BRAD PITT"s TESLA 85 photos

BRAD PITT"s TESLA 85 photos

Hollywood's biggest power couple in their black P85 this weekend in L.A.:

AmpedUP | April 8, 2014

Hmmmm...not a P85+ ? Perhaps because they insist on a coil suspension.... ;<)

Brian H | April 9, 2014

If someone spots a frunk with a window, that may be for their 6th kid.

Mathew98 | April 9, 2014

The P85 is their getaway car without the kids. They have a chauffeur/body guard driving the P around town.

Thomas N. | April 9, 2014

That's comical, Mathew. I agree with you but to think that they would ride around in the BACK of a Model S makes me laugh. I've spent very little time back there but it was perhaps one of the least comfortable back seats for me. They should just drive themselves basking in the glory of the Model S front seats.

Mathew98 | April 9, 2014

Don't ever laugh at a slightly obese person carrying a gun...

LEvans | April 9, 2014

@AmpedUP: There are other reasons for not wanting the "+" While I'd like a P85 I would not want a P85+ for the staggered wheels. I'd want regular profile durable 19" tires that can handle an occasional pothole as well as be able to rotate tires front to back.

AmpedRealtor | April 9, 2014

She's looking a little... skeletal. | April 9, 2014

Brad Pitt's Tesla? How do we know it's not Ms. Jolie's Tesla?

Mathew98 | April 9, 2014

Same difference? What's yours is mine. What's mine is mine...

LEvans | April 9, 2014

@Mathew98: Is that you, Putin? :)

Mathew98 | April 9, 2014

I'm known by many names. Oh lord oh mighty to some and @hole to others... Guess which one da wife prefers?

carlk | April 9, 2014

I told my wife even though Brad Pitt drives the same car as I do but I feel that I still have the prettier wife. ;-)

cloroxbb | April 9, 2014

Ughh, I hate it when they label someone as "tree hugger" just because the car is electric. You don't have to be a tree hugger to want a Tesla. I would go out on a limb and say the majority of Model S owners aren't tree huggers. | April 9, 2014

@carik: I bow down to your greatness

P85D | April 9, 2014

Does this mean I am finally cool?

Mathew98 | April 9, 2014

@Super-Popular - You're not cool until you take possession of your friend's P85 and give your manny the S60 to drive the kids around town.

Cindy I II III | April 9, 2014

@carlk did the line work for the wife?

carlk | April 9, 2014

Cindy I meant it. Just ask my wife. ;-)

Car t man | April 9, 2014

Amped, in regard to your skeleton comment, one would think that as a realtor, with hopefully some basic interest in architecture, you'd know the work of Calatrava, when you see one :)

P85D | April 9, 2014

If I had kids I would not be able to afford a Tesla. Guess I fail at being cool.

Mathew98 | April 9, 2014

@SP - You need a new financial adviser.

I have four clones and they all love to ride in the MS.

Instead of several college funds, I get to drive an MS. They can all get loans/scholarships like their daddy...

AmpedRealtor | April 10, 2014

lol @ Car t man!

gdubcobra1 | April 13, 2014

@ Mathew98 +1000

MassX1317 | April 13, 2014

I had to pay for college/get loans myself. I never want my kids to have to go through that. If you pay for your kids to go to college in the 15 years prior to them graduating high school it costs something like 1/3 to 1/4 of what it costs to pay for college in the 10-15 years after they graduate college.

We contribute to our kids college funds now and pick up our Model S on Tuesday. I've thought about the fact that if I just put the $90k in their college fund, their education will be paid for by the time they get to college. It eats at me just a little bit. We decided that if we can't contribute $100/wk to the fund and 7.5% to our retirement, then the Model S gets sold.

I'm not passing judgement on anyone here, I just wanted to give the other side of the fence to anyone who may be reading this thread who have kids and are on the fence about buying.

dilbert | April 13, 2014

I paid for an Ivy League education myself, with a combination of scholarships, working, loans, and some help from my mother.

I went to school with a number of people whose parents were footing the bill for the whole thing.

I think I'd prefer my kids to go the route I did. While difficult, that experience I believe was where the drive that enabled what success I've had in life began. So, I'm saving some to help them, but don't intend to to fund a four year education for them, and thus don't feel guilty buying my Model S, which delivers the week after next.

More importantly, I want them to grow up with the understanding that college is not something they are entitled to, but something to be earned. Did you see the story of the girl who sued her parents for the cost of her college education?

MassX1317 | April 13, 2014

Yeah I saw that. I don't know what is wrong with people these days; not just that girl but all the other people involved who let it go as far as it did.

I can see how a sense of entitlement could develop if they know they know they have the college fund. I don't think I'm ever going to tell them! My wife didn't pay a dime for college but her parents made her get a job. She turned out alright ;)

Bighorn | April 13, 2014

Interesting about college and kids. I had an Ivy League experience bought and paid for while my wife worked her way through school. When my daughter got into an ivy, my wife insisted that we cover it, though I had similar thoughts about valuing it more if she helped pay. One silver lining of writing checks for $60K a year is that it loosened my grip on the heretofore frugal purse strings and made me consider the now not-so-expensive Model S. The mindset of making them pay can really hobble them down the road saddled with $250,000 of debt since they aren't eligible for financial aid if you have the wherewithal to cover the expense.