Built-In Radar Detector

Built-In Radar Detector

My Radar detector just saved me a ticket coming to work this morning. With my Model S Sport going 0 to 60 in less than 5 seconds the car definilty needs one. Why not ask Tesla for a built-in Radar detector. Does anyone know if its legal for manufacturers to build in Radar detectors.

It would also be nice for the GPS to be hooked to the Police band and put a red dot on the map for all the cruisers.. Just an idea.

Douglas3 | February 3, 2011

Radar detectors are illegal in Ontario, and many other jurisdictions.

JimmWilks | February 3, 2011

Why not, dare I say, not break the speed limit? They exist for a reason. It might be fun driving faster but surely no pleasure is worth risking the safety of yourself or others. It's so easy to think differently until you come across an accident, or someone you know is involved in one. It seems unpleasantly deceptive to use purpose built tools to avoid being caught doing so, and plotting police on GPS sounds far too like GTA 4.

Mehdi | February 3, 2011

Great point JimmWilks, except that the only reason the speed limit is 25 mph in my neighborhood is that the developers built the mega houses too close to the main roads that were 35mph. The people who moved in thought the roads were too noisy so they petitioned the city (small high end burb) to reduce the speed limit to quite down the roads so their BBQ parties aren't disturbed. And since they pay big property taxes to the city they got their way.
And of course the city saw revenue increases from ticketing people going 30mph in 25mph zones.

Timo | February 3, 2011

Car safety is not single way, it is also what the car does to others, which has not changed. Also humans have not changed, we still have same limitations, which might have got actually worse because people rely on those "safety" gizmos. They think they can drive faster, when they can't. Laws of physics are hard to dismiss, car is still heavy mass moving at high speed, they don't really stop much faster no matter what you do to suspension, tires or brakes. Just slight fender bender with a cyclist is bad for that cyclist. Car that is hardly even moving can kill a pedestrian.

The fact that car can go faster doesn't mean it should go faster.

There are places where speed-limits are set too low, I agree, but that doesn't mean that they are set too low everywhere. Sometimes the reason why some place has lower speed limit is not always obvious, maybe there is a crossroads blind spot behind next hillock, maybe there are small children getting in or out of school at this straight as an arrow road section, things like that.

Timo | February 3, 2011

I'm entirely convinced by such numbers. If you can get the tires to lock braking then the difference in same weight cars is between tire frictions, not brakes, which pretty much means that 300 vs 120 is not right unless that chevy has something very badly wrong in its brakes (like totally wrong brake balance).

You are asking a wrong question. Can a guy walking at the street be as sure about his safety when road is filled with cell-phone/GPS tweaking, no harm can come to me -BMW M3 drivers as with Chevy 55 drivers that don't do those things? That's the right question.

That's the reason for speed limits. *OTHER* street users, not you.

There is also a thing with accident aftermath. Chevy colliding at 40 mph is a lot safer than Roadster at 80 mph. Kinetic energy in such collision grows with square of speed, so collision (and reaction & braking distances) at 80mph is a lot lot worse than at 40 mph. Twice the speed equals four times the energy. Even with crumble zones and airbags head on collision with a wall kills the Roadster owner at those speeds, while Chevy driver probably survives.

Timo | February 3, 2011

EDIT: Missing one "not". I'm not entirely...

mact3333 | February 3, 2011

in most/many places in the US, radar detectors are becoming more and more useless as law enforcement is using lasers...the best system incorporates a built in radar detector and a laser shifter/jammer...laser shifters are very effective if you know which one to buy...laser shifters are legal in most states...radar jammers are illegal in all states...laser detectors are useless because if you get a reading, you have already been had.

No need for Tesla to add things most people dont want...if you want something like this, go after mkt.

Brian H | February 7, 2011

There's even more to what Timo said. People naturally drive just below the edge of their (sense of) danger, otherwise they get bored. And the more "gizmos" that keep them "safe" the harder they push. But until some ultra-Einstein invents an intertia-neutralizer, that impact and "straight-line" energy's gotta go somewhere.

What's coming is the very opposite of exciting driving: automated traffic, convoys of identical-speed vehicles travelling at lowest-common-denominator speed, with separations calc'd to accommodate each vehicle's stopping power.

While the "drivers" compete in wireless virtual reality demolition derbies.