Buyer's Remorse?

Buyer's Remorse?

I'm about ready to finalize my MS order. Has any current MS owner experienced "buyer's remorse" after owning their car for a period of time? Buying the MS is big expense with questionable residual value years down the line.

rbgliny | March 3, 2013

NO REGRETS AT ALL. This car is the Model T of viable EVs. A quantum leap in the way we commute to and from anywhere. . I have been driving Lexus hybrids ever since the RX came out. Great reliability and mileage for a car as big as they are. I always had the goal to eliminate ICEs all together and Tesla made it a reality. The MS is a totally different driving experience and I doubt I will ever want to go back to an ICE. There are so many motorists that pass me just to give me their thumbs up of support. Tesla has given all of us a chance to help pioneer the advancement of clean transportation. It is a pleasure to drive this car. It does has it limitations in certain areas - but they are all insignificant when looking at the total picture of where this technology is advancing. Tesla owners are the ambassadors of change. I have had the car about a week now and I have taken the time to show the car to at least four people that I do not know that have taken an interest in wanting to know about it. No regrets whatsoever. There is the risk of Tesla not making (I am concerned that they are trying to develop other models too soon with cash flow in question - might be better to put some of that energy in getting the Supercharging infra-structure inplace quicker) but without the early adopters they wouldn't be here now. So we need to promote the car to all who are interested in learning about it. I don't think we would be 'steering' them wrong.

Pungoteague_Dave | March 3, 2013


I would not worry too much about TM surving, other than knowing failure is a pretty good possibility, so preparing yourself for that to occur. If TM were to fail, and you could not stand to see that, it might not be the right car.

In reality, there will be after-market support for the cars if TM fails, just no warranty coverage. I can get all the parts and service that I need for my 61-year old MG-TD, and they only made about 29,000 of those over three years. TM will sell that many Modesl S's in less than two years, so there will be a way to keep your car on the road almost no matter what happens. There are many similar stories about failed auto manufacturers - think DeLorean, AMC, Packard, Tucker. FOr all of those orphaned cars, there is a support network and a parts pipeline many years later.

I do worry a bit about the software support and updating issue, and would hate to have the car frozen in time where it is today (really looking forward to the sleep mode returning, scheduled charging, etc. so we do need TM for some things). There is risk that if TM failed right now, we would lose internet connectivity immediately because we don't have personal wireless contracts. Although we rely on TM to pay the phone bill every month, someone would step in even there when enough cars are in circulation. This is a seriously connected car that talks all the time with its momma, so we must trust that the mother ship's umbilical isn't necesary to sustain life, or that a hidden kill switch goes off if we fail to get service when required.

There are worries, but if we take no chances in life we aren't living. A Model S is a vote for tomorrow and technological progress (some would also say a greener earth, but I don't go there), along with the simple thrill of driving an amazing thing, and sharing the experience with friends and family. However, I also climb mountains and particpate in long distance motorcycle rallies under the same "life is short" philosophy, so take it with a grain of salt.

I once asked a much older friend how he could justify spending a ridiculous sum on a custom yacht. He is a wealthy, but otherwise quite philanthropic person. His response is my all-time favorite quote:

"I plan to be dead for a very long time."

Pungoteague_Dave | March 3, 2013

Tiebreaker, I teach at the Harbor East campus, which has two free level 2 chargers in the parking garage under the Legg Mason building. I occasionally must go to the DC or Homewood campuses. There are five free level two chargers in the parking garage under Mason Hall, but in DC the only choice is parking garages in the area. It is walking distance to the Tesla DC store, but I only asked there one time, and they accomodated, but it can't be a regular practice, as they use the two wall outlets in the garage for the TM demo cars.

Do you have an S yet?

rd2 | March 3, 2013

No remorse at all. Well, except that I couldn't get two!

jat | March 3, 2013

@PD - regarding the software, there are plenty of software engineers among early EV buyers, so I am confident that we would be able to reverse engineer the hardware and update the software (we reverse engineered the mobile protocol in just a few days to be able to access the car remotely, doing data collection and being able to automatically initiate charging/HVAC, etc). There are tons of old abandoned devices that continue to get software updates due to the efforts of the community.

