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Do I need to wait until license plates arrive to apply for the carpool stickers?

katmeadehodges | September 17, 2018

Do I need to wait until license plates arrive to apply for carpool stickers?

Magic 8 Ball | September 17, 2018

The car must be in your name before they will accept the application.
Your registration arrives with your plate so it is in your name then but it may be in your name even earlier.
Some have reported being rejected when applying before registration arrives and some reported success.

ray.sanford | September 17, 2018

Yes. The form you send to the DMV requires your license plate info.

ray.sanford | September 17, 2018

Yes. The form you send to the DMV requires your license plate info.

bfenster | September 17, 2018

Related question... maybe worth a separate thread... Is anyone delaying their application for the red sticker until the start of next year? According to the regulation:

"Any decal originally issued after January 1, 2019 expires three full years plus the partial year from when the decal was issued. All decals expire on September 30, 2025."

So if I apply today it expires January 1, 2022. If I wait a few months, it expires January 1, 2023. Correct?

sroh | September 17, 2018

I sent in the application before I received my license plates. The application and check were returned with a form letter indicating they needed the license plate number.

Currently the way the rules are written, you are correct. That doesn't mean the rules won't change in the future. Remember, we're talking about CA here. But yes, you should consider this when applying. For me, I want the red decals for my red Model 3 so I will forego the potential additional months. And I figure rules will possibly change. It wouldn't surprise me at all if CA doesn't get it's act together to make changes to the decal colors for 2019.

majassow | September 17, 2018

@bfenster: Correct.
However I got mine:
1) Red stickers on Red might not be as objectionable as whatever color they come out with in 2019.
2) HOV access is at the hands of fickle lawmakers: as HOV congestion goes up over the next few years (because of all the Model 3's :-)) future HOV access may be limited (see whats happening in LA).

However, at this point applying now you'll only get 3 months of HOV access before you'd be able to get the longer term access.

elo12457 | September 17, 2018

I got my Model 3 about one month ago. I have already received my license plate already and I have also sent the Decal application in with the license plate info. However, I am also supposed to receive a Personalize Plate in 2-3 months. Would I need to submit another Decal application to the DMV then?

Chris365 | December 16, 2018

The 2019 CAV stickers are light purple!

decoss | December 16, 2018

How long does it take to get the stickers?

ebmcs03 | December 16, 2018

Use to be 2 months. Now might be faster since everyone is waiting for Jan to apply and get the light purple version

RES IPSA | December 16, 2018

Anyone thinking of sending their application in now? Taking the chance it will get processed after 1/1/19? Or do you think they go by the date on the application or the date it was received by the DMV?

I am just going to wait to mail it on 1/2/19.

kyonei | December 17, 2018

I purchased a midrange M3 and it isn’t listed as a qualifying vehicle! (The whole purpose of purchasing this car was so I could use the HOV lane.) I just picked up my car 3 days ago and I’m not sure if I will qualify for the red tags. If I need my license plate number, I won’t make the deadline for the white decals. Anyone happen to be in a similar situation? Any recs on what I could do?

RES IPSA | December 17, 2018

@kyonei.... Relax. You can't get the white decals, and you don't want the red ones either (at this point). The new decals issued after 1/1/19 will be light purple and will last until 1/1/23 (the red ones expire 1/1/22).

As for the MR not being eligible, I am sure Tesla will fix that shortly. If I were you, I would start a thread encouraging everyone with a MR in CA to contact Tesla asap and get them to certify the MR for the decals.

watson.filbert | February 13, 2019

I spoke to the DMV "Special Processing Unit" today about our application. (916-657-8035) They can tell you "we are working on applications received X date" so send your app by trackable mail so you know when they got it.

I also asked the top question again, did I really need to wait for my plates, and the agent on the phone said, "Oh yeah, you can turn your application in with just the VIN". If I had only known...