Cable hanger for HPWC

Cable hanger for HPWC

Received the new cable hanger for the HPWC today. Works like a charm.

dortor | June 22, 2013

hmmmm - don't tease me that means I might get mine.

keichhor | June 22, 2013

I got mine today as well. I had already returned my HPWC, so if someone needs one and doesn't get it, let me know.

robcrane | June 25, 2013

"Works like a charm." NO! Bulky and awkward to use due to the springy stiffness of the cord which tends to push the "nozzle" away from the hanger, unless you put it up high enough for the cord weight to hold it down. It's a cheap, crappy design unworthy of either the $1500 HPWC cost or the usual elegant thoughtfulness of Tesla. Am sending mine back. I was just about to order an "X", but this has given me a little pause.

bradslee | June 25, 2013

C'mon, guys, it is just a cable organizer. What's a big deal. I even don't bother to install it.

Wayne3 | June 25, 2013

@robcrane, your experience with it likely depends on where you place it. Yes, it is important to place it where you won't put undue lateral stress on the cable.

For me, the HWPC is to the near the frunk, to the left, the charging cord goes along the wall toward the back of the car. Then I do one extra coil around the cable hanger before hanging it up in the receptacle. I placed the receptacle so as to be right across from the charging port in the car when parked. This means I can simply lift up the plug, turn around and plug it in. Takes less than 5 seconds.

Previously, I had to awkwardly coil the cord around the HPWC which took a minute at first, but 30 seconds after enough practice doing it for a month. Now it's very quick both to plug-in and to hang up with no hassles. So, works like a charm for me.

hademarco | June 25, 2013

I use a bungee cord to hold my cable on hooks. Looks great.

actualsize | June 25, 2013

Mine arrived today (6-25)