STARR X | March 3, 2013

I bought a 2012 Ford F150 to hold me over until I got my Tesla and immediately had buyers remorse. Had my Tesla since January 21, 2013 and the only remorse I have concerning it is that I downgraded to a single charger (wish I hadn't) and although I got a black car and like it, kinda wish I had gotten the green.

lolachampcar | March 3, 2013

My only regret is that I could not talk my wife into taking mine so I could get a Red/Tan. You will NEVER look back!

bshortell | March 3, 2013

3 and a half months, 9992 miles, almost $3000 in gas savings. Not one remorse.

@billbaggy Great to see you emjoying the car so much.

rfreund | March 3, 2013

Mike - just finalize and prepare for a wonderful ride! I doubt you'll regret it. But speaking as a veteran of 15+ years EV driving (conversion, Toyota RAV4 and now MS), this is by far the most refined and satisfying ride I've ever had (EV or petroleum powered). Every day is a thrill. Sure it was expensive, but we only live once, so why not enjoy it! The residual will still be mighty satisfying for someone else to enjoy too, yet I suspect I'll be keeping it! My RAV4 is nearly 11 years old, w/ original batteries, is ultra-reliable and inexpensive to operate and maintain. I call it an appliance; but the MS is so many steps beyond the RAV4, still electric & American-made. What's not to like?
Color my a happy owner!

Pbfoot | March 3, 2013

@PD - I work on the medical campus in downtown B'more and agree with your sentiment that more chargers need to be installed institution-wide. To my knowledge, there are none on our campus. Was planning on writing to whomever is in charge of this kind of thing; if you know, then please pass on their info and I'll also write to them to second your request. Seems to go along with Ron D's green campus initiative. Also, thanks for the tip about chargers located in Harbor East; might come in handy one day.

Honk if you see a gray MS with gray wheels, might be me.

dschulner | March 3, 2013

Vin #308. I have never been an early adapter. I am not a "car person". I have never paid this much for a car. I haven't even paid half of what I paid for my signature MS. But I believed in what Tesla was doing. Put my deposit down. And have been rewarded with a truly thrilling experience. A thrilling car. A thrilling experiment. A movement even. Maybe this is hard to understand if you aren't an owner yet, or a reservation holder but I guarantee once you own the car you'll understand.

Pbfoot | March 3, 2013

Oh, and just to stay on topic, I've had buyer's remorse on many cars that I've purchased, but not for even one second with the Model S. I actually look forward to going to work on Monday mornings because it means I get to drive it. I do regret getting rid of my old car, wish I had it for days when it snows (just so my MS could stay away from the road salt).

David Trushin | March 3, 2013

pbfoot and ptdave, you guys are spoiled. there are no chargers within 25 miles of Northern Illinois where I teach and your have some in your parking garage and want more?

BTW JHU '69 Homewood

tvntesla | March 3, 2013

What remorse?
The only problem I have now is to decide whether I should buy a second Model S now or wait for the Model X. My mind is occupying with the pros and cons of a 2nd Model S vs Model X and it drives me crazy :) The a month ago I met an owner at Tesla Service and he told me that he is configuring his 2nd Model S (basically he said that he picks all the options that exist on the list: performance 85 and checks every option). I wish I could make that easy decision. Because if I buy a 2nd Model S now and the Model X turns out to be a much better universal car for my family, I would have huge remorse.

iholtzman | March 3, 2013

David I went to NIU. If you ever need a charge near Chicago let me know. My office is in Northbrook. I live in Glenview and have a lakehouse in Bristol WI. All locations have a nema 14-50 if you need it! I have 3,200 miles on my car and look forward to driving it everyday! In fact now I really dislike driving ICE cars. Had to take my daughters Honday CRV for gas today and could not understand why it did not slow down when I took my foot off the gas.

