Burning smell when running front defroster?

Burning smell when running front defroster?

I just picked up my beautiful black model s 60 on Monday from the Chicago service center. However, the passenger-side mirror was not working correctly. Service Center employee thought the wires were maybe crossed for that mirror, since the driver-side mirror works fine. They have ordered a new side mirror for me.

Then, after I brought it home and tried running the front defroster, it started to smell like rubber burning. I turned of the defroster, opened the windows until the smell was gone and then turned it on again. The smell came back. I'm wondering if something is short-circuiting.

Has anyone else had these problems? I haven't noticed much, but I'm glad I printed out the delivery checklist and ran through it. I'll add these to the list as well.


Jdpilot | May 29, 2013

It's an electric heater. It's just the new burning off the heating elements. Mine smelled the first time I used it also, but is just fine now. Most cars don't have electric heaters so your not used to that.

ramrod | May 29, 2013

Yep, just called the Chicago SC and they said this was normal for the first few times using the front defroster but should eventually go away with use.