CA HOV purple stickers

CA HOV purple stickers

I just received my 4 purple HOV stickers and the paperwork seems to suggest I have to put all 4 of them on. Can anyone shed any light on this? Is it legal to place only 2 stickers?

CEYA GAS | March 3, 2019

Your risk of being stop increases by he fewer number of stickers in the car. Why give them an easy reason to stop you? Lots will say they’ve never been stopped, even with no stickers in the car. All depends on the level,of risk you wan to take. When my white ones were valid (sigh...) I proudly displayed them..

philgrocks | March 3, 2019

A police officer friend of mine told me that he wouldn't pull someone over for one small thing wrong, but if he did pull over someone he would write up several things to make sure one would stick... E.g. speeding + front plate missing, etc.. He didn't mention stickers, but I'm with @CEYA GAS, why give them an easy reason to write you up for anything?

The stickers can be removed and if you want an easier time of removal get one of the kits.