mcptwo | March 3, 2013

Vin#4461. 85Kw Air Tech Pano: After 3 weeks and 2,100 miles Our Model S is quiet, solid, comfortable, and carefree. Starting out each day with a full charge, never having to go to a gas station. No issues at all. I just wish I had more time to drive. The standard sound system is incredible. Instant acceleration, and completely steady. The grace of the regenerative braking is like downshifting without any effort.
I want Elon Musk to know that I feel privileged to share his dream.

jbunn | March 3, 2013

Its the only car of its type, and when your unique, you get to write the rules. Note the interior has a very minimalist design. No dodads or frills to distract. Coatholders were likley left off intentionaly.

c.bussert67 | March 3, 2013

I have to admit, I had a bit of remorse today. Was traveling on a two lane road and a Porsche carrera 4S tried to get around me. Had to put him in the hurt locker for several miles. At one spot, there's a stop light and it opens up into two lanes at the light and then merges back in. He thought that was his chance... nope. Put him back in the locker and slammed the door!
So yeah, I felt should have given him a chance at the light. I would've had to let up during his lame 1-2 shift to make it a fair race.
That was the first time my wife had been in the car during a full tilt launch to 60. She couldn't believe the constant rush of power. Its BRUTAL!

trydesky | March 3, 2013


I thought you were going to end that story with "and then a cop pulled me over" :) But that's another thread.

tommy-tesla | March 3, 2013

From reading this thread I get the impression that my story isn't that unique. Being the sole bread winner for a family of four with kids just starting school, this was not an easy decision and it's almost *four* times my most expensive (non-house) purchase.

However ever since the launch of AC Propulsion's Tzero (which begat
Tesla and the Roadster) I knew my next car would be electric (though
I feared I'd have to do my own conversion).

Got a fully loaded P85 and I love it! No regrets (but $0.34/kWh sucks, different story).

winfriedwilcke | March 3, 2013

Picked up my car (85kWh, airsprings, tech packet) Saturday morning (3/2/13) and drove it yesterday and today for about 300 miles.. I am extremely happy, smooth delivery, everything works and the car is a blast to drive - not to mention the cool software features and user interface.
Rated mileage forecast is very close to actual, within about 5%. I am living on a 2000' hill and it is fascinating to watch the energy plots while driving up or down the hill. Regeneration seems to be 80% effective. Go for it!

riceuguy | March 3, 2013

As a reservation holder/soon-to-be owner, I have to love a thread in which the entire community is asked if they have buyers' remorse, and essentially not one "yes." It justs makes waiting for my Model S that much harder!

kashiraja | March 3, 2013

@riceuguy - Ditto!!

trydesky | March 3, 2013


I hate to say this, but it only gets worse :) In fact, during the last few month before delivery, I had to stop using it from time to time. The only cure is taking delivery :)

cmlaff | March 3, 2013

No remorse after 4300 miles over 3.5 months. In fact I have renamed the accelerator "the invigorator"!

c.bussert67 | March 4, 2013

I find myself using the invigorator because the rest of the car is so smooth and quiet! (the cops don't even know I'm speeding)
It's the ultimate Jekyll and Hyde.

eelton | March 4, 2013

No remorse, although I'd prefer a smaller car.

gasnomo | March 4, 2013

Its hard to have remorse when you don't own the car...

suegie | March 4, 2013

Love the car! All you have to do is get behind the wheel once...and you'll be sold! Yes, there are risks with a start-up company, and with being an early adopter...but this is a risk worth taking. Finally, sitting in traffic is fun! Breaking out of traffic is liberating. You are part of a new revolution. Tesla really built a beast of an electric car...I'm so glad I got one.

bradslee | March 4, 2013

So far I have not heard anyone who owns or drives a MS saying that he or she dislikes MS (or feels remorse of having the MS). People who claim not like MS are only those who do not own MS or biased against EV or Tesla (including John Broder, Steve Funk, John Peterson and this Forums frequent poster-NNT). It is laughable reading NNT shamelessly posts in this thread talking about "remorse" of buying a MS when he does not even drive a MS (oh, excuse me I forgot he has a fantasy brother in Canada owning a fantasy MS and NNT has driven the fantasy MS perhaps on Mars).

