocket myself.

Ctanu | February 13, 2019

I drive the MX and today was heavy rain in the bay area as well and i drove over a standing water/puddle and I kid you not, the wheel plastic fender flare/bumper that frames the wheel well (i dont know the exact term) came off! I was going maybe 35-40 mph. It’s so upsetting! I called roadside assitance and they told me that Warranty doesnt cover. I dont understand how a car that costs this much can break so easily. I definitely don’t feel like i should be paying for the damage as I’ve driven over standing water with many other cars before and nothing ever fell off. To make matters worst, after i went to the SC they told me that there were further damage on my bumper and I said thats impossible because I didnt run into anything. I dont know if theyre just saying that because they dont want to admit their car is faulty? They proceeded to tell me that there could be debris in the standing water that made the wheel bumper fall off. i said if i hit something or something was in the water i wouldve heard the impact. It literally was pure water just like any other standing water and i drove into a standing water like any normal cars would do. Nothing dramatic happened but tesla just really did not want to admit their cars are poorly built hence faulting me, the customer. They turned it around on me and said that driving into a water puddle would not have caused the wheel bumper to fall off and i said yes you’re correct but it did and that’s why i’m upset. Smh. I love my MX but man tesla needs to get it together with their customer service and stop blaming their customers for something they’ve done a poor job on. They told me to put duct tape or whats even better she said, use masking tape to hold it in place and that it was safe to drive once you tape it on. I told them oh hell no! im coming to you and you can do a temporary fix because I have no idea what I’m doing and I drive on the freeway 60 miles roundtrip everyday and im not chancing that fender bumper to come off on the freeway causing an accident. I still cant believe she told me to duct tape my wheel fender flares/bumper and that its safe to drive until the parts that she orders comes in next week. Just wow...

mtapes | February 13, 2019

Similar thing happened to me on my first drive from the dealer to my home. Minor rain storm for FL. This seems like s design defect to me.

ihenrypz | February 13, 2019

The rear motor cover on mine buckled after hitting a large puddle and I ended up ripping it off to stop scraping. Tesla replaced it under warranty.

Ctanu | February 13, 2019

@ihenrypz they wouldn’t cover mine under warranty i basically argued all afternoon with them and they kept insisting there was something in the puddle that hit the fender flare otherwise it wouldnt come off like that. So frustrating! Any tips on how to talk to these people? I dont know how else to tell them that there was nothing there but water...

Ctanu | February 13, 2019

Yes! @mtapes 100% agree its a design defect

Linebet | February 15, 2019

@Ctanu, mine arrived that way, and I didn’t see the gap (only about 1/2”) until I got hone and washed it. SC replaced some clips that weren’t holding tight.

johnmcniece | February 15, 2019

Sped through some puddles last night. Had both the front and rear undercarriage protectors come off to various degrees and the Rangers are coming on Monday..
Ah well! 59k vin

jamespompi | February 23, 2019

My left rear wheel well composite had separated. Look like it ripped at the mounting point. Looks like based on this thread and another one I've seen Tesla will take care of it..