Bye bye Homelink!

Bye bye Homelink!

Soon homelink will be a post purchase option. Not going to be included with the premium interior.

bradbomb | May 31, 2019

Still lists "Location aware automatic garage door opener" under a feature for the Premium Interior.

Would be interesting to see if this change actually happens on the site

bradbomb | May 31, 2019

Still lists "Location aware automatic garage door opener" under a feature for the Premium Interior.

Would be interesting to see if this change actually happens on the site | May 31, 2019

It's still available as an option to - just you have to pay for it:

I guess it avoids having a price increase with all the new tariffs occurring - although I expect Tesla like most companies will have to raise prices to cover the tariffs at some point.

Nova Scotia - Canada | May 31, 2019

What happens to orders placed before this change? Will those cars include Homelink? I ordered in March and am waiting to be matched with a car. I've been offered two different cars that didn't match configuration, but turned them down.

sixstring09 | May 31, 2019

Homelink auto open/close is awesome but the recent software upgrade to 16.2 has it not working as nice as it once was.

kevin_rf | May 31, 2019

I realize their is some IP that has to be paid everytime Tesla ships a car with homelink, but seriously, it came standard on my 2005 Prius. President Bush called, he wants his ICE's back.

That said, even though I garaged it, I never set it up on the Prius. I did take the time when I brought home the Model 3.

Magic 8 Ball | June 1, 2019

Never use it. Nice that those in the future that never use it won't have to pay for it. Good move.

EVRider | June 1, 2019

@Nova Scotia: You’ll get what you ordered; the change should only impact new orders, except that new orders fulfilled by inventory cars would probably still get HomeLink.

@bradbomb: I no longer see the HomeLink option listed in the Model 3 specs.

Teslynn | June 1, 2019

Absolutely love this feature. It’s unique to Tesla. Love demonstrating it to my friends. No other vehicles on the planet can do this. Just raise the msrp.

LoveMyM3 | June 1, 2019

I love the feature. Manually pressing the Homelink is a bit inconvenient as is hard to reach.

82bert | June 1, 2019

I do enjoy this feature and would simply pay for it if it wasn’t included.


dwakelee | June 1, 2019

@Magic They didn't lower the price of the cars - just removed the feature. New owners would be paying the same price for less.

Really an odd move, as they have fancy functionality with the module (auto open / close).

jefjes | June 1, 2019

Strange move but with all the cost savings it may be a small but smart way to save a few dollars if a large enough segment of buyers aren't using it or need it. Why should Tesla eat the cost of a function for a feature if some buyers never use it anyway? I enjoy having it but I'm one of the owners that always park in my garage and if I had had to pay $300 extra to get it at time of purchase, I would have. Will be interesting to see how it may play out when it comes to the robotaxi fleet in an owner normally parks in his garage and wants his car added to the fleet but didn't opt for this feature at the time of purchase. Will the car have to be moved into the driveway before adding it to available each time and left there? Will the garage door have to be left open since the car won't be able to open it autonomously?

Magic 8 Ball | June 1, 2019

@dwakee Read up on our current tariff situation and let me know who is not raising prices. You don't seem to understand that other options would be to raise prices, do you want that?

dwakelee | June 1, 2019

No doubt the tariff and trade instability is bad all around. Doesn't change the fact that Tesla is now offering lesser features and charging the same price. No NEMA 14-50 adapters anymore as well. Call the actual cost of these say $50 and $10 respectively - not going to offset any tariffs.

Homelink and Tesla's automatic location based capability was another cool factor of the car. Now a hassle if you want it. Just odd, but finally something the early adopters actually have as a benefit.

Magic 8 Ball | June 1, 2019

@dwakelee. You are an idiot. Mexico makes parts for TESLA and many other American car manufacturers. If you are whining about having to pay more you will be better off buying something else so you can whine about them.

dwakelee | June 1, 2019

No whining here - I have Homelink on my Model 3 and happy with it. As I have been with all cars since 1998 when the feature came out. Quite convenient for anyone who garages their car, and Tesla took it to the next level as well. Removing it is a step backward for those who like the feature - no matter you slice it.

Magic 8 Ball | June 1, 2019

@dwakelee If they want it they can pay for it. Of course you are crying about it. I did not want it but had to pay for it. You don't seem to understand that it has not gone away. Why do you think those that don't want it should pay for it?

82bert | June 1, 2019

To be fair, everyone charges extra for homelink one way or another usually you buy a package full of other shit you don’t want.

bradbomb | June 2, 2019

@EVRider Yep, I see that was changed since Friday and it was removed.

jamespompi | June 3, 2019

The differences in premium vs standard interior is dwindling even further..

spuzzz123 | June 3, 2019

So...autopilot is standard but homelink will cost? Seems a little backward but perhaps Tesla wants as many people on autopilot as possible so the collect max amount of data for FSD development.

timlwake | June 3, 2019

That was one of those features I thought would be overrated but I love. I have a neighborhood gate and garage, nice to drive through and have it automatically open without having to fumble around to get the correct remote.

Techy James | June 3, 2019

@spuzzz123 Autopilot is a Tesla product on their cars, where as HomeLink they have to pay a royalty for. So charging for the HomeLink is not as backwards as you would expect.
Also with free AP on new cars, the more likely people are going to use it, giving them more data for their neural network training.
My last two cars had the HomeLink, and I had to pay for them on those cars, so it was nice when I got my Model 3 LR in December with the functionality included in the premium features. | June 3, 2019

More than a royalty - Tesla must buy the HomeLink module from GenTex. I wrote up more tech details a while back with pictures for the S/X, but the 3 is similar:

The older modules were assembled in the USA, but that was three years ago and may have changed. Parts within the module are likely from Asia. There is no alternative source - GenTex has locked up the entire market, and all automakers must buy the equipment from GenTex.

GenTex does sell an aftermarket kit: ($159 parts, no labor). There is some installation work, and it is not nicely integrated with the Tesla.

fazman | June 5, 2019

When will they allow more than 3 saved codes? I need at least 5 total for my vehicle. I see the Audi's get 8 total codes saved