Pungoteague_Dave | March 4, 2013

bradslee, it seems we can kill off nnt by flagging everything he posts as inappropriate. After enough flags (two or three?) the system automatically deletes them. Note all the responses to him here, with no actual nnt commentary remaining visible. We should avoid responding. He will probably register under a different name, but his English is easily identifiable, so we will be onto him quickly.

Tiebreaker | March 4, 2013

@Pungoteague_Dave - No MS for me yet, at least two more years, or GenIII. Two kids in JHU, I spend one nice loaded 85 every year, two more until the younger graduates. But I am not in rush...

shop | March 4, 2013

The thing about this car is that it truly is unique. And it is a good unique. There is no other car on the road like it. The way it drives, the touchscreen interface, lack of fumes, no gas stations, quiet, power, smooth ride, no gear progressions, superchargers, etc., etc.

An analyst on Seeking Alpha, I think it was, made the observation that you could buy another me-too Lexus, Mercedes or BMW, each of which is another variant on the other. Like a slightly less crappy nav user interface. Or you could buy an even more awesome car that is so different from all the rest.

Easy choice, really.

bradslee | March 4, 2013

@P_Dave, I noticed that NNT's posts were removed, thanks for the community's action.

Brian H | March 4, 2013

You obviously haven't heard. It's called, "the goose pedal". For goosing it, of course.

jandkw | March 4, 2013

I am an avid golfer and every time I finished the game, even a bad round, I couldn't wait to play the next game. I have my MS for a month now since Super Bowl night (how can I forget, although it was not a pleasant delivery experience), I cannot wait to drive my MS every morning. Interesting enough, I found myself talking to strangers who came to me asking about the car and somehow I became Tesla's unofficial salesman. I couldn't stop talking about the car, strange!! I can neat pick the lack of CCI, blind spot monitor and all but buyer's remorse? No Way.

Vawlkus | March 4, 2013

"Go pedal" Brian, it's easier to remember! :P

Eletrek | March 4, 2013

None and would do it again in a heartbeat. Took delivery 12/14 and have a little over 3k miles so far. It's a great car that happens to be electric!

jemartin | March 4, 2013

I've had the car for almost 2 months, and absolutely no regret (other than the fact that I haven't ridden my bicycle to work in 2 months as a result.)
I sold my motorcycle. Model S feels like a motorcycle off the line, so why bother with a crotch rocket? And it made my wife very happy to boot.
The car's configuration was also spot-on (Standard 85, pano roof, 19", air, tech pkg, leather). I had been looking at stepping up to a "nice" ICE car for the last couple of years, including the Jaguar HK, but could never justify in my mind the expense and the extra pollution against the small incremental benefit.I feel that my Model S is twice any of these cars for less money.

BYT | March 4, 2013

Over 3k miles and more then 3 months of ownership and I had to take out a big loan to buy this car. Only remorse are the 2 speeding tickets but that's my fault, not the Model S... unless she was egging me on to make her speed... oh you naughty Model S, it IS ALL YOUR FAULT! :)

CoSta MeSa | March 4, 2013

I've been waiting impatiently for 5 months to get my car. I too struggled on whether it was a wise decision, as I've never owned anything over $25K. My wife says I am having a mid-life crisis, in my mid 40's. When I finalized my window of delivery was March 9th to March 24th. On various occasions I asked the Delivery Specialists on actual delivery and they said it would be closer till the end of March. I scheduled business trips for 4 straight weeks so that I could then work locally for 4 weeks while enjoying the car. Well, last Wednesday I got an email that my car would be ready for pickup last Friday. I will be picking it up on the 22nd...... that's about 3 weeks that my car will be sitting in the factory waiting for me, IT SUCKS!!!!! My only regret is that I wish the Delivery Specialists wouldn't of been so damn conservative and cautious about the expected delivery date.

smd | March 4, 2013

Over 4000 miles and no remorse at all! I even had to leave my car with service twice, for a yaw sensor replacement and a cracked windshield replacement. My service experience was very good.

