CA EV rebate now income restricted??! Say it isn't so!!!

CA EV rebate now income restricted??! Say it isn't so!!!

No warning, but appears there is new criteria as of 7/1/15.

TonyInNH | July 6, 2015

Odd as buyers of hydrogen fuel cell cars will still get a 5000 rebate regardless of income level.

Red Sage ca us | July 6, 2015

Stated purpose. Incentives to move transportation toward cleaner, less polluting, more fuel efficient alternatives in a manner that leads society toward a brighter future with no dependence on foreign imports of fuel.

Obvious purpose. Satiate the politically correct demands of pinko, commie, terrorist, fascist, long haired, barefoot, hippie tree huggers.

Actual purpose. Distract, delay, and deny the viability of any alternative source of personal transport so as to maintain the status quo for petrochemical dominance of the sector ad infinitum.

The goal post is always moved whenever anyone approaches an accomplishment of the Stated purpose.

I've pretty much already beaten the Mirai to death over the past year. Best of luck to anyone and everyone that buys them. I won't be among them.

vandacca | July 7, 2015

Obama is talking about reducing oil subsidies. It now appears that some states are talking about increasing hydrogen subsidies, at the expense of BEVs. Coincidence? Bait and switch? Who is willing to bet that the oil industry is heavily investing in hydrogen?