The only regret I have is not going for the Performance.

npatel23 | March 4, 2013

I can honestly say I was nervous about this car purchase in the week before delivery. It is by far the most expensive car I have ever owned (twice the price of the most expensive car I had previously). I even considered picking up the car and selling it privately immediately after pick up. This was however all prior to the actual pick up. Once I saw the car, sat in it, drove it, there was no remorse WHATSOEVER. This car is too fun to be in and to drive it is unexplainable. I too (as many other owners) find myself eagerly awaiting my drive to work, errands, whatever. I was initally nervous that this car was going to be too flashy because it was so expensive. However, it felt damn good when someone drove up next to me and gave me a thumbs up. I am proud to be a Tesla S owner and I'm happy that others appreciate not only the beauty of this car but it's purpose (a greener earth).

christine_orita | March 4, 2013

Took delivery Feb 22nd and it has been an absolute blast driving this gorgeous piece of technology.
The only issue I have had was the console being stuck on rear camera which a simple reboot fixed..

The only regret I have is not getting the twin charger and the HPWC on the off chance I needed it.
I made the decision not to invest another few grand just for the once off occasions. I now think I should have gone ahead and done it.

I have already put 1000 miles on it in just a little over a week.
I did a long round trip from OC to San Diego which didn't quite deplete the range but I needed to turn it around and go for a party that night.

What I did was top it up just a little while parked at San Diego's Balboa Park during the day trip.
At the end of the whole day, it turned out I didn't need to add more juice :-)

My new plates 'LxTesla' is in and I am waiting for the ones that came with the Tesla to come in so I can swap it. The x is a heart shape. No alt key on my iPad..

sandman | March 4, 2013

I haven't valued cars since I was 27 years old. I had an assignment in Japan and living in Tokyo you quickly realize what a drain a personal vehicle is. I've been through a few cars since back in the US, none over $35k and most of them used(let someone else eat the depreciation) and drive them into the ground. But started watching Tesla in 2006 or '07 and waiting for the sedan for many reasons.

Sole provider for kids in school and a very forgiving wife. Same story as a few others above. I was also nervous to pull the trigger especially when Tesla called and said it'd be ready in a week and I was expecting 3 months out. BUT I got the car(P85) and holy crap, best car I've ever had, ever driven, ever ridden in.

I have zero remorse buying this vehicle. Yes, missing a few niceties and if the imperfections are going to get you down go buy a new outfit, a safe status car, and sip your apple-tini.

bsimoes | March 4, 2013

This is a wonderful thread and has relieved all of the tension I have been feeling from the "issues" threads. Thanks, everyone. Now, if I could only get the power company and electrician here so that I could take delivery....

joe12pack | March 4, 2013

I have read a few comments on here of the only remorse is not paying the extra $15k for the P.

I had the chance to drive both the P85 and the standard 85 and the acceleration was noticeable. One feels like a sports car and the other feels like a fighter jet with afterburners.

Being only $15k away from SuperCar status is something to consider. Decisions decisions.

Pbfoot | March 4, 2013

'One feels like a sports car and the other feels like a fighter jet with afterburners.'

+1 joe12pack

bradslee | March 4, 2013

Wow, I thought my standard 85 behaves like a fighter jet already. Can't imagine that P85 must be like a rocket straight to the Moon.

joe12pack | March 4, 2013

I first drove the regular 85 and it brought a nice smile to my face. But then a few weeks later I drove the P85 and all I could say was HOLY s**t. My body, primarily my gut and back, felt like it was being physically assaulted by G's. Never felt anything like that. But I guess most people on earth have never felt a 4 second car.

At the end of the day I don't think I will opt for the P85 as I am already stretching it to even get in an 85. I also have reservations about the airshocks in the long run as it will be just another item to break. And the leather to me feels cheap and will not last long. My VW has much nicer leather. So for me you are really paying the full $15k for the P since those extra included things are not things I would pay for anyway. With that said, the tremendous pull was so amazing that I haven't completely ruled the P out. I still have hope that one of my stocks doubles in the next 30 days so I can justify the